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  • By Kayla Johnson

  • People with blue Interests like job responsibilities and occupations that involve creative, humanistic, thoughtful, and quiet types of activities. Blue Interests include abstracting, theorizing, designing, writing, reflecting, and originating, which often lead to work in editing, teaching, composing, inventing, mediating, clergy, and writing.

  • People with red styles prefer to perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is action-oriented and practical. They prefer to work where things happen quickly and results are seen immediately. People with red styles tend to be straightforward, assertive, logical, personable, authoritative, friendly, direct, and resourceful, and usually thrive in a self-structured, high-pressured, hierarchical, production-oriented, competitive environment. You will want to choose a work environment or career path in which your style is welcomed and produces results.

  • A bachelors degree in education requires 5 years of college. Usually teachers take 24-36 credits in specialization and 18-24 credits in teaching. The fifth year they student teach to gain experience in the classroom. After college they need to receive a license in teaching. To get this license they need a bachelors degree in the subject they plan to teach, passing scores on state examinations and the completion of a teaching internship.

  • Teachers are usually employed in elementary or secondary schools. They work with students who are usually very tired and uninterested in the subject so teachers must think of fun ways to get the students attention. Teachers should be enthusiastic and be able to relate to there students. Teachers must have high expectations for their students and make them feel comfortable and cared for. They also have to be able to work with a variety of different personalities and abilities.

  • The average salary of an elementary teacher is about $40,000 a year. This can vary depending on if you have your masters or bachelors, if you are part of a teachers union and depending what school you work in. Kindergarten teachers can make anywhere from $40,000 in southern states to $70,000 in New York and New Jersey.

  • This career really interests me. I want to be an elementary school teacher because I like working with little kids and Im very good at it. I plan on going to a 5 year college to get my masters degree in education. I know that the salary for an elementary school teacher is higher in New York State but I want to work in Florida. I will really enjoy having the summers off as well as weekends and breaks.I think that I will be good at organizing and planning out lessons. I know that I will really enjoy this career but I am not looking forward to 5 years in college. I think it will be worth it though once I actually have a career that I enjoy.

  • Interior Designers need a bachelors degree in either engineering, design, or art. They must be familiar with federal, state and local design codes. Ex. Capacity and flammability of an area. They also must be federally licensed, by passing an exam given by the National Council of Interior Design. It is helpful to be part of professional organizations to do this they must complete 3 years of graduate work, worked in the field for 2 years and passed the exam.

  • An interior designer works with commercial, residential and industrial space. They work closely with architects to figure out measurements. They also work closely with the client so that they can suit there wants and needs. Along with having knowledge with color, fabric, and furniture they also must know about electrical capacity, safety and construction.

  • A starting salary of an interior designer usually ranges from $22,000-$40,000 a year. After they have a few year experience in the career salary is can be as much as $51,000-$100,000 a year. People who hire an interior designer are usually the wealthy. Depending on how wealthy a person is and how much work they want down determines an interior designers salary.

  • The career of an interior designer interests me because I think it would be really interesting to design rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. I think it would be especially rewarding when you complete a project and your customer loves your work. The pay is extremely well once you have worked for about 5 years. Unfortunately Im not sure if I would be that good at it though because I am not very creative or artistic. It also seems like it can be very stressful working with close deadlines and under so much pressure.

  • There is no formal education necessary for this career. Although if you plan to specialize in specific subjects such as scientific or industrial a college degree in recommended in that field. Photographers should know about shadow, line, form, color and light. To gain experience beginners are advised to take an internship with a professional photographer.

  • The goal of a photographer is to add a mood or feeling to photos they take of people, places, objects and events. A photographer is artistic as well as technical. Photographers can work for newspapers, magazines, studios, weddings and much more. A forensic photographer would work at a crime scene while an industrial photographer would work in a factory. Photographing machines and tools.

  • The average salary of a photographer is about $25,000 a year. Salary depends on what type of photographer you are and where you are employed. A newspaper or magazine photographer can earn about $32,000 a year. A fashion photographer can earn up to $50,000 or more a year depending how popular the company they work for is.

  • Photographer sounds like an extremely fun and exciting job. I think I would like this job because I love to take pictures and I think that I really have an eye for shadow and line.Unfortunately photography is a very competitive field and the average photographer does not make very much if they even get a job at all. If I was any type of photographer I would want to be a fashion photographer. The fashion world seems really interesting. They also make the most out of all types of photographers.