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GTN’s Hottest Movie Tie-In Programs: Visionary Directors, Authors, Producers and the True Stories that Inspired Them

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  • BlockbusterSpeakers

    GTNs Hottest Movie Tie-In Programs: Visionary Directors, Authors, Producers and the True Stories that Inspired Them

  • Exclusively Represented by GTN 212.645.4200

    The Tuohy FamilyThe Real Heroes of The Blind Side

    The Tuohy FamilyBack left to right: Sean & Leigh Anne TuohyFront left to right: Collins, Michael Oher & Sean

    2010 Academy

    Award Winner for

    Best Actress #1


    The Tuohy Children: Michael Oher, Collins & Sean Jr.The Difference Trust Makes: Supporting One Another Through Change and Transition

    Who knows where Id be? says Oher, who with the

    love and support of the Tuohys has become the most

    sought after player in football. Michael Oher, along

    with Collins and Sean, Jr., inspire audiences to see their

    greatest challenges as opportunities. As I look back, its

    crazy how I got here, he says. But it didnt seem tough at

    the time. I just lived day to day, did the best I could.

    The Father: Sean TuohyBehind The Blind Side: Overcoming Obstacles in the Face of Adversity Sean invites audiences to go behind-the-scenes of the Tuohy household with a heartwarming

    message: In our house, we believe in miracles. Sharing personal anecdotes with his signature

    southern charm, Sean brings The Blind Side to life. A dedicated father and inspirational coach, Sean

    asks us to consider a simple question: why are kids just like Michael Oher are falling through the

    cracks every day?

    The Mother: Leigh Anne TuohyEvery Team is a Family: How to Make an Impact on Your Community

    At the podium, Leigh Anne inspires audiences to recognize the potential in those around usand to do

    something about it. She shares her personal Blind Side observations, from seeing Michael Oher for the

    fi rst time to how the experience changed her as a personand the Tuohys as a family. She asks audiences

    to explore how we can make an impact big enough to change a broken system.

    In Conversation: Subject & Author Author Michael Lewis and Sean Tuohy have known each other since

    childhoold: they were classmates for 13 years in their hometown of New

    Orleans. Together on stage, Michael and Sean inspire audiences with the

    humor and insight that only two long-time friends can share. They intimately discuss the evolution of The Blind Side and

    what it means for the Tuohy familyand the American education system as a whole.

    In Conversation: The Tuohy Family She cried the second she met him, and it was over, Sean

    recalls. At the podium, Sean, Leigh Anne and Michael Oher

    share their intimate, personal story that inspired The Blind Side.

    As a family, they each share their individual perspectives on the

    story, and they pose the bigger question: what is the defi nition of

    family, and how can we all make a difference to those who need us


    The following programs are available together or separately

    The Tuohy FamilyThe Real Life Heros of The Blind Side

  • Exclusively Represented by GTN 212.645.4200

    Michael Lewis & Paul DePodestaAuthor & Subject of Moneyball

    Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

    With Brad Pitt on board as the leading role, the fi lm version of Michael Lewis 2003 New York Times best-seller, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game is expected to take audiences by storm. Offering an unprecedented look behind the scenes of

    a Major League Baseball franchise, Moneyball details the effect that an innovative personnel

    approach has had in allowing the small-budget Oakland Athletics to consistently rank among

    baseballs best.

    A shrewd observer of sports, politics, fi nance and the American scene, Michael Lewis combines keen

    insight with his signature wit, making him one of todays leading social commentators. In his best-

    selling book, Moneyball, Lewis draws on his unique knowledge of money, science, entertainment and

    ego to illustrate the strategies employed by a club gleaning lessons from corporate America.

    Paul DePodesta has made a career of evaluating, measuring and assigning value to talent. Hailed

    as one of the most insightful and creative minds in baseball by Padres CEO, Sandy Alderson,

    DePodesta led the Athletics to their fi rst winning season in seven years in his fi rst season

    as Assistant G.M. In Moneyball,

    audiences experience the remarkable

    success under the Beane/DePodesta

    team, despite a shoestring budget.

    At the podium, DePodesta

    discusses the innovative

    In an intimate conversation

    peppered with anecdotes,

    Lewis and DePodesta talk about

    the genesis of Moneyball, the

    philosophy the book explores,

    and its lessons for businesses

    everywhere. The conventional wisdom in Major League Baseball is that wealthy teams will

    win out. But as Lewis and DePodesta demonstrate, there is an art to winning an unfair game.

    Behind the Scenes With The Author: Michael Lewis

    The Real-Life Subject: Paul DePodesta

    In Conversation

    Michael Lewis & Paul DePodestaAuthor & Subject of

  • Executive Producer of the Entire BATMAN SeriesMichael Uslan

    Bringing Batman to the Silver ScreenIn an inspiring program, Uslan takes audiences along on the journey of creating his career to bringing

    Batman successfully to the big screen. He shares the principles that allowed him to persevere despite

    repeated rejection and encourages audiences

    everywhere to reach for their dreams and believe

    in themselves. In a separate program, Uslan address

    the founders of the comic book industry and how,

    not coincidentally, the majority of them are Jewish

    immigrants or fi rst generation American Jews. Person-

    ally familiar with these legends, Uslan shares their

    anecdotes. Along with many of these creators, Uslan ap-

    pears in the documentary The Legends Behind the Comic

    Books. Uslan also reveals the connection of the superhe-

    roes created by these men and women to Jewish lore and

    traditionsfrom how The Golem spawned The Hulk

    and just how similar Superman and Moses really are.

    The highly anticipated next chapter in Uslans Batman series,

    The Dark Knight Rises, will once again star Christian Bale as

    Bruce Wayne, as he continues his war on crime in the dark

    depths of Gotham City. Set to premiere in July 2012, The

    Dark Knight Rises will undoubtedly deliver another Batman

    masterpiece that will have everyone talking.

    The Man Behind BATMAN

    Michael UslanBatman Executive Producer & Comic Book

    Exclusively Represented by GTN 212.645.4200

    Michael Uslan is best known as the originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie series, starting with Tim Burtons 1989 fi lm, and continuing to 2008s box offi ce record-breaking The Dark Knight. Less well known is that the fi rst Batman fi lm was the culmination of

    Uslans more than two decades of work to bring a serious, dark version of the character to the big

    screen. Uslans start in the world of comics was as unlikely as his success in bringing Batman to the

    theaters. Born into a blue collar family in New Jersey, Uslan was instilled at an early age to fi nd work

    to be passionate about. Knowing he loved comics and fi lms, he set about creating a career.

    In 1979, Uslan secured the fi lm rights to Batman from DC Comics. He was turned down by every

    studio in Hollywood. The reason he was consistently given: Batman was from the funny pages and

    wasnt supposed to be taken seriously.

  • Brett RatnerRenowned Hollywood Director, Producer & Entrepreneur

    More than $1 Billion in Box Offi ce Sales

    Dubbed a born storyteller by LA Weekly, Brett Ratner fi rst dreamed of making movies as a child growing up in Miami Beach, Florida. Throughout elementary school, Ratner made movies in lieu of traditional homeworka talent which helped him skip ahead two grades. After graduating high school early, Ratner was

    determined to attend New York University Film School but was told that his unimpressive GPA would prevent

    him from getting in. Ratner refused to accept no for an answer, and after barging into the Deans offi ce with

    his application he was accepted into the program. At only 16 years old, Ratner became the departments

    youngest fi lm major in history.

    Now the 16th highest grossing fi lm director in history with more than $1 billion in career box offi ce

    sales, Ratner is also the quintessential entrepreneur. In addition to his directorial work, he runs Rat

    Entertainment, a successful fi lm production company in partnership with Paramount Pictures; Rat Press,

    a book publishing company with international distribution through Perseus Books Group; Rat Records,

    a record label; and Brett Ratner Brands, the corporate branding company behind Activisions Guitar

    Hero Risky Business campaign and Wynn Resorts Encore campaign.

    At the podium, Ratners archetypal journey

    from Miami dreamer to Hollywood

    mogul comes to life through his signature

    charm and action-packed storytelling

    style. Famous for his effortless comedic

    timing and humorous perspective on

    success, Ratner encourages audiences t