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  • Happy Birthday IdaHappy Birthday Greetings to a very special gal. The mission of this presentation is to bring you my wishes for a very happy birthday and a continuance of its joy through all the year to come.

  • Birthday greetings from St .Lucia to a unique and very special ladyIda Every memory of time spent together is so precious to me. From our first cruise down to Nassau to us wandering around in Europe, sleeping in train stations, rediscovering Venice, or spending quality time in magical Nice, visiting our dear friends the Schneebergers in Germany. I have been very happy and amazed at every step. Thanks for the memories. And 4 whatever its worth you are very special 2 me

  • Day 1 in AmsterdamHere we are in Amsterdam enriching and revitalizing our spirits

  • Zurich The beautiful Ida Miller says hello from Zurich

  • Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful cities on the planet

  • Amsterdamme. There are so many things I truly admire about you as a person, as my best friend and as my wife and partner forever and ever. You don't give up. You are a fighter. You may get down but you are never out. I love that about you.

    There are so many things I truly admired about you as a person, and as my best friend . You don't give up. You are a fighter. You may get down but you are never out. I love that about you.

  • You have a smile that lights up my soul. When I see it, it makes me melt inside. I love that about you.

  • Amsterdam

  • Among friends

    You are the nicest person I've ever met. I bet it comes from Missy.

  • Pigging out in Amsterdam

  • Our first day in Venice

  • Saint lucia

    Ida Miller a touch of class

  • Magical Amsterdam

  • Ida Having a drink de old fashion way

  • Foxy Ida

    You have always supported me. You haven't always agreed with me (thank goodness), but you support me regardless.

  • Ida Miller is like Ge she brings good things to light

  • Zurich

  • 1999 Munich Germay

  • Garmish

  • The winefest

  • Visiting King Ludwig castle

  • Ida and the girls in Amsterdam

  • Adios KitzingenOur final meal in kitzingen prior to departing to the USA via Amsterdam .we departed Kitzingen at 10:45 pm for Amsterdam next morning we will be home bound

  • At home with the Schneebergers

  • Somewhere in Monte Carlo

  • Ida and John

  • A shopping spree in Germany

  • Making new friends in kitzingen is Ida Miller You truly care about others and will take the time to help someone in need. No questions asked. You are my role model. I love that about you.

  • Monaco

    You care a great deal about animals

  • Munich

  • Saint lucia

    http://deresident.tripod.comYou help me grow as a person

  • This my friends is one of the worlds most beautiful cities and one of the most unusual.

  • Mary kitzingen wine princessFirst black wine princess from the Caribbean

  • John Dorman the VIP in Kitzingen sampling the new wine

  • Having some good old fashioned German ice cream in Kitzingen

  • Kitzingen in good company

  • The Pedens in Germany

  • A kiss seen around the world

  • First trip to Paris

  • John Dorman in good company

  • I left my heart in kitzingen

  • Nice

  • Caf Ziet kitzingen

  • Having the time of my life with the Schneebergers

  • Waiting for the ferry

  • John Dorman basking in AmsterdamConsidered my many to be one of the most exotic cities in Europe

  • John Dorman experiencing the culture history and fashion of the France in an indulgent styleIda and I John Dorman firmly believe that a positively unforgettable experience comes from developing a true understanding of a destination hence the reason why we never stop exploring Nice.

  • Wandering in SwitzerlandN

    Immersing me-self in the beauty of Switzerland

  • Love them French nipples

    When in Nice try the onion anchovy and olive tarts known as Pissaladiesres

  • John Dorman wandering in Europe

  • Amsterdam with Bertha and Ida

  • Mr. Wonderful in Amsterdam

  • John in Lucerne

  • Captain Ardle and sis having a girl talk

  • Zurich is a bustling city with lots of attractions

  • Europe with friends and familyHaving my sister on this tour was awesome


    Wandering along the ultrafamous Promenade des Anglais is a must

  • Amsterdam is truly a sight to behold

  • Venice an enchanting city

  • This is Venice

    A meaningful beginning to a memorable European vacation

  • John and Ida in Romantic Lucerne

  • The amicable Ardle in Zurich

  • At the airport in Amsterdam

  • Cannes FestivalWere hoping to rub shoulders with the stars but to no avail

  • Milan Italy

  • Sandals AntiguaWhen I became complacent ,you managed to kept me on the ball and expanding as a person I credit you for that

  • Monte Carlo on bended knees

  • Kitzingen with the Schneebergers

  • Rothernberg Germany

  • Hans is simply the best

  • Munich

  • Angel

  • Bertha pedens