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  • 1. iPad GamesWelcomeWe take a look at three top games that have been made for The new iPad 3 and reviewwhats good about them and why you should get them. If at any time you wish to visit ourwebsite please click on our logo above Best iPad Games@mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12

2. Best iPad Games3. CSR RacingThis is a fantastic drag racing game with superb graphics and addicting gameplay. Thegraphic details on the cars looks sensationally realistic probably the best graphics ive seenfrom a game app. The aim of the game is to beat rival drag racing gangs and beat otherdragracers while earning money and upgrading your car(s) with Turbo Charged engines, newexhaust and other upgrades and you are also able to decorate your car with racing stripesor decals. The only downside to this game is the limited fuel you have limiting you too only afew races each time you play making you wait for the fuel to recharge. But ive found thatthis fuels my need to play this game even more! A must buy! Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 3. Best iPad Games Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 4. Best iPad Games2. Mass Effect: InfiltratorMass Effect Infiltrator follows the hugely successful Mass Effect prequels and this onefollows suite with its fine gameplay and wonderful graphics. When playing iPad gameswhats important of course are the controls and navigating. But especially so with this gameas it requires a lot of rapid movements when shooting and fighting enemies. The controlsare superb and very easy to use with Mass Effect, and the storyline is very engaging too.Overall a great game indeed. Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 5. Best iPad Games Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 6. Best iPad Games1. Infinity Blade 2Infinity Blade is the standard that all app games should be. In terms of graphics their is nocompetitor to Infinity Blade at this moment in time. They really are breath taking. InfinityBlade offers as much if not more thrills as its predecessor But this time round, the fightingsystem has fathoms more depth. You can trade in the traditional sword and shield combo fora pair of short daggers, for example, which is much more zippy, as turtling behind a shield isreplaced by rapid dodges and ducks. Or you can swing the other way, clutching a monsterwar axe as you fend off incoming attacks with a satisfying clash of steel. Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 7. Best iPad Games Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12 8. Best iPad GamesThanks For ViewingIf you wish to find out more about us please visit our site: Best iPad Games @mbo_ukThursday, 12 July 12