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Naomi Watts on playing the People's Princess Your Horoscopes Hypnosis Reader Profiles Cherubium Angels Autumn Equinox

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  • Autumn 2012

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    Naomi Watts On playing the Peoples Princess

    Your Horoscopes No pain no gain, as the saying goes!

    PLUS: HypnosisReader Profiles Cherubim Angels Autumn Equinox


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    With extensive and ongoing involvement in working as a platform medium in Spiritualist Churches, his experience has allowed him to bring his talent to telephone readings. He has a great following and indeed has a beautiful and rare gift.

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    5. Reader Profile Helen progresses forward blessed with the knowledge that there is much more to be learned and many more aspects of her work to be revealed in the future.

    6. Naomi Watts We see whats Watt and whos playing whom in her latest movie role coming to the big screen in 2013.

    8. Reader Profile Penny said to God 20 years ago Put me where you want me to be so that I can be of service to mankind, and here I am.

    9. Autumn Equinox Ring September 22nd on the calendar for the biannual symmetry equinox day. We look at the history of this event.

    10. Cherubim Angels Cherubims are claimed to have four faces, four wings and feet similar to that of a calf.

    13. Horoscopes What seems like a pain or problem around the 3rd could be signalling a way to make things better.

    (LW ContentsWell, I cant quite believe September is already here alreadyBut it is a great time for renewal. On page 9 you can read all about The Autumn Equinox, I like thinking about it as a housekeeping time, forgetting past mistakes, reviewing goals, check out your health, your relationships and review your finances etc. Dont wait for New Year to do resolutions, start NOW!

    On the note of renewals, we are launching a new service. You can now Pre-Pay for psychic & medium readings. You can read all about the new service on page 4, but Ill tell you the highlights here set up an account online, and then top up from thereafter by phone. No need to talk to our Receptionists just pre-pay and then ring. You are in control of what reader you speak to and how long you talk for, but the best bit is you get 10% FREE bonus minutes when you credit your account with 40 minutes or more!

    In this issue we are profiling reader Helen (page 5) and also Penny on (page 8), but we have also mentioned readers who work with Angels in our article all about Cheribums on pages 10 & 11.

    As always we have our celebrity article this month all about the new film Diana due out in 2013, Horoscopes and Hypnotherapy.

    Happy reading, see you in December... | 3



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    I come from a small family of four and was brought up in Suffolk which is a lovely part of the country where I have lived all my life. Since the age of around 10 years old I have been aware of my ability to see, sense and feel the contact from loved ones in Spirit World. Gradually as I entered my late teenage years my awareness of the gift to tune in to higher energies started to become much more apparent and it was with the loss of someone quite suddenly who was very dear to my heart that I came to the realisation that I would have a lot of work to do in the service of Spirit in later years to come.

    I started working professionally in 1992; I began my career with private one-to-one clients, working from my home which I thoroughly enjoyed and was to continue with over a period of five years. Due to personal recommendations things started to progress and I began home visits and group workshops concentrating on development skills.

    Moving forward my role became public and I began working in various locations across the country with two or three others; I also continued with private readings and entered into demonstration which was to keep me busy for around seven years. Working at this level was a lovely experience and both exciting and rewarding, this was a valuable period in my career and one in which I grew and developed my own skills at a much deeper level. Following this I continued working from home and began readings for clients via the telephone through my own sources and from this I have connected and read for people all over the world experiencing some wonderful readings.

    I have had the pleasure of recently looking into our family tree where I have discovered on my fathers side various links in history which trace all the way back to North America. Which makes a lot of sense to me as my spirit guide is a North American Indian called Chief Joseph. I find this a fascinating subject and am still putting the pieces together on this. In researching, it opens up a whole new perspective on our lives in general where we realise the history of our roots.

    I have many interests including Art, Photography and Music with a love of travel and experiencing different cultures and ways of life across the world and my future ambition is to travel much more widely. Another interest of mine is Astronomy. I find it absolutely fascinating to be aware that all the time around us and above is the solar system everything is constantly changing and developing. New information is frequently being discovered. I feel it is an important aspect of our being, altogether giving a much bigger picture.

    HELEN - PIN 4774

    elen progresses forward blessed with the knowledge that there is much more to be learned and many more aspects of her work to be revealed in the future.


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    International. Then In 2010, Watts portrayed Valerie Plame Wilson, opposite Sean Penn as Joe Wilson, in Fair Game. In 2011 J Edgar and Dream House and this year The Impossible and Movie 43 which is in post-production.

    But perhaps it is the film that she is shooting now that will be the absolute making of her Diana. Orig