Best iPhone Sleep Apps

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Like there is an app for everything, there are app for beAer sleep as well. We are going to cover few of the apps which allow you to sleep healthy and analyze your sleep habits to improve on them.

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    Best iPhone sleep apps

  • You might have heard that general health prac33oners suggests that adults should get at least seven hours of sleep each night for op3mal func3oning of their mind, body and spirit. Innumerable studies have proven that there exists a direct connec3on between sleep quality and its eects on healthy immune func3ons, memory, learning, metabolism and much more.

    Like there is an app for everything, there are app for beAer sleep as well. We are going to cover few of the apps which allow you to sleep healthy and analyze your sleep habits to improve on them.

  • 1. Sleep Sound

    Sleep Sounds oers 35 various sound loops to put you in a relaxed state. Whether for sleep or just a 3meout from your day, Sleep Sounds will sooth your soul. It uses real recordings and has a great mix and match feature so you can create custom sounds based on the exis3ng sounds, so you can create whatever suits you.

    Another good thing, it is a universal high deni3on binary. This means you buy it once for your iPhone or iPad and you can use it on all your devices without having to purchase an individual copy for each device.

  • 2. Sleep Cycle

    Since you move dierently in bed during the dierent phases, Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement to determine which sleep phase you are in. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.

    By placing the iPhone next to you while you sleep, this app will monitor your movement and wake you in your lightest sleep phase so you arise feeling refreshed and well-rested.

  • 3. Absalt EasyWakeup PROAbsalt EasyWakeup PRO was the rst bio-alarm clock released for iOS in 2008, it con3nues to impress even today. It is an advanced alarm clock for iPhone/ iPod Touch. Based on the natural sleep cycle we go through every night, the app senses when it's most appropriate to wake you. Just set the 3me when you have to be up and the app will then gently wake you at the op3mal 3me within the chosen interval.

    It uses a smart algorithm to nd your appropriate waking-3me, and it works for most.

  • 4. eSleep

    Are you one of those sleepers who like to mix and match the background noise they fall asleep to? eSleep is a good choice for you. It oers a wide variety of sounds and loops and enables up to three sounds to play simultaneously. The background music inside the app has been carefully chosen and with delta tones, theta tones and alpha tones to provide a relaxing atmosphere to help you fall asleep naturally. The loops noise include White noise, Pink noise, Brown noise and Nature sound mask household noises to make you relaxed and comfortable, as if you are in a free and nature environment.

  • 5. Relax & Rest Guided MeditaCons

    This app by Medita3on Oasis allows you to enjoy the deep relaxa3on, stress relief and benets of medita3on with. The app includes three medita3ons of varying lengths allow you to relax deeply regardless of how much 3me you have available. The app also has helpful medita3on 3ps included in the release on how to maximize the benets of these medita3on techniques.

    One of the beAer apps if you are looking for guided medita3on app.

  • 6. ProacCve Sleep Alarm Clock

    It is a mul3func3on sleep app which includes basics like an alarm clock with snooze feature and ambient music. Along with that, it also includes a more comprehensive sleep diary that allows users to track their amount of sleep, diculty falling asleep, exercise, caeine consump3on and more. The data is averaged and can be viewed in seven day cycles, 30 day cycles, or all days.

    For people who have sleep problems, the app includes op3ons to purchase relaxa3on interven3ons designed to relax the mind and body.

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