Bible Prophecy 101 Week 5 An Introductory Bible Information Seminar

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Transcript of Bible Prophecy 101 Week 5 An Introductory Bible Information Seminar

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  • Bible Prophecy 101 Week 5 An Introductory Bible Information Seminar
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  • Topic Outline Recap Week4 Key Messages (Hope of Israel) Framework (Patterns) Old Testament Prophecy (Daniel, Zechariah, Malachi) Linkage to Other Scripture Application & Lessons for Us Question / Answer Session
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  • Recap Week 4 Isaiah 52-53 is a messianic prophecy a) The subject is about a suffering servant of God. b) This prophecy is cited in many New Testament passages in reference to the arrest, trial, beatings, killing and burial of Jesus. Jeremiah 30-31 discusses the destiny of the people of Judah. a) First there was going to be a terrible time of trouble (distress). b) However, afterwards, for those who survived and turned back to God, there would be restoration and a new covenant. Ezekiel was commissioned to speak to the exiles in Babylon. a) Ezekiel was a "man of sign", that is, he did and said unusual things so when asked to explain, he would give them God's message. b) Ezekiel initially was reluctant to prophesy on behalf of God, so God made Ezekiel unable to speak, unless it was a word of prophecy; this was both a proof to the people, and a lesson for Ezekiel.
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  • Key Point Brought Forward The messages of the 'Major Prophets' align with and build on the earlier Bible prophecies and continue to use the nation of Israel and the Messiah as their focus.
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  • Last week Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Prophetic Framework - Timeline Genesis Exodus -Judges Samuel- -Malachi NTNT Abraham 2000 BC Noah Moses 1000 BC David 0 Jesus 4000 BC Adam 2000 AD Ourselves Psalms Leviticus Deuteron. This week Daniel Zechariah
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  • Framework - Key Events / People Samuel to Malachi Samuel the prophet anointed and mentored first two kings David was a man after Gods own heart, and wrote prophetic psalms Davids zeal and faithfulness brings Seed promise #3 Elijah the prophet confronted king Ahab over worship of false gods Micaiah the prophet predicted the certain death of Ahab in battle Isaiah the prophet confronted king Ahaz, encouraged king Hezekiah Jeremiah the prophet confronted king Zedekiah and his false prophets Daniel the prophet confronted Babylonian kings and wrong decrees Amos the prophet predicted a time when the prophetic message dries up Zechariah the prophet described the time of the end captivity of Jerusalem, quickly followed by its deliverance by the LORD Daniel saw long term visions regarding the people of Israel This Week Malachi the prophet foretold a messenger who would prepare the hearts of the people for the day of Messiah's coming Last Week Isaiah foretold the Kingdom age and the suffering Messiah Jeremiah predicted doom/exile for Jerusalem/Judah, and a new covenant Ezekiel the prophet (in exile) confronted his listeners, was a man of sign Ezekiel confirmed Jeremiahs message, and predicted restoration
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  • Key Messages (Hope Of Israel) "For this reason therefore I have asked to see you and speak with you, since it is because of the hope of Israel that I am bound with this chain" (Acts 28:20) What did Paul mean by that phrase? Here's how he explained it: "When they had appointed a day for him, they came to him at his lodging in great numbers. And he expounded the matter to them from morning to evening, testifying to the kingdom of God and trying to convince them about Jesus both from the law of Moses and from the prophets" (Acts 28:23) = Exposition from Scripture (Moses + prophets), with focus on two things: "preaching the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 28:31) = this is the basic gospel message (cf. Acts 8:12)
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  • Key Messages (Hope Of Israel) ....Of ... Natural Israel Spiritual (born) (reborn) come to share the faith of Abraham All who put their trust in God, by faith in Jesus Christ: Natural Gentiles (born) (Matt. 25:34) Inherit KingdomResurrection Hope Eternal Life (John 5:29)(Matt. 25:46) Christian
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  • Terminology & Definitions Vision a visual or graphical means used by God to help the prophet "see" and therefore better understand and communicate the prophetic message; e.g., Daniel has the vision of 4 beasts, and then writes down what he saw (Daniel 7); Peter sees the vision of a sheet filled with unclean animals, to teach him that it is acceptable to fellowship with Gentiles (Acts 10) sometimes the prophet will be involved in the vision itself; e.g., both Ezekiel (to see evil and the wrath of God in Jerusalem) and John (to see the temple throne and thousands of angels) get "caught away by the Spirit", and then write down what they experienced Visions really happen; they are not imaginary (Matt 17:1-9)
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  • The Islamic World, with Israel at the center Territories & Relationships Israel is the crossroads (at the confluence) of 3 continents
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  • The immediately surrounding nations (inner circle) e.g., the 10 nations in Psalm 83 + identified elsewhere {Obadiah, Joel 3} The outer circle of nations, e.g., those listed in Jeremiah 25 & Ezekiel 38 = in the "last days", there will be distinct battles with separate groups Territories & Relationships
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  • Kingdom expands to fill the earth The core of the Kingdom is the promised land; then the surrounding nations are subdued and absorbed When the outer circle of nations are defeated, they are also folded in. Eventually, the peace & increase of God's Kingdom will fill the earth (Is 9:7)
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  • Prophetic Pattern (God's cup of wrath must be drunk by all the nations) Judah's 70 years captivity in Babylon - 580 BC (Jeremiah 25:1-31) Babylon 3 Jerusalem 1 Start at Jerusalem, 2a2a All surrounding countries + Arabia Elam & Media 2b2b expand to enemies, Remnant Returns restoration & judgment
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