Black Friday: Why and how to grab your customers attention

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    Black Friday: Why and how to grab attention

  • Black Friday,

    Black Friday has grown into a sales and retail phenomenon. The numbers and figures are simply astonishing, and this success is leading to more and more retailers getting involved and increasing the competition.


  • Black Friday,

    First off, lets take a look at some of the amazing stats from last years incredible Black Friday and see why it has become such a huge and important day for retailers...

  • estimated spend online in the UK for Black Friday 2014Source Experian and IMRG

    810 million Black Friday,

  • Black Friday,

    estimated spend on E-Commerce in the US on Black Friday 2014Source Comscore

    $1.5 billion

  • Black Friday,

    visits to online retail sites in the UK, with traffic from smartphones up by 57% from 2013Source Experian and IMRG

    181 million

  • Black Friday,

    higher than 2013 and in-store it was up 38%Source Barclaycard

    The spend on clothing was

    98 per cent

  • Black Friday,

    televisions in the first hour

    8,000 There was a four-fold increase in spending on electronics compared to an average day.

    ASDA sold more than

  • of Xbox 360 consoles by 9am

    sold out ASDA completely

    Black Friday,

  • Black Friday,

    Black Friday has now been joined by Cyber Monday to create what is now known as the Black Friday period - meaning big days of buzz and retail in and around the day of Black Friday

    Cyber Monday

  • Black Friday,

    15 per cent in 2014 making it the biggest day in online shopping in US historySource Econsultancy

    Cyber Monday is huge in the US. Sales grew by

  • Black Friday,

    720 million spent in the UKSource Econsultancy

    The Brits are also partial to a bit of Cyber Monday retail therapy with an estimated

  • Black Friday,

    2015 predictions

  • Black Friday,

    1.07 billion estimated spendSource Experian and IMRG

    Experian and IMRG are predicting that Black Friday 2015 will be the biggest day in UK online history.

  • Black Friday,

    943 billion estimated spendSource Experian and IMRG

    Cyber Monday doesnt look too shabby either with a whopping

  • Black Friday,

    So how do you make sure your message is heard?

  • Black Friday,

    Mobile marketing is the most efficient and effective way to make sure your Black Friday marketing messages are heard

    Mobile marketing

  • Black Friday,

    Text messages get read

    Emailsget read

    Tweetsget read

    Facebook postsget read


    29%22% 22%

    Source Frost & Sullivan

  • Black Friday,

    So get your Black Friday mobile marketing strategy and plan in place and make sure you dont miss out on all those sales.

  • Black Friday,

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