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Blending Instruction:. a survival guide for confused teachers..!. Nikos Mattheos University of Bern, Switzerland Malmö University, Sweden. ”if you want them to learn... ...confuse them! ”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Blending Instruction:

  • Nikos Mattheos University of Bern, Switzerland Malm University, Sweden

  • if you want them to learn... ...confuse them! Rolf Attstrm, Monday morning 8.00, Periodontology department corridor, Malm ..!

  • Distance Learning (DL)Open and Distance Learning (ODL)Flexible Learning Distributed LearningBlended LearningA little bit of History!

  • 1. traditional + electonic/web based 2. face to face + distance/self-paced

    3. Different pedagogic approaches ...and what is blended learning ?

  • Blended learning is only new to people who were foolish enough to think that delegating the entire training role to the computer was going to work..!Jay Cross, 2004

  • THE SOUP MODEL ! Mattheos N. 88th Annual FDI Congress, Paris 2000.

  • Education will be enhanced and improved through technology as long as the focus remains on learning

  • Virtual Learning Environments Learning Content Management Systems Instructional technology software created for educational use, primarily used as course support or as vehicles or on-line courses.Minielli Ferris, 2005

  • Lectures Seminars Clinic Textbooks - Articles Atlas Microscope LabTraditional Conventional Didactic Face-to-FaceUndergraduate teaching of Oral Pathology:

  • loads of transparencies One Amphitheatre Three lectures per week 100 students

  • Digitise transparencies + Internet+ Three lectures+ Asynchronous board 40 students in lectures 23 hits on the web 2 comments on the e-board2 e-mails

  • One opening lecture Digitise - Internet Links - references Individual Group tasks

  • 20 + questions!

  • self- assessment Peer critic Invite guest expert One opening lecture Digitise - Internet Links - references Individual Group tasks

  • Blended Learning ! He blended mediato deliver instructionShe used media to blend- self-assessment - teamwork - peer critic - external assessment - interaction

  • Keep the end in mind !

  • Why bother? Learning Styles !Diveristy in Learning

  • With blended learning, schools and teachers can increase the engagement of students in the learning process and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Liz Pape. From Bricks to Clicks: Blurring Classroom/Cyber Lines. 2006

  • Pasta? Fish? Meat? Beans?Ice cream? ...Blend !

  • Simpson C & Du Y. 2004. Effects of learning styles and class participation on students enjoyment level in distributed learning environments. Richmond AS & Liu L. 2005. Student learning styles of traditional courses versus online distyance courses. Terrell SR & Dringus L. 2000. An investigation of the effect of learning style on student success in an on-line learning environment. Learning styles - Blended learning No correlation between specific learning styles and computer enhanced instruction

  • Computer is a tool - it can be used to favour any learning strategy or style

  • to ...blend on not to blend? Instructional Advantages:- simplicity, accessibility, flexibility- management of learning process, documentationEducational Advantages:- pedagogic strategic choice- better than purely on-line education

  • to ...blend on not to blend? ...because students will like it more...because this way you will accommodate more learning styles...because it is be more effective

  • Blended learning focuses on optimising achievement of learning objectives by applying the right learning technologies to match the right learning style to transfer the right skills to the right person at the right timeSingh H & Reed C.Singh H & Reed C. A white paper: Achieving success with Blended Learning. 2005.

  • The term blended-learning is ill-defined and inconsistenly used. Whilst its popularity is increasing, its clarity is not. Building research around this term becomes an impossible project, since without a common concept of its meaning there can be no coherent way of synthesising the findings of studies, let alone developing a consistent theoretical framework.Oliver M (London) & Trigwell K (Oxford) 2005Oliver M, Trigwell K. Can blended learning be redeemed? E-learning, Vol2, Nr1, 2005.

  • Blended is a transitory term. Soon it will join other terms in the dustbin of has-beens. In the meantime, blended is a stepping stone to the future. It reminds us to look at learning challenges from many directions. It makes computer-only training look ridiculous. It drives us to pick the right tools to get the job done. Jay CrossJay Cross, In: Foreword, Handbook of blended learning. December2004