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  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project







    : CLASS:


    : COLLEGE:

    Geetanjali College of Commerce & B.B.A. -



    2006 2007

    ROLL NO. ___ SEAT NO.



    : GUIDED BY:

    Prof. Nirav joshi

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project



    I Hirpara Anil v. undersigned a student ofT.Y.B.B.A. Here

    by declare that the project work presented in this report is my own

    work and has been carried out under the supervision ofProf. Nirav

    joshi ofGeetanjali College Of Commerce & B.B.A. Rajkot.

    This report has not been previously submitted to any other

    University your any examination.


    PLACE: RAJKOT (Hirpara Anil V.)

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project



    The B.B.A. is a professional course, which helps the students

    to develop the skills in business, and about industry in T.Y.B.B.A.

    the product project report is the part of our syllabus.

    The product project report shows us actually what difficulties

    is new entrepreneur of small business faces while starting his unit.

    A product project report plays a significant role for small business

    especially for financial arrangement thats why proper care should

    be taken in preparing this report.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project



    I glad to present Product Project Report on BISCUIT

    MIXTURE to the Saurashtra University.

    In this reference, I am heartly thankful to Prof. Nirav joshi

    for support and guidance provided by her.

    I am also thankful to all those person who have helped me in

    every aspect for preparing the project.


    PLACE: RAJKOT (Hirpara Anil V.)

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project



    No. Particular

    1 Introduction of Product.

    2 Project at a Glance.

    3 Partners Background.

    4 Location.

    5 Market Potential.

    6 Raw material.

    7 Basis and Presumption.

    8 Implementation Schedule.

    9 Manufacturing Process.

    10 Production Capacity.

    11 Financial Details of Project.

    (A) Details of lord and Building.

    (B) Machinery & Equipments.

    (C) Other Fixed Assets.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    12 Working Capital.

    (A) Personnel.

    (B) Raw material.

    (C) Utilities.

    (D) Other Contingent Express.

    13 Project Cost.

    14 Sources of Funds.

    15 Depreciation.

    16 Financial Analysis.

    (A) Cost of Production.

    (B) Turnover.

    (C) Return on Investment.

    (D) Profitability Analysis.

    (E) Break Even Analysis.

    (F) Balance Sheet.

    17 Suppliers of Machinery.

    18 Future Prospects.

    19 Risk Factors.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Introduction Of Product

    Biscuits constitute an important item of bakery industry.

    Today Biscuits become a common item of consumption among all

    classes of people with tea or coffee Biscuits make a tasty nutritious

    shake. Biscuits are become here and more popular as a convenient

    food with the changes taking place in the economic life of masses,

    the consumption of Biscuit has been increasing over the years, and

    this envisages the scope for setting up of Biscuit Mixture units.

    People started manufacturing Biscuits of their own taste by

    using baking ovens very popular in the market now days. To made

    it more convenient there is a need of Biscuit Mixture which will be

    ready mix and after adding water, the dough will be ready mix hour

    on commercial scale saves times, labour and is sometimes ever

    cheap to the housewives.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Project At A Glance

    Name of unit : Sun feast Food ProductCommunication Address : GIDC, AJI Vasahat, Rajkot- 360 001

    Form of organization : Partnership Firm, Register Under,

    Partnership Act, 1932

    Partners : 1. Hirpara Anil v.

    2. Aambalia Jaimin

    Name of the Product : BISCUIT

    S.S.I. Registration No. : Application has been Made

    Subsidy Registration No. : Application has been MadeType of Industry : Food Industries

    Type of Organization : Partnership

    Budget cost of Product : 22,23,000

    Means of Finance : Owned Capital and Loan from GSFC

    Bank Rajkot.

    No. of Employees : 16

    Plant Installed Capacity : 100 %

    Partners Background

    Partner I

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Name : Hirpara anil v.

    Age : 20 Years.

    Education : B.B.A. with Advance, Marketing


    Address : Kalavad Main Road, Gurudev Park,

    DHANAN JAY Rajkot-360005

    Financial Contribution : 5,55,750.

    Duties and Responsibilities : Marketing and Production Department.

    Partner II

    Name : Aambalia Jaimin.

    Age : 25 Years.

    Education : M.B.A. with Financial Management.

    Address : MADHUVAN 150 Ring road,Maruti

    Park, RAJKOT-360005

    Financial Contribution : 5,55,750.

    Duties and Responsibilities : Personnel and Financial Department.


    To choose the proper location is first step for establishment

    of unit. True selection of location helps unit for better growth,

    while selecting the site of location the factors should be considered

    are as follows:

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    1. Availability of Raw material.

    2. Cheaper Manpower.

    3. Transport Facilities.

    4. Availability of Energy sources.

    I shall start Biscuits industry in Rajkot at GIDC, Aji Vasahat

    because Raw material and labour are the main factors in this

    industry which is early available at this place.

    Market Potential

    The consumption of Biscuit has been increasing over the

    years. The finding of survey indicates that nearly 47% of Biscuits

    are consumed in the rural and semi-urban areas which constitutes

    bulk of our population. Looking at such a demand this ready mix

    can definitely be a popular item particularly in rural and urban


  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    So, we can class by whole Biscuit market into there

    categories based on area:

    1. Urban Market.

    2. Semi-Urban Market.

    3. Rural Market.

    Raw Material

    The main raw material used in Biscuit Mixture are as


    1. Wheat Flour.

    2. Sugar.

    3. Vegetable Fat.

    4. Miscellaneous Items.

    (A) Milk Powder.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    (B) Chemical.

    (C) Colour Flavor.

    (D) Coco Vit Fat.

    (E) Glucose Etc.

    5. Packing Material.

    Above all raw materials are easily available from local

    market. So, there is no difficulty to get raw material. So, there is les

    of transportation. All the materials are available from local market.

    Basis And Presumption

    1. The scheme is based on single shift 300 working days per annul.

    2. For the first 2 years the utilisation capacity will be 65.71% from

    the third year onwards it will run at its full capacity.

    3. Labour wages as per the rate prevailing in the area.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Implementation Schedule

    The Implementation Schedule will be given as below:

    1. Preparation of Project Report Selection of Site

    Registration as S.S.I. unit.

    3 Months

    2. Availability of Finance Selection of Machinery,

    Procurement of Machines.

    3 Months

    3. Erection and Commissioning Trial Run. 1 Months

    4. Recruitment of labours and Commercial



  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Manufacturing Process

    The ingredients normally used are Maida, Sugar, Vanaspati

    or Bakery Fat, Backing powder, Milk powder, Essence and

    Chemicals. The ingredients as per 0formulation except Vanaspati

    bakery fat are dried to desired moisture content before grinding if

    required. They are then weighed, mixed and blended thoroughly.

    The product thus obtained is packed in polythene bags of suitable

    size paper box and then kept in big cartoons for storing and

    transportation. The fat is to be added at the fire of preparation of the

    mixture for baking by the consumer.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Quality Specification: -

    It is a new product and therefore the quality specifications

    about Moisture content and bacteriological count etc. are required

    to be looked into.

    Production Capacity

    No. Item Size Production Utilized

    1. Biscuit Mixture. 100 gm. Packets 3,50,000




    2. Biscuit Mixture. 200 gm. Packets 3,50,000




    The total production capacity at 100% is 3,50,000 packets of

    100 gm & 3,50,000 packets of 200 gm.

    The utilized capacity is about 65.71% so 2,30,000 packets of

    100 gm & 2,30,000 packets of 200 gm.

  • 7/29/2019 Biscuit Mixture project


    Financial Aspect

    (I) Details of Lard & Building

    No. Details Area [sq. Ht] PSM Rate Total Valve

    1. Lard & Building 600 2,000 12,00,000

    (II) Machinery & Equipment

    No. Details No. of