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  • 1. Global warming By: Blake Tamplin
  • 2. Whats happening to our world! Glaciers are melting! Temperatures are rising! Extreme weather changes!
  • 3. Did you know that 14.8 million acresof rain forest are cut down annually. Also each year 2.2 billion tons of co2 are discharged into the air do to burning of forests.
  • 4. CO2 has also been a problem towards Alsogreenhouse gases. If we reforested 386,000 square miles it sequester more than 11 billion tons of co2.
  • 5. But every year humans produce11 billion tons of co2 This co2 will lead to higher temperatures and will then lead to melting Glaciers and so on.
  • 6. What happens when glaciers melt? Already the sea levels have risen between 4-8 inches world wide during the last century, and experts predict they could rise as much as 2 feet in the next 100 years.Glaciers retreat doubling to 12kilometers a year.
  • 7. Also global warming will change the weather dramatically. Which means that more hurricanes will come and other terrible storms.In a matter oftime snow willmelt away intodry hot grounds.
  • 8. If the glaciers keep meltingthan this might happen toyou. At least 279 different species are migrating north to escape warm weather.
  • 9. Did You Know?Sea levels arent whatsonly going on Animals like the polar bears are being pushed out from their hunting grounds are now on the endangered list.
  • 10. The us is responsible for 19.91% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions.Carbon dioxide or co2 takes 100years to disperse in the atmosphere.
  • 11. Heres another thing that scares me. Producing the annual beef diet of the average American emits as much greenhouse gas as a car driven more than 1,800 miles.
  • 12. The university of Illinois has found a way to turn carbonInto dioxide into useful fuel in the process of Artificial photosynthesis.
  • 13. People like you have volunteered to plant trees all over the world.Also big groups like Disney nature hasstarted a program to plant 1 billiontrees all around the world.
  • 14. If we work togetherwe can do the same and maybe even better.
  • 15. Install a programor mable thermost at.
  • 16. Clean orreplacefilters onyourfurnace andairconditioner.
  • 17. Dontleavemachinesorappliances on whilegone.
  • 18. You can make a difference by getting out more any of those other things.Thank you forwatching.
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