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Coverage of University of Texas sports from some of the most die-hard fans

Transcript of Bleed Orange

  • bl deorangePumping Longhorn sports through every vein.

    TEXAS FIGHTA Coverage of the 2013 Football Season

    Sack MACKShould he stay or go?

    ShotIs a career in the NBA thefuture of four UT basketball stars?


    Summer 2013

  • BRACKET OF CONTENTS Longhorns Losing Page 8

    Trey Shots Page 9

    Sack Mack Page 16

    Last Shot Page 19

    2011 Holiday Bowl Page 6

    The Lonestar Showdown 2012 Page 24

    2005 National Champions Page 22

    UT vs. Baylor Page 17

    Gregory Gym Page 10

    Dinner with the Winners Page 14

    Letter from the Editors Page 4

    Staff Biographies Page 3

    Sustained Excellence Page 26

    The Long Work Ahead Page 12

    Texas FightPage 18Photo Credit: Ashley Landis Coverage of the Longhorn

    Volleyball Team in Sustained Excellence

    Photo Credit: Charles EdmistonAn overview of the UT Football team in Texas Fight


  • When not playing softball or volleyball, doing her homework, or playing with her dog, Chloe Edmiston loves going to see University of Texas volleyball, football, and baseball games. At 511, she hopes to play college volleyball at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or at Harvard University, her dream schools.

    Nicholas Dezso enjoys playing soccer for LBJ and for his select soccer team, the Houston Dynamo.

    He also marches as part of the LBJ Band in the saxophone section during football season. He likes

    to procrastinate on his homework and instead, watch Longhorn sports on television. He hopes to play

    soccer in college at whatever college he decides on.

    Esteban Guevara loves to play soccer and football for LBJ and likes to hang out with friends when not doing his insane amounts of homework. A Longhorn fan at heart, he watches UT Football games during leisure time, although he refuses to watch the Longhorn Network. He hopes to continue his soccer career in college, wherever he goes.




    Meet the Staff of BLEED ORANGE

    FUN FACT-Chloe refuses to ever compromise with Nicholas.

    FUN FACT-Nicholas doesnt care what Chloe thinks.

    He does whatever he wants.

    FUN FACT-Poor Esteban was stuck dealing with Chloe and Nicholas for a semester.


  • Dear Devoted Longhorns, The Eyes of Texas are upon this magazine. To open your eyes to the world of University of Texas sports, we created this magazine. Bleed Orange contains professional opinions, as well as those of die hard fans to give you the ultimate coverage of Texas sports. This would not be considered an easy thing to do. Interviews proved hard to come by and many story ideas ended up in the trash. We settled on our ideas and went on to compose our stories. Finally, we finished and began to design. All of the contributors to this magazine have a few things in common. The problem became finding things we could actually put into a magazine that people would want to read. UT sports stood out among the commonalities. We moved on with this, and with a minimal amount of group arguments and a lot of sassiness from Chloe and Nicholas (mostly Chloe), we produced this wonderful magazine for your enjoyment.

    Thank you readers, God Bless Texas and Hook em Horns.

    Sincerely,The Bleed Orange Team

    Photo Credit: Bleed Orange Staff

    Letter from the



  • College GamedaySaturday Mornings from 9-Noon on ESPN and ESPNU

    Coverage of all of the days games, including the biggest games of the season

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  • The University of Texas football team huddles before kick-off at the 2011 Holiday Bowl against the University of California. UT beat the Golden Bears 21-10.Photo Credit: Charles Edmiston


  • Longhorns LosingBY NICHOLAS DEZSO

    For the past few years, University of Texas sports records have been in decline. Losses are becoming more frequent with wins few and far between. After the football team going 5-7, 8-4, and 9-5 in the past three seasons and the baseball team failing to go to Omaha for the first time in years, many fans are disappointed with the direction of the schools athletics. There seems to be no drive to produce good sports teams. In fact, The UT athletic department will cash in every year regardless of the sports situation because of the Longhorn Network and merchandise sales. Other schools with the athletic reputation of Texas consistently produce good sports teams because without the support of the fans, they will make a lot less money.

    The Top Athletic Incomes of The NCAA in 2012

    10. The University of Tennessee $102,495,204

    9. Auburn University $103,982,441

    8. University of Oklahoma Norman Campus $104,338,843

    7. Louisiana State University $106,421,671

    6. Pennsylvania State University $116,118,026

    5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor $122,486,490

    4. University of Florida $123,008,257

    3. The University of Alabama $123,910,432

    2. Ohio State University-Main Campus $131,815,819

    1. The University of Texas at Austin $150,295,932

    In 2012, UT left the competitors in the dust in income, beating second place Ohio State by $18,480,113. Keeping in mind that Texas went 8-4 and 2nd place Ohio State went undefeated ( they did not go to a bowl game due to a suspension) and the third place Alabama won the national championship. Texas makes money even if the sports are mediocre. Most of the teams on this list did very well this season and even the ones that didnt have not been as bad as Texas has the past 3 seasons.

    Photo Credit: Charles Edmiston


  • How to SHoot a tHree-PointerHaving problems with your three pointers? Here look at some real life examples with tips and tricks to help you almost always make your shots with a breeze. Since three-pointers are one of the hardest shots to take when playing basketball many people need some tips and tricks to make every shot count.

    Have a positive attitude. More of a chance to make that Trey Shot!

    Warm up by doing a series of shots around the court and after each shot jog to the next spot on the court.

    Make sure you bend your knees. More bent knees can get you more distance on the shoots.

    For pinpoint accuracy lineup with the basket.

    The last part of your body that should have contact with the ball is your middle finger.

    Use your non-domi-nant hand to act as a guide and look and lineup with the basket. To test if you are lined up walk forward and if you are under the basket you are fine.

    When coming down from jumping, land in the same spot and keep your wrist in the same position.

    When jumping, release the ball at the highest point of your jump and flick your wrist.


    Photo Credit :

    Esteban Guevara

    Photo Credit :

    Esteban Guevara

    Photo Credit :

    Esteban Guevara

    Photo Credit :

    Esteban Guevara


  • The University of Texas volleyball team competes against Cincinnati. Gregory Gym was originally the basketball gym until 1977.Photo Credit: Charles Edmiston


  • The LONG Work Ahead

    Theres no question UTs athletics performance is slipping Winkler said.

    For KEYE in Austin Mack Brown held a press con-ference on Monday morning and Wednesday after-noon. Now, he only talks Monday morning. Because the LHN has him doing two studio shows a week, theyve eliminated his Wednesday press conference with local media. That might not sound like a big deal, but that means we dont get any fresh sound from Mack between Monday morning and AFTER the game Saturday. KEYE sports anchor Adam Winkler said

    In January, 2013 Jenni Carlson reported in NEWS OK from Okla-homa, That network is weighing down the Longhorns like a hun-dred-pound chunk of concrete around Bevos neck. Since August 2012, The Longhorn Network has been carried by

    AT&T, Grande Commu-nications, and Verizon Fios, which has provided an annual revenue to UT, but still has yet to spread to other major TV carri-ers such as Time Warner, DirecTV, and Dish Net-work. ESPN believes that

    The Longhorn Network will be a big help to The University of Texas. Boss of ESPN talked about The Longhorn Network Yes, were concerned....Wer