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Do you have a business blog that’s not getting the visits, readership and engagement that you are looking for? Spending a lot of time writing blog posts and not seeing any sort of return on your investment can be frustrating. Chances are, you may not be creating the right type of posts, or not optimizing them, or not promoting them. Any one of these can turn your blog post into a tree falling in the forest. In this post, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process of making the most of every single post. (Hey, I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it!

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2. CREATE A PERFECT POSTDo you have a business blog thats not getting the visits,readership and engagement that you are looking for? 3. CREATE A PERFECT POSTConceive of a topic that solves the problem of yourideal customer. Chances are youve been doing this long enough that youknow the challenges your customers face. Come up with an idea of what the blog post is going to cover,whether it helps them raise their child, raise donations,or raze a building. 4. CREATE A PERFECT POSTUncover the keyword phrase that your ideal customer isusing at Google. I recommend Googles Keyword Tool. Look for phrases with lots of search volume. 5. CREATE A PERFECT POSTStart with an engaging, keyword rich title. Your title is critical. It must grab the readers attentionand get them to want to read more or at least share it onTwitter Lead with your best keywords, as the search engines putthe most weight on the first few words of the title. 6. CREATE A PERFECT POSTWrite an opening sentence with your keyword phrase. A title needs help. Search engine look not just for yourkeywords, but where you place them. Make sure you useyour phrase in the opening sentence. 7. CREATE A PERFECT POSTExplain the benefit to the reader in the next paragraph. Theres a number of ways to go about this, whether youstart off by asking a question, like I did above, or just jumpright into the problems that your post will help the readersolve. 8. CREATE A PERFECT POSTKeep your post focused. A title needs help. Search engines look not just for yourkeywords, but where you place them. Make sure you useyour phrase in the opening sentence. 9. CREATE A PERFECT POSTMake it easy on the eyes. Big blocks of text on the screen are difficult to read.Break up your content with subheaders (like in this post)and bulleted lists. 10. CREATE A PERFECT POSTWrap it up. Dont leave the visitor hanging. Give them a recap,or some takeaways, or draw some conclusions. 11. CREATE A PERFECT POSTAsk for comments. While Ive often said that comments arent customers, theycan help with the social proof on your blog, and make yourblog more engaging. There are several ways to get people to leave comments,including the outright ask, or posing a question that theycan answer in the comment section, or asking for peopleto provide examples of when something similar happenedin their own life or business. 12. CREATE A PERFECT POSTFind a good breaking point. Your blog home page should work like a good news page:it should tease the stories, showing more above the fold.To accomplish this, use the Insert Page Break feature inyour blogging platform. I recommend right after where youveexplained the benefits of reading your post. 13. CREATE A PERFECT POSTFind a great image to use at the top of the page. People are visual and a good image can really pull them in.Plus, with the rise of Pinterest, an eye-catching visual cangreatly increase your chances of getting pinned and drivingmore traffic to your blog. 14. CREATE A PERFECT POSTUse an appropriate alt-tag for that (and every) image inyour post. Googles image search can drive more traffic to your site,and alt-tags are just the right thing to do. Start by savingthe image file with a keyword rich name, likepotato-peeling-tips.jpg, and then add an appropriateAlt Tag like Potato Peeling Tips. 15. CREATE A PERFECT POSTFind appropriate places to link to other blog posts orpages on your website. Creating links to other posts and pages can provideadditional help and resources to your readers, and canhelp promote older posts. In addition, those internal linkscan really increase your search engine visibility. 16. CREATE A PERFECT POSTFind appropriate places to link to other sites. Share the love! Linking to authoritative sites providesvalue to your readers andmay help your searchengine visibility. 17. CREATE A PERFECT POSTProofread it. Nobodys perfect, but too many typos can damage yourcredibility and hurt your message. If you suck at grammar,give the editing job to someone else. Ironically, proofread never looks right to me. 18. CREATE A PERFECT POSTPublish it. Nuff said. 19. CREATE A PERFECT POSTUse your share buttons. You know how bartenders put a dollar or five in their tipjar at the beginning of their shift? Yeah, do that. Click on the Facebook like button, retweet button,+1 button, and anything else you have. This primes thepump for the next visitor to your post. They see thatpeople have already shared it and say, wow, this mustbe valuable, and hopefully share it themselves. Plus, youre spreading the word. 20. CREATE A PERFECT POSTSend it to your email list. These days I recommend sending out a teaser email rather than the full blog post to your subscribers. It brings them back to the post where they can more easily share it or comment on it. 21. CREATE A PERFECT POSTSchedule some tweets. Im not a big fan of automation, but scheduling out sometweets isnt a bad idea. I use TweetDeck, but others preferHootsuite or Buffer. Since your tweets dont have a very long shelf life, its agood idea to post 3 or 4 times during the day. 22. CREATE A PERFECT POSTPublish it to your Facebook profile. I know you just liked it through the Facebook sharebutton, but youll get more visibility if you head backinto Facebook and post the link into your timeline. 23. CREATE A PERFECT POSTPublish it to your Facebook business page. If youve got a lot of overlap between Facebook friendsand your business fans you might want to stagger thisupdate by a couple of hours or so. I also recommendtaking a screen capture of the top of the post and makingthat part of your update so that it shows up moreprominently in the newsfeed. Just remember to keep thelink in the update. 24. CREATE A PERFECT POSTLike, comment on, and share that update. Switch back to your personal profile and like andcomment on your business pages post immediately.An hour or two after that, share it on your personalprofile. Any likes, comments or shares you get on thiswill also count towards your pages engagement ranking. 25. CREATE A PERFECT POSTFind appropriate groups on LinkedIn and share it there. Yes, you posted it to your LinkedIn profile when you clicked onthe LinkedIn share button, but youll get more mileage whenyou post it to a relevant LinkedIn group. Or two. Or three. If youre a pro, you might consider staggering the posts to thegroups, one per day, so you dont look like one of those guyswho posts the same self-promotional crap to every group hebelongs to. (Hangs head in shame.) 26. CREATE A PERFECT POSTPost it to Google+ as yourself, and later as yourbusiness. There are search as well as social benefits to Google+. 27. CREATE A PERFECT POSTPin it to Pinterest. The shelf life of a pin can also be short, so consider posting it once a day for two or three days. 28. CREATE A PERFECT POSTUse other social media platforms as appropriate. Reddit, StumbleUpon, even Digg might be appropriatefor your content. 29. CREATE A PERFECT POSTRespond to comments. If you want to build a community and get subscribers andrepeat visitors, you need to get them engaged. Respond to everycomment on the blog, whether positive or negative,for as long as you can keep it up. That might mean for the first 10 comments, or the first twodays, or forever. Your call. 30. CREATE A PERFECT POSTBe consistent. The trick to blogging, or social media, or life, is to beconsistent. Whether that means daily posts (crazy!),weekly, or even every other week. Create consistentlyvaluable posts and publish them consistently. 31. THANK YOURich Brooksflyte new