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Finding value in Big Data. What are the data governance implications? Visit

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  • 1. BIG DATA, BIG REVENUEWhy big data should be changing theway we marketEnabling the Data & Information Culture

2. Improvecustomerretention! 3. Half the money Ispend on advertisingis wasted; the troubleis I dont know whichhalf.John Wanamaker 4. Buying Influences are Different 5. when it comes to purchasing decisions,the most influential recommendationscome from people we actually knowJosh Cantone, Who are the real online influencers?ReachResonanceRelevance 6. 7. How social intelligence can guide decisions;McKinsey Nov 2012 8. AvisLifetime value = current + potential valueDevelopRetain360 viewMaintain NurtureCurrent ValuePotential Value 9. (million)Supply Chain InventoryManagementCooling61005010060402020800TescoDemandManagementAnnual Savings 10. Tescos Data Journey 11. Well be sending you coupons forthings you want before you evenknow you want them.Andrew Pole, Target 12. Target 13. OfficeMax 14. Big data = lots of small data 15. Exponentially larger VOLUME 16. Exponentially larger VELOCITY 17. Exponentially larger VARIETY 18. Building out BigData capabilitiestoo often becomesthe end goal itself.What you need to make Big Data work: The pencil: MattAriker, Forbes CMO Network Article 19. most significant obstacle to big data effortsis the gap between the need and the ability toarticulate measurable business valueAnalytics: The real-world use of big data in financial services 20. Finding the value 21. the key is to focus on the big decisions forwhich if you had better data, youd makemore money.David Court, McKinsey, 2013 22. Focus on objectives,not tools 23. Who cando what?When?Where?How? 24. Make it manageable 25. 11 485