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  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf



    Disclaimer/LegalNoticesDisclaimer/LegalNotices: Thisproductis for informationalpurposes andrepresents theviewsandopinionsof theauthor.Theauthormakesnorepresentationswithrespectto warrantyof theaccuracyoftheinformationhereinor noguarantees onhowmuchmoneyan individualcanearnfromthetechniquesintheprogram.Theauthordoes notacceptanyresponsibilities or liabilities fromtheuse of thisinformationbutwedoourbest to providehighqualityandaccurateinformation.opyright! "##$ trade"%&$.com



  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    Why Craigslist?

    Craiglist is the 7th most visited website in the world (Yahoo!

    is currently first) and it was officially launched in 1995.Craigslist receives close to 1 billion views er month andhas cost newsaers comanies millions of dollars in lossrofit" and it#s easy to see why. Craigslist has invented ane$tremely imortant" rare" and valuable mar%etlace" and itis one of the many e$amles of how the online world is

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    changing the offline mar%et. &nother e$amle is online toyswhich ut many 'oys r us stores out of oeration. Craigslistis the maor classified site for eole loo%ing for ust aboutanything" ranging from aartments to getting dates. t#s

    successful because*

    ts easy to use +ree which is always a heler ,o ads- well banner ads irect communication with seller and buyer

    You can ost a ob for free anywhere on Craigslist e$cet in

    ,Y" /&" and 0an +rancisco" anywhere else is oen game. 'odo the ostings in these areas are very reasonable and thatis because Craigslist is very suortive for nonrofit causes.Craigslist is li%e e2ay but it offers more ersonal servicesand also allows eole to sell without listing fees. t#s also agreat lace to find any local service roviders that you mightneed such as lawyers and accountants./i%e most oulated websites it gives you the ability to tryand mar%et your roducts because of the wide range of

    audience there. li%e to use mysace and craigslist as anadditional stream of traffic lus income every now and thenbut these shouldn#t ma%e u all of your mar%eting lan"these ust should be an e$tra free stream of traffic.

    Craigslist url* htt*33www.craigslist.org3Craiglist forum* htt*33forums.craigslist.org3

    You can#t sam so ma%e sure to read the rules before

    uming on board ust li%e you would for any other networ%online. 2e creative and thin% of ways that you can advertiseyourself without aearing to be samming. Craigslist hasall of the maor cities and states in the 40 and it also has aton of international territories so this can be useful foranyone. owever" it does have a good deal of scammers onthere so be careful. 'he scams are very similar to the ones
  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    on e2ay.'he most common scenario is if you#re selling a roduct"someone from a different country will contact you aying a

    much larger amount then what you re6uested" and will as%you to wire bac% the money to their account. hen you doso you ust gave them your money and won#t hear fromthem again.ere are a list of rules and eti6uette for craigslist*htt*33www.craigslist.org3about3rohibited.items.html8o here to find out more about craigslist or to addressanymore concerns you may have*

    htt*33www.craigslist.org3about3You can also start your own classified community forFREE here:

    uic! "earch Engine #ptimi$ation tric!

    0ince craigslist has so much traffic it is a nice 6uic% way toget inde$ed in the search engines" usually within a day in:0,. hat you do is ost a classified ad in the 0+ 2ay areaof craigslist. hy the 0+ 2ay area; t has the most traffic tomy %nowledge and it has a very high

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    %arget your ser&ices in your 'rea

    ere is an interesting story that a friend of mines used" andhe is only > and a ersonal trainer with little mar%etinge$erience so if he can accomlish this- #m sure you can.hat he did is he wanted to romote his ersonal trainingservices" so he simly osted a classified ad in his areaoffering his services with his hone number for a freeconsultation.e used some good coywriting techni6ues and since he hasust finished a boo% (boo% on demand) he offered it to theindividual as a free gift and he made ?1 in less then anhour. e also now has a steady stream of clients fromsimle craigslist listings.ere is another e$amle"@ne of my friends is a :ary Aay consultant and she hassome trouble getting a customer base" and since had somee$erience selling offline (herbal life) gave her a goodsuggestion that heled e$and her customer base and canyou guess what that was; told her to lace an ad oncraigslist" and offer a free comlimentary facialbut moreimortantly" try to get as much referrals as ossible to %eeher business growing. &fter that" her business had started toe$and since and never loo%ed bac%. 'his is anothere$amle in how you can use an online website to boost youroffline sales.hy ay newsaers money to advertise when you could dothe same thing cheaer" and most li%ely get better results;f you#re an online business owner and are thin%ing aboutadding another additional stream of income to your businesswhy not try consultation; f you %now what you are doing"and charge a good rice" then #m sure there will be eolethat are interested in what you have to offer.

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    "ome "imple (deas

    0ay that live in ,ew Yor% City and want to start buildinga reutation offline as a world class ba%er. You can offer freeclasses or charge for them and then ost your ad incraigslist under the community section. on#t say that you#renot good enough to start teaching someone something. fyou can write an eboo% about something then you shouldbe able to offer consultation for that service. Bveryone hassomething uni6ue they can teach a grou of eole ustthin% to yourself*

    hat is something that li%e to do and is my hobby.D

    You will be surrised on how many eole will want to learnfrom you.'he community section is located in the uer left handcorner of craigslist" and the classes# lin% is located in thebottom right hand corner of that section as shown in figure1.

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    Figure 1

    ere is the lin% to ,ew Yor% cities classes and events so youcan get some ideas on what you can do to mar%et yourservices.htt*33newyor%.craigslist.org3cal3htt*33newyor%.craigslist.org3cal3Eclassesf you would notice" a lot of eole osted the same osts inthese categories- the more the better suose.

    )et in *ul! and Resale on e*ay

    ere is a techni6ue that used in the ast and &,Y@,B canuse it to ma%e easy money on e2ay. f you want to oen uyour own e2ay store for hysical roducts the only roblemyou may run into is having enough merchandise to sell. You

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    can urchase in bul% and resale each item searately toma%e more rofit" but how great would it be for you to get+=BB items and sell it on e2ay; will warn you" the items

    will rarely be new" they will most li%ely be used but you canstill sell them for money on e2ay" and did mention that youget the items to sell for comletely +=BB;f you would loo% in your current geograhic location incraigslist you will notice that there are some free things thateole give away. You %now how the saying goes don#t you;@ne man trash is another man#s treasure.Dell" that is defiantly the case in this situation. f you areinto selling hysical roducts you can get yourself a garage

    full of free treasures to sell. 0ometimes eole move orsometimes eole ust want to get rid of stuff from theirhouse that they no longer use" regardless of what thereason is" you can target your location using craigslist andthen you can loo% for free items. You can then chec% oute2ay auctions to see if it would be worth your while to sellthese items. & good idea to use for craigslist items is to sellthem in a big bo$ %nown as a mystery bo$D on e2ay. ithgood coywriting and building susense you can sell

    mystery bo$es from anywhere to 1 or a coule ofthousand dollars. 8o here to chec% out some currentauctions that sell mystery bo$es*



    'he highest one have ever seen was for five thousand" butthe individual said that it had items in there worth tenthousand dollarsD not sure how true it was.

    Figure 2

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    #m telling you" you would be surrised on what eole aregiving away these days" so try to seiOe every oortunityyou can. You can also as% eole to shi the free items toyou if they are not in your region but of course that will bean e$ense that comes out of your money. would only dothis if thin% can get a really good return on myinvestment and if the items are selling retty good on e2ay.

  • 8/14/2019 Blackbook Craigslist .pdf


    Real Estate

    2elieve it or not" a lot of eole have had great successselling real estate on craigslist" wait that#s how the websitewas founded. @ne story heard on a forum was that a manwanted to get out of aying his rent and move somewhereelse" so he simly ut his aartment on craigslist and gotseveral calls" and the first erson urchased. ,o need to goand urchase classified ads or local media in your area" ustuse free craigslist" that what ma%es this website so uni6ue.