Beyond Gamification: Lessons from Game Design for Engaging Users

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See the video here: When UX designers think of techniques that have been borrowed from game design, gamification is often the first approach that comes to mind. However, the oversaturation of gamification in products we use every day can cause fatigue. Not every product needs a system of achievements. UX practitioners can learn so much more from game design. In this talk, I explored other ways to engage users in products via game design concepts without coming off as gimmicky.

Transcript of Beyond Gamification: Lessons from Game Design for Engaging Users

  • 1.Beyond Gamification Lessons from Game Design for Engaging Users Catt Small @cattsmall

2. Im Catt Small 3. Im a gamer 4. Im a UX designer & developerBedrocket Media Ventures 5. Im an event coordinator 6. Im a teacherThe Code Liberation Foundation 7. Im a game makerQuantum Box 8. UX is a hybrid 9. The field is constantlyEVOLVING Jurassic Park 10. UXGame 11. ACHIEVEMENTS LEVELING UP 12. STRATEGY MOOD EMOTIONS 13. What UX can learn from games 14. Complexity vs. Value 15. Very confusing Not enough meaning, too much complexity 16. Very interesting More usefulness/meaning than complexity 17. At least a 1:1 ratioUsefulnessComplexity 18. Five Stages, Asia Hoe, Catt Small & Chris Algoo 19. Five Stages, Asia Hoe, Catt Small, & Chris Algoo 20. BREAK DOWN complex features 21. Prioritize features Part 1Complex featurePart 2Part 3 22. Allow users to sign in w/o FacebookLet users contribute contentContent screening processFront-end user CMS 23. Be consistent across platforms 24. Sonic 2, Game GearSonic 2, Genesis/Mega DriveBoth games SEGA 25. Spelunky, Mossmouth, LLC 26. Prism Shell, Brooklyn Gamery 27. Since 2011,MORE SMARTPHONES have sold than computers 28. Dont assume anything About how people use your services 29. Playtest production-ready code 30. Test more than justPROTOTYPES 31. FEEL 32. Your product should feelRESPONSIVE 33. Add Easter 34. Easter eggs areRELATABLE 35. Game PlayersGame Makers 36. Sonic Generations, SEGA 37. Sonic Generations, SEGA 38. Your product hasPERSONALITY 39. BOND 40. Capitalize on emotions 41. FUN 42. MEMORABLE 43. Dys4ia, Anna Anthropy 44. Contrast, Compulsion Games 45. Prism Shell, Brooklyn Gamery 46. To review: Balance complexity with valueCreate a cohesive cross-platform systemPlaytest production-ready buildsAdd Easter eggsCapitalize on emotions 47. Thank you! Questions? Tweet me @cattsmall.