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APs EPIC Biz Questions.RULES:

1. Pure Business based Questions2. Infinite Bounce. 3. NO negatives. 4. QM decision final.

1. Identify the personality.Ex-US army man and creator of apparel label Polo.It was not necessarily for the army men. However, being army background we knew what good fitting meant.

What was his name, which is a big name in the world of business?

Ans: Ralph Lauren

2. What?___________ has been a subject of scrutiny amid concerns that it can be used for illegal activities. In October 2013 theUS FBIshut down theSilk Roadonlineblack marketand seized 144,000 _________ worth US$28.5 million at the time.In China, buying ________is subject to restrictions, and _________exchangesare not allowed to hold bank accounts.

1_______ = 24267.72Indian Rupee


3. Which company, known for other reasons, has got into sand-making business for a very specific purpose? Ans: Rolex.

4. BSNL in a path-breaking initiative, as a part of Grameen Sanchar Sewak scheme, tried to reach out to people in rural areas.

As a result, they provided each postman in those areas with something so that the people in rural areas could communicate with rest of the world.

What was special about this?

Mobile PCOs5. What is this all about? Paypal Mafia.

6. Sweden's Reuben Rausing wife's advice, "Why don't you continuously fill milk into the tube and then seal it through the milk, in the manner of stuffing sausages, to prevent oxygen from entering," led to an innovation in the world of packaging.

Name his invention.


7. Id the company. Honda.

The compressed hydrogen-powered _________ FCX car runs so clean that its exhaust contains only water which is drinkable. To celebrate this, ______ created a new bottled-water brand, H2O. The copy on the bottle read "Delicious, fresh H2O from a pristine mineral spring, cool mountain glacier or the exhaust pipe of _______ FCX.8. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, has readied a plan to launch flavoured _____ milk products, for the 1st time in India.

It is very rich in vitamins and will be marketed as an health drink for children and diabetic patients.

This initiative is also intended at reviving _______ breeders in Western India.


9. Gary Mark Gilmore( died in 1977) was an American criminal who gained international notoriety for demanding the execution of hisdeath sentencefor two murders he committed inUtah.

Advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy took Gilmores last words and made into a hugely popular tagline.

What were Gilmores last words/tagline?

Just do it. 10. Which company? ____________ first used the rotis being served at Kumbh Mela, to promote hygiene by one of their products.

Then _______ used fresh biodegradable paper used to serve Bhelpuri to promote oral hygiene.

What am I talking about?

HUL. 11. Identify the brand(Video next slide)

The video shows the imagery how the _______ family went through many unfortunate events, yet they just did not survive but thrived.

Which brand?