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  1. 1. 988mmRef-999_BBY-BB-GND2_Inline Endcap A_988 x 1385_US_CMYKInDesignCS5 APPSammyYanOPERATOR -0.833333333333 14.83783333333311:50 PM2/29/1213.4678333333331.66666678.069366666667 leftDATE188995 JOB188995_D3_Ref-999_BBY-BB-GND2_IN-STD-EC-A_988x1385_US_ PMS 429 BLACK CMYK.indd YELLOW MAGENTA CYANFILE With the stunning Retina display. 5MP iSight camera. And ultrafast 4G LTE. 1385mmVPP-601-0259942TM and 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Legal 30mmR 30mmBVPP-601-0259942188995_D3_Ref-999_BBY-BB-GND2_IN-STD-EC-A_988x1385_US_CMYK.indd 1 2/29/12 11:55 PMTM and 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple Inc. 1 Innite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 Millimeters Full Size SpecsInches Full Size SpecsDate PROOF REVIEW SIGN OFF/ /Apple CondentialTrim988mm x 1385mmTrim 38.8976" x 54.5276" 2/15/2012 - 6:10 PMOK OK w/ OK OK w/File Name Ref-999_BBY-BB-GND2_IN-STD-EC-A_988x1385_US_CMYK_Live 962mm x 1358mm Live 37.874" x 53.4646" ProducerContent Prodv2.indd VersionJob Number CHA-11-2238 Description Channel | Ref-999 | Best Buy Big Box Gondola Fixture 2 | Inline Endcap A Graphic Margins Bleed13.5mm Top 13.5mm Bottom Margins .532" Top .532" Bottom13mm Sides3mm .5118" Sides Bleed .125"Geo2XF Hardware XF Screens Print Prod Art Director Production Sal SandovalInks: 5/0 CMYK PANTONE 429 C Inks: 3/0 RGB Proof at: 50% PMS 429 MATCH Mechanical Built at: 1:1PRINT AT: 100% US Editor Legal Writer Implement Dsgnr Studio Manager