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Transcript of Blogging for Knowledge Exchange Darlene Fichter Data Library Coordinator University of Saskatchewan...

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  • Blogging for Knowledge Exchange Darlene Fichter Data Library Coordinator University of Saskatchewan Library Internet Librarian 2002
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  • Overview Intranets and KM Knowledge exchange What about blogs?
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  • Knowledge Management KM is an umbrella term for a collection of disciplines, methods and tools that support creation and sharing of intellectual assets to achieve business/organization goals Often use information infrastructure Patti Anklam, Social Network Analysis, KMWorld2002
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  • Intranets & KM Formally or informally, intranets support KM by: Encoding Storing Transmitting information Typically projects focus on: Knowledge bases provide information to support staff Communities of practice
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  • Driving Forces Need to innovate and adapt more quickly Improve business processes Succession planning Smarter Faster Better Fifty percent of faculty at our university will retire within 5 years.
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  • The KM Promise Instant sharing and flow of strategic information and knowledge Seamlessly everywhere throughout the organization Ensuring a well informed workforce Respond to the vagaries of the new economy A way to capture what senior staff know
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  • KM Modes of Knowledge Transfer Explicit knowledge is definable and objective; easily documented and transferred
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  • KM Modes of Knowledge Transfer Tacit knowledge lives in peoples heads and their practices; used every day but you see it only when its used. Know how Most difficult and elusive
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  • Tapping into Tacit Knowledge You can influence and encourage Storytelling and coaching are two effective techniques
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  • Organizational Challenges KM is a great concept Many KM solutions are complex Workflow, software, implementation Highly structured Mega projects In short, they are overwhelming
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  • Employee Challenges Employees are reluctant to share My knowledge is what makes me valuable to my employee, if I share it my value diminishes Whats in it for me? How will I be valuable if I share all my know-how? Cynicism about the hype and words Librarians are knowledge-brokers
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  • What might work? Foster knowledge sharing and exchange Bottom up rather than a top down
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  • From Blogs to K-Logs* Blogs K-Logs Firewall *John Robb, President of Userland is the originator of the concept k-logs.
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  • Klogging Another Definition Dave Gurteen described the purpose of a klog is to write about, comment or point to web resources on a particular topic.
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  • New Features: Track back Infancy stage Supports bi-directional linking
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  • Where do blogs fit? Explicit Knowledge Knowledge Repository Blogs KM
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  • Blogs Light weight content management tools Post with a web form, bookmarklet or windows client Quick and easy to set up Simple for employees to contribute to corporate intranet/knowledge base KISS
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  • Solve Real World Problems 1. Information overload 2. Collapse of email
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  • Filters and Mining Human powered filters
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  • Teams Capture the facts Plans Steps in the process Best new web resources Lessons learned Tips Where to look Collaborative content
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  • Strengths on an Intranet Searchable archives Corporate search engines can spider them
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  • Where do Blogs Fit? Tacit Knowledge Storytelling Blogs KM
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  • Unlock Tacit Knowledge Stories are a good framework for sharing information, meaning and knowledge (Nichani/Rajamanickam) Blogs encourage story telling Fosters understanding because they usually offer context Good stores resonate, so do good blogs Blogging is a train-of-thought technology. Scott Dinsdale
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  • Relationships Excellent at ONE to MANY communication Allows participation Breaks down the silos Allows us to have connected content
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  • Informal Communities The ease of cross-linking and the conversational nature, fosters social networking Self organizing communities emerge
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  • Unlock Expertise Who knows what? How can I judge their credibility?
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  • Support Smart Distribution Methods One blog or many RSS Syndication of one blog, categories to specific groups and individuals automatically Email
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  • Tools More than 3 dozen tools Just a mention of 2 business focused blogging products: Trellix Traction software My January/February 2003 column in Online magazine, www. will talk about how to choose tools.
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  • Whats in it for ME? Self-rewarding Often bloggers report they discover their own interests, refine their perspectives Peer recognition
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  • Definition of a Knowledge Worker A knowledge worker is someone whose job entails having really interesting conversations at work. David Weinberger
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  • Questions?