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✓Easy to use


✓Cost Effective

What is BigML?

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Business Imperative

• Every business needs predictive insight into its data:• Which customers are likely to churn?

• Which transactions are likely to be fraud?

• Which employees will become more productive?

• Which marketing campaigns will be more effective?

• Good news! Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

can answer these critical questions.

• But applying Machine Learning has been needlessly

difficult• The esoteric domain of hard-to-find “data scientists”

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Historical ML Approaches• Purchase advanced statistical software for your data science

team which is powerful but comes with..:• 6-7 figure $ license + months to install

• On-premise only, difficult to scale, and tends to require full-stack


• A team of consultants ready & waiting to “help”

• Usable by a small segment of the company, but overkill for most

departments’ data analysis requirements


• Use open source tools & packages (R, Mahout, WEKA) which

are inexpensive but..:• Designed by data scientists for data scientists

• Limited by desktop processing power

• Usable by an even smaller segment of your company

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New Paradigm:• A software engineering approach to machine learning


• Empowers an entire organization to make data-driven decisions

• Employs a supervised learning workflow with algorithms that address the vast majority of machine learning use cases

• Leverages the cloud for instant access and instant scale

• Has compelling visualizations that can be interpreted by data geeks and marketing pros alike

• Has zero financial barrier to get started

• Enables and encourages collaboration

• Is underpinned by a REST API so developers can add predictive logic to their apps and services..


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Traditional Tools

Weeks, months, or even years Minutes or even seconds

From a few thousand dollars to

hundreds of thousands or even


Subscription plans starting at

$30 per month

Hardware, installations,

configurations, maintenance,

development hours

A modern web browser

Heavyweight, hard to use, local

access, hard to scale, close, slow

innovation cycles

Lightweight, usable, access from

everywhere, immediately scalable,

REST API, open, constant innovation

Expensive, and extremely hard

to use (e.g., SAS) or Free, and

very hard to use (e.g., R)

Very affordable and

Very easy to use

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Product / DemoSimplest, Easiest-to-Use, and most Seamless-to-Integrate Machine Learning Backend to make

Data-Driven Decisions, develop Smart Apps, and build Predictive Analytics

Use Cases / Applications:

• Predictive marketing / advertising

• Intrusion detection

• Fraud detection

• Systems fault prediction

• Recommendation systems

• Customer segmentation

• Diagnostics

• Image Analysis

• Gesture / Activity Recognition

• Risk assessment

• Outlier detection

• Pricing optimization

• Etc..

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Core AlgorithmsBigML provides users with algorithms that address the vast majority of machine learning

use cases, including:

Decision Trees

• For Categorical & Regression analyses

• Easy for business and technical users to

interpret via interactive visualizations

• Also can be viewed through BigML’s ‘Sunburst’



• Compounds of trees (also known as “Random

Decision Forest) – the most powerful predictive

methodology available

• Can build ensembles with 1-1000 models in a

single click – and more in the API


• Unsupervised learning approach inspired by k-

means to show most similar instances in data

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Predictions..All models, ensembles and clusters created with BigML are fully actionable, and can be

used to generate predictions in a variety of ways:

Prediction/Centroid Form in Interface

• Easy field and values selection

• Sliders adjust output in realtime (for single

model predictions)

• Ensemble predictions can be weighted by

plurality, confidence, probability or class k


• Centroid predictions show distance from

closest cluster

BigML PredictServer

• Machine Image on AWS for real-time or very

large batch predictions

Batch Predictions in Interface

• Quickly upload and predict an unscored

dataset against a trained model – output is

available as .csv download

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Programmatic Machine Learning• BigML is developed outwards from the API –

meaning that there’s even more functionality

in the backend than in the interface

• As BigML’s outputs are all actionable,

developers can script solutions that tie

predictive outputs into related systems and


• BigML provides bindings in several languages,

including Python, Java, Ruby, R, node.js and


• Check out developer support and information


from bigml.api import BigML

api = BigML()

source = api.create_source("s3://bigml-public/csv/sales.csv")

dataset = api.create_dataset(source)

model = api.create_model(dataset)

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10,000+ users spanning industries and borders who

have created over 3.5M predictive models, including:

• Startups & ISVs - Disrupting existing business

• Small/Mid size companies - Can not invest in ML process

• Enterprise – Augmenting or replacing internal ML processes

Who uses BigML?

• Marketing: lead scoring, churn analysis, engagement & LTV

• Healthcare/Life Sciences: Patient diagnoses, Hospital administration,

Pharma R&D

• HR: targeted recruitment, job candidate ranking, employee churn

• Ad tech: programmatic content/ad serving, campaign analysis

• Operations: Fraud analysis, license renewals


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BigML in Action: Lead Generation

• An online insurance broker uses BigML to score and

prioritize high-value leads for call center follow-up /


• Global consultancy uses BigML to augment their web

analytics to predict best leads from site visitors

• Daily Deals provider used BigML to predict user

engagement for mobile application

• Outsourced IT helpdesk uses BigML to optimize email

communications and pricing with its customers

• HR consultancy sorts through online applications to give

clients resumes with best profiles for job retention


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BigML in Action: Business Analysts

• A consumer intelligence company uses BigML to predict box office results for their clients (movie theaters and studios).

• An online ticket agency uses BigML extensively to predict optimal pricing for aftermarket event tickets.

• A consultant uses BigML in his daily work as ‘monitoring and evaluation consultant’ in the area of development aid. He evaluates the effect of development aid and other international programs.

• Fund manager uses BigML to perform analyses to determine smarter investment portfolio


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BigML in Action: Developers / ISVs

• Alternative energy marketing services provider has

built its predictive engine on BigML – enabling

energy providers to run smarter customer

acquisition campaigns

• Dating site uses BigML to make better matches

between customers based on customer data as

well as information from public domains

• Ad technology provider is building a predictive

ad/content serving engine, based on BigML

• Healthcare analytics ISV uses BigML to provide

better predictions on patient care best practices


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