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    Personal details

    Name : Dr. A. Vasudeva Adhikari

    Office address : Professor of Chemistry, Department of ChemistryNational Institute of Technology Karnataka (MHRD)(Deemed University, MHRD, Government of India)Surathkal, Srinivasnagar, Mangalore, PIN 575 025 DKPh: (0824) 2474000 Extn.: 3203, Mo: +91 9448627138FAX: 0824-2474033, 0824-2474039E-mail:,, Page:

    Residence address : Shivaranjini Main Road (NH-66), Mukka, DKPIN 574 146. Ph: (0824) 2474203

    Fathers name : Late. A. Shivananda Adhikari, Mothers name: Late. A. Rajamma.

    Date of birth, and age : 9th October 1954, 60 years

    Place of birth : Airody village, Udupi Taluk and District.

    Sex : Male

    Marital Status : Married, two sons; first, MBBS; second, B.E. (E & C).

    Spouse : Mrs. Shakunthala V. Adhikari, Housewife.

    Nationality : Indian.

    Languages known : English, Kannada (mother tongue), Hindi and Tulu (local language)

    Hobbies : Classical music, Thabla (instrumental), Photography, Gardening.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Education and Training

    Ph.D. in (Synthetic) Organic Chemistry, from Karnatak University, Dharwad-4, India;Title of thesis: Studies in Antibacterials, (Synthesis and antimicrobial studies newIsoxazolo[5,4-d]pyrimidines) under the guidance of Prof. V. V. Badiger, Registrar ofKUD, Chemistry Department. Awarded in the year 1987 (Duration: 1982-87).

    M.Sc. (General Chemistry in I year and Organic Chemistry in II year, two year program),from Manasa Gangorty, Mysore University, Mysore-4, India. Awarded in the year 1976,(1974-76)

  • B.Sc. (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics as special subjects, English, Kannada andSocial Science, 3 year program), from M.G.M. College, Udupi-2, (under MysoreUniversity). Awarded in the year 1974, (1971-1974)

    Undergone one moth training in Teaching Methodology and Evaluation in B.Ed.College, Udupi-2, during June 1975

    Participated in 16 summer / winter schools of total duration 7 months, conducted duringvacation period in various Institutes like IITs, NITs during the service period.

    Professional Experience (38 years)

    At present, working as Professor, in Department of Chemistry, National Institute ofTechnology Karnataka, Surathkal, Srinivasnagar, with effect from 30-10-2006 (8 yrs)and teaching Organic Chemistry (theory and Lab.), Polymer Chemistry, Spectroscopyfor I-IV semesters of M.Sc. program, Chemistry (theory and lab.) for B.Tech. program,Synthesis of nanomaterials and Advanced characterization techniques for I and II sem.M.Tech. (Nano Tech.), Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis Lab. for B.Tech.(Met. Engg/Chem. Engg.) program. Guiding M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in theDepartment.

    Worked as Assistant Professor (Associate) in Department of Chemistry, NITK,Surathkal, from 13-01-1998 to 29-10-2006 (8 yrs) and taught Chemistry (theory andlab.), Technical Chemistry I, Tech. Chemistry Lab., Polymer Chemistry (theory and lab.)for B.Tech. (Chem/Met. Engg.) program. Environmental Engg. For M.Tech.(CivilEngg.). Guided B.Tech. and M.Tech. project students of Engg. stream. Supervised Ph.D.students.

    Served as Senior Lecturer, in Department of Chemistry, NITK, Surathkal, from 13-01-1994 to 12-01-1998 (4 yrs) and taught Engg. Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, TechnicalChemistry (theory and lab.) for B.Tech programs of various branches. Guided bothB.Tech. and M.Tech. project students of B.Tech (Chem./Met.Engg.) programs.

    Worked as Lecturer in Chemistry Department, NITK, Surathakal, from 13-01-1989 to12-01-1994 (5 yrs) and taught Engg. Chemistry, Tech. Chemistry for B.Tech. programsof various branches including Chemical and Met. Engg.

    Worked as Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, S.D.M. College of Engg. and Tech.,Dharwad, from 05-06-1980 to 12-01-1989 (8 yrs) and taught Chemistry (theory andlab. courses), Material Science, Environ. Engg. for B.E.(Civil) programs.

    Served as Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, R.V. College of Engineering,Bangalore, from 01-03-1980 to 04-06-1980 (one sem.) and taught Engg. Chemistry(theory and lab. courses) for B.E. program.

  • Worked as Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, Poornaprajna College, Udupi, from 01-09-1976 to 31-08-1979 (3 yrs) and taught Chemistry (theory and lab. courses) for I, IIPUC and I, II and III B.Sc. programs.

    Research Activities

    Developed Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory augmented the facilities with vitalrequirements for smooth synthesis, isolation and purification of organic compounds.

    Successfully supervised fourteen research students (thirteen sole and one shared) leadingto their Ph.D., sixteen M.Sc. students for their project work, two students for theirM.Tech. project and sixteen students for their B.Tech. (Chemical and MetallurgicalEngg.) project work since the date of joining the Institute. (List containing the detailsenclosed). Guided three students under Students Internship Program (during vacation).

    Credit of more than 90 publications in peer reviewed national/international journals withaverage impact factor more than 1.50 and more than 50 research paper presentations innational/international conferences.

    Completed several research projects funded by external sources as principal investigatorand co-investigator in the Department.

    Reviewing the research papers of reputed Journals and reporting the comments to theeditor.

    Assisted many investigators giving them valuable technical advises for their researchprojects.

    Conducting the conferences, acting as sessional chairman, organizing committeemembers, judges for selection of papers for award and presenting the research papers invarious national/international level conferences.

    Attending the international conferences to interact with top level scientists/researchers.

    Joint research program with Dr. James Stables, NIH, USA [National Institute ofNeurological Disorders and Strokes, NIH, USA under ASP]

    Joint research activities with Dr. Ramakrishna Shabaraya, Principal, Srinivasa PharmacyCollege, Volachil, Mangalore, on biological screening of newly designed molecules.

    Collaborative research activities with Dr. Yiying Wu, Department of Chemistry andBiochemistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, 43210, USA, on DSSCs based onp-type sensitizers.

    Teaching activities

  • Taught, developed and coordinated courses for UG (B.Tech.) and M.Sc. programs aswell as M.Tech. in Nanotechnology.

    Modernized laboratories, introduced computers, designed new experiments and authoredlaboratory manuals for labs. Developed course work and experiments for new UG andPG laboratories.

    Preparation of ppts and teaching aids/models, conducting tutorials, seminars, educationtrips, sharing knowledge and experience with students are the major activities.

    Professional memberships

    Life Member, ISTE, New Delhi; Life Member, Indian Council of Chemists, Agra;Member, Indian Chemical Society, Calcutta; Member, Asian Journal Chemistry,Ghaziabad; SPIE-International Society for Optical Engineering, Washington;International Conference Physical Science and Technology (ICPST), Dubai; LifeMember, Asian Polymer Association, IIT, Delhi. Advisor, Indian Association forHydrogen Energy & Advanced Materials (IAHEAT), University of Kerala.

    Research Projects Undertaken

    Ongoing project, 2010 - 2014 (Five years): Augmentation of Research Facilities, i.e.Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer, funded by DST under FIST program, with projectgrant of Rs. 128 lakhs, along with matching grant of Rs. 25 lakhs from NITK, workingas Coordinator and also as coordinator for Project Implementation Group for thesame.

    Completed a three year project (2009 - 2012): Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubesand its applications as hydrogen storage materials, funded by DRDO, with project grantof Rs. 21 lakhs, worked as Co-investigator with Dr. B. R. Bhat, Principal Investigator.

    Completed a three year project (2007 - 2010): Molecular Interaction in Dipeptide Metal salt Solution Systems, funded by DRDO, with project grant of Rs. 14.12 lakhs,worked as Co-investigator with Dr. D. K. Bhat, Principal Investigator.

    Completed a two year project (2007-2009): Preparation and characterization of dopedpolymers for optical limiters, funded by DEIT, with project grant of Rs. 14.29 lakhs,worked as Co-investigator with Dr. G. Umesh, Physics Department, PrincipalInvestigator.

    Completed a three year project (2003-2007): Synthesis and evaluation of electrical,electronic and optoelectronic properties of new polyheteroaromatics (Conducting

  • Polymers), funded by DRDo, with project grant of Rs. 15.21 lakhs, worked as PrincipalInvestigator.

    Completed a two-year joint project (2007-2009): Development of new Chitosan basedbiodegradable polymers using Microwave irradiations, funded by TEQIP-I, NITT, witha project grant of Rs. 5.00 lakhs, worked as Investigator from NITK with Dr. Velamathiof NIT-Thirchi. This is an inter-institute joint project.

    Completed a two-year project (1994-1996): Development of bright zinc plating usingnon-cyanide bath on carbon steels, funded by Staff Research Project (SRP), NITK, witha project grant of Rs. 19,000/- worked as Co-investigator with Dr. T. V. Venkatesh,Principal Investigator.

    Honors, awards and achievements

    Executive committee member of Asian Polymer Association, IIT, Delhi. Member ofvarious committees at Institute level. Participated in SPIE conference held in USA andIUPAC conference held in Japan. Invitation for delivering guest lectures. Guided 14Ph.Ds. and 90 Publications si