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  • 1.Biscuit production skills ryan

2. Cheese powder 30g4 Powdered sugar 2201 Salt 5g2 Cream 400g3 Eggs 25 Flour 600g6 Naisu biscuits (crowded flowers) material 3. Flour 200g4 Salad oil 150g1 Milk 130g2 Honey 100g3 Yolk 25 Fine white sand 80g6 Honey cake material 4. White sugar 250g4 4 whole eggs, protein 51 Cream 100g2 Red sugar 150g3 Almond 500g5 Flour 200g6 Almond material 5. Unsalted butter 6. Powdered sugar 7. Whole egg 8. Cheese powder 9. Flour 10. Cream Melting 11. Sifted powdered sugar 12. Sift the powdered sugar will be added in the melted butter 13. Stirring 14. Continue stirring 15. Add whole egg 16. Add Cheese powder 17. Continue stirring 18. Scraping cylinders 19. Scraping cylinders 20. Sift flour 21. Gradually add sifted flour 22. Stir Uniform 23. Gradually add sifted flour 24. Continue stirring 25. Piping bags, flower mouth 26. Assembled flower bags, flower mouth 27. Paste 28. Paste Join Piping bags 29. The shape made of flowers 30. The shape of flowers 31. Into Oven 32. Grilled biscuits 33. Pretty good dim sum 34. Pretty good dim sum