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1. December 8, 2014 Flipped Classroom Technology: Blended Learning for All Students Mike Henderson and Billie Rengo-Grantsburg School District 2. Todays Purpose Learning Intentions: By the end of this session, you will: Understand how to clearly set and communicate instructional outcomes for flipped lessons (Danielson Framework Ic: Setting instructional outcomes). Understand how to produce clear and sequenced lessons (Danielson Framework 1e: Planning and preparation). Understand how to create engaging instructional activities that propel student learning (Danielson Framework 1e: Planning and preparation). Success Criteria: By the end of this session, you will have: Identified lesson components that increase student learning. Identified key teaching strategies that will facilitate learning and engagement. Identified a lesson that you can flip and recognized your next step. 3. Making Connections What are your current views and understandings about blended learning? What do you already know? 4. Where are you going? What do you want or need to know? 5. Student Voice Student Voice The future according to children 6. 21st Century Learning 7. Purpose Access to Education Learning Pathways Motivated Students Can Work Ahead Scheduling Flexibility 8. Making Learning Visible Learning Intentions Success Criteria Instructional Strategies Educational Revolution Metacognition Reflection 9. What are some possible stumbling blocks to blending or flipping lessons for students? 10. Blended Learning in Elementary...Really? Layers Recognize student interests 11. Setting the Stage Responsibility Contract Consequences 12. Tracking Completion Don't just focus on content Get students involved Increase responsibility Accountability? 13. Tech Tool Selection Know your students Select the right tools based on ability levels Nightmares... 14. Screen Casting Preparing content Advanced planning Screencasts of PowerPoints Upload to the web to make accessible for students Screen-cast-o-matic (from your computer) Use your PowerPoints in a new way Great for any age (especially young readers) Appeals to visual learners Now can conveniently be done from your mobile device! Check out "Presentation Recorder" in the App Store. 15. Augmented Reality Definition of AR Layar Aurasma App Smashing 16. Layar Easy to use No usernames/passwords needed Create on your computer Students use the app to view content 17. Aurasma If walls could talk... Make video accessible Highly engaging Endless possibilities Visit Erin Klein's blog for step- by-step instructions 18. Aurasma 19. QR Codes Upload videos to YouTube Pair with the "ShowMe" app Another fun way to deliver content Accountability element (check the app's history) 20. Tellagami Create engaging videos Set the purpose for an activity Customizable with different backgrounds and voices Lesson Clarity 21. Tellagami 22. Nearpod Take your PowerPoints to a whole new level. Interactive qualities Teacher can monitor activity (feedback about learning) Students can check their answers and compare their answers with the rest of the class Homework feature 23. Effect size of .75 Can nearly double the speed of learning Types of feedback Self/praise Task Process Self-regulation 24. From the Eyes of a Student Trial and error Trust Safe to take risks Content only vs. the ability to interact Independent activities vs. cooperative learning 25. Evaluation Time! Choose a lesson to evaluate. Are key criteria evident? (clarity in organization, clarity in assessment, obvious learning intentions and success criteria, effective instructional strategies) What suggestions for improvement can you make? 26. Reflect Share what spoke to you from our session. What did you think about? What will you do next?