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  • 1. BIOMES Chapter 21Page 728

2. Biomes of the Earth 3. ForestsThere are three types of forests1.) Temperate Deciduous Forests2.) Tropical Rain Forests3.) Taiga (Coniferous Forests/Boreal Forests) 4. TemperateDeciduous Forest 5. Temperate Deciduous Forest Deciduous means to fall off the trees inthis region have leaves that fall off. We live in a temperate forest! Rainfall 75 125cm Temp.- Summer 28C, 82FWinter 6C, 43F 6. Temperate Deciduous Forests are typically found in the northern hemisphere.Click to the next slide to see plants andanimals commonly found in this biome 7. Tropical Rain Forest 8. Tropical Rain Forest More species live here than any other biome Canopy treetops in the rainforest. Mostanimals live there Very little light reaches the ground b/c of thecanopy This is the wettest and warmest biome Rainfall up to 400cm Temp.- Daytime 34C, 93FNighttime 20C, 68F 9. The worlds rainforests arefound in tropical locations nearthe equator.Click to the next slide to see plants andanimals commonly found in this biome 10. Taiga 11. Taiga This biome has long cold winters Have evergreen trees trees that stay greenall year long. Conifers are trees that produce seeds in conesand have needle-like leaves (pine trees) Animals in this biome often hibernate ormigrate This is the largest biome AKA: coniferous forest and boreal forest 12. TaigaRainfall 35 - 75cmTemp.- Summer 14C, 57F - Winter -10C, 14F 13. The taiga is only found in the northernhemisphere and its the largest biome Click to the next slide to see plants and animals commonly found in this biome 14. Grasslands-Grasses are the main vegetation.-There biomes are typically found between forests anddeserts.-These biomes exist on every continent.-They are also known as plains, prairies, savannas, andsteppes. 15. Temperate Grassland 16. Temperate GrasslandsThis biome has mixed grasses withvarious plants and a few treesRainfall 25-75cmTemp.- Summer 30C, 86F Winter 0C, 32F 17. Savanna 18. Savanna Tropical grassland with scattered clumps of trees. It has a rainy season and a dry season. The majority of the worlds savannas are inAfrica. Rainfall 150cm Temp.- Rainy Season 16C, 61F Dry Season 34C, 93F 19. The Earths GrasslandsClick to the next slide to see plants and animalscommonly found in this biome 20. Desert 21. Desert Hot and dry with a variety of plants and animals. Animals are most active at night (nocturnal) This is the biome with the least rainfall Rainfall less than 25cm Temp.- Summer 38C, 100F Winter 7C, 45F 22. The Earths DesertsClick to the next slide to see plants and animals commonlyfound in this biome 23. Tundra 24. Found in the far north and on the tops ofmountains.No trees are found in the tundra.It is the coldest biomeThere are two types of tundra: artic andalpineTundra 25. Arctic Tundra Has permafrost which stays frozen year round Water is available and the surface is wet andsoggy Lakes and ponds are plentiful 26. Alpine Tundra Lots of sunshine and precipitation in the formof snow Located above the tree line of tall mountains 27. The tundra is located above thetaiga in the northern hemisphereClick to the next slide to see plants andanimals commonly found in this biome