Biometeorology Asthma Stu April2011

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An introduction to Biometeorology and its application in regards to asthma. It includes also, future ideas to be implemented along this line. Three consecutive years of asthma information and weather information are correlated together in order to find possible indicators to define an asthma index.

Transcript of Biometeorology Asthma Stu April2011

  • 1. Bio-meteorology of Asthma
    David Quesada
    School of Science, Technology and Engineering Management,
    St. Thomas University, Miami Gardens FL 33054

2. How far weather variability influences seasonal asthma episodes?
Climatic and environmental changes occurring since the middle of the Twentieth Century as well as the aggravating pollution levels in megacities are exacerbating asthma episodes and the number of hospitalizations due to this disease. Since 1999, in Miami Dade County the hospitalization rates were doubling the Healthy People 2010 objectives in every age group. A comprehensive weather database including outdoor temperature (T), humidity (H), barometric pressure (P), wind direction (w) and speed (vw) as well as the values of maximum and minimum and the range of all these variables has been created. As a result, a seasonal pattern emerged, with a maximum appearing around the middle of December and a minimum around the middle of March every year for the three years of analysis.
Tentative Outlook

  • What Biometeorology is? Weather & Climate.

3. Why Asthma? Motivation of the study. 4. Previous results within continental USA and Miami Dade. 5. WeatherBugMesonet and Asthma Weather connection. 6. Statistical Processing 7. Minimal Bio-Physical model: Thermoregulation & Immunology 8. Future of the project: Computational Fluid Dynamics & Immunology, urban weather forecast model of asthma, atmospheric chemistry modeling, modeling asthma Students are invited to participate !!!