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B.J. Schone's submission for the 2008 DevLearn ILS Challenge

Transcript of Bj Schone Ils Design Challenge2008

  • 1. Designing a Game to Reveal an Individual's Ethical Qualities B.J. Schone Qualcomm Incorporated http://


  • Essentially, if we can create an "open" game environment where people are free to make their own decisions, we can observe if they tend to take the (morally) right or wrong path.

B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 3. The Game The game would be a financial simulation where the learner (a new financial analyst or manager) is encouraged tocompete against peersto achieve a maximum return on investment. B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 4. The simulation would revolve around a mock stock trading site. B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 5. Learners would be instructed to play the game as if it were a real-life scenario.B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 6. At some point during the simulation, the learner would be accidentally exposed to insider information.* ! * In theory, an ethical person would not use this information for profit. B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 7. Observation and Analysis

  • Make note of the learners decisions as they play the game.
  • Did they use the insider information to get ahead of their peers?

B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 8. Observation and Analysis

  • Follow-up with the learner about their experience.
    • Were they happy with the outcome of the game?
    • Would they change anything they did?
  • Make a decision based on their actions in the game and their responses in the follow-up survey to determine if this is an ethical individual.

B.J. Schone, Qualcomm Incorporated 9. Thanks for taking a look! B.J. Schone Qualcomm Incorporated http://