Birds of Prey Wind Over Wings Virtual Field Trip Meet some of the special...

download Birds of Prey Wind Over Wings Virtual Field Trip Meet some of the special “Education Staffâ€‌ and find out why they now live Wind Over Wings

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Transcript of Birds of Prey Wind Over Wings Virtual Field Trip Meet some of the special...

  • Birds of PreyWind Over Wings Virtual Field TripMeet some of the special Education Staff and find out why they now live Wind Over Wings.

  • River - Bald EagleRiver had fractured ribs, left femur, and had a large wound on her right leg. She is named River because she spent her life on and was rescued by, the Connecticut River.River is vocal, interactive, and humorous.A joy!

  • Skywalker - Golden EagleSky came from Nebraska.Sky was shot and lost his right wing.Sky took 2.5 years to trust people after his injuries.Sky is inquisitive, calm, patient, and forgiving.

  • Chrysos - Golden EagleChrysos means gold in Greek.Chrysos came from Salt Lake City.Chrysos was hit by a car, she healed fully and is now unable to fly.Chrysos is a survivor.

  • Isis - Peregrine FalconIsis was found in a park in Hartford, CT.Isis was hit by a car and her bones did not heal well.Isis is curious and interested.She is also very intelligent and loves to eat.

  • Sedgwick - American KestrelSedgwick was rescued young from Oakdale.Sedgwick foot was stuck between 2 boards as a youngster and his life was saved, but he lost his foot.He is a survivor.

  • Solitaire Red Shouldered HawkSolitaire was transferred from Glastonbury Audubon Center.Solitaire has partial vision, seeing only from the upper part of her left eye.Solitaire has taught her roommate with limited vision how to eat.

  • Glory - Red-Tailed HawkGlory may have been hit by a car, suffering a stroke. Due to this head trauma her vision and feet have been affected.Glory learns quickly and loves to eat.

  • Queen Solomon Great Horned OwlSolli fell from her nest as a baby and unfortunately was not put back in her nest. She was kept by people, imprinting, so she is no longer able to survive in the wild independently.Solli has served as a surrogate mother for many Great Horned Owls.She is a wonderful part of the education program.

  • Bentley - Great Grey OwlBentley came from a foundation in Canada.He was shot. Bentley has no hearing or eyesight on his right side.Bentley is a true survivor, and is an inspiration. He is now in his early 30s so he is retired from educational programs.

  • Sassafras Eastern Screech-OwlSassafras made her home in a chimney. She suffered smoke inhalation and burned feathers. She also suffered head trauma and optic nerve damage, causing vision and hearing impairment.She has adjusted well to her new life in education.

  • Micah Barred OwlMicah is unable to fly because of an impact injury. He may have been hit by a car.Micah is known to pluck his flight feathers when he isnt taking care of orphaned baby owls.We are hoping his new environment will keep him busy, so he wont pluck his feathers.Audience love his eyes.

  • Cinnamon Northern Saw-Whet OwlCinnamon suffered an eye injury, possibly from a collision.She has adjusted well to her life as an educator.Cinnamon is attentive, watchful, and mighty in spirit.

  • Teddy Northern Saw-Whet OwlTeddy was hurt when he flew into a window. He is only able to fly a little.Teddy is so calm during education programs he often falls asleep.

  • Virtual Field Trip - Wind Over WingsEducational Birds of PreyName and identify the Birds of Prey that live at Wind Over Wings and participate in the educational programs.Review the journaling worksheet either individually or in teams.Watch the virtual field trip and complete the Journaling Worksheet. Create a list of questions for Wind Over Wings staff. Email questions to Wind Over Wingsor bring questions to an educational event.

  • Resources/CreditsSpecial Thanks to Wind Over Wings for allowing us to use their website for information for this Virtual Field Trip. Journaling Worksheet Journaling Worksheet Answer Sheet

    Designer - Leslie Dauer ldauer@childhome.orgSpecial Ed Teacher Erika Johnson