Berlin City Beat - A Handy Guide for Startups in Berlin

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Given the fact that this city has one of the most temperate seasonal climates in the European continent due to its location amongst the plains, it’s quite evident that Berlin has been blessed by nature right from the beginning. But the tremendous growth in the entrepreneurial sector primarily IT and Internet startups over the past couple of years shows that this is a kingdom of passionate and hard-working innovators who are all set to make Berlin one of the best startup hubs of the world in the coming years. From Soundcloud to 6Wunderkinder, ResearchGate to Wooga, Berlin seems to be sowing the seeds of tomorrow’s successful startups each day which has surprisingly sprouted into an enormous number of 5,800 digital companies employing over 62,400 people in Berlin’s digital sector. As Cornelia Yzer has rightly stated in’s Digital Economy Report, Berlin is indeed “a city which promotes innovation and embraces change.” That’s the very reason why we chose to make this neighborhood the center for our second startup guide after New York - Presenting the Berlin City Beat! Read the full post here:

Transcript of Berlin City Beat - A Handy Guide for Startups in Berlin

  • All that you need while starting up in this capital city of Germany. CITY BEAT
  • After the massive success of NYC, now its the German capital BERLIN! Yes, time now to bring out the startup culture in the UNESCO City of Design. Source: VisitBerlin
  • 128 10k INHABITANTS With the HIGHEST LEVEL of Startups per capita in Germany, they are indeed bubbling with innovation! Not to forget the 50% rise in startups since 2008. Source: Europe as a startup hub
  • Ranked as one of the top 3 startup ecosystems in the world by Startupbootcamp, Berlin is no doubt on number 20 AMONGST 185 COUNTRIES as considered by World Bank Group in terms of ease of doing business.
  • Are you still thinking whether you should build your startup here? Just to make your thoughts clear OF ALL NEW ENTREPRENEURS IN BERLIN ARE NOT GERMAN. Source: Baquia Presenting the heart of Europes innovation:
  • 1. Where even Coffee Shops are better termed as STARTUP TECH HANGOUTS Click to know why Cafe Einstein Barcomis Deli Cafe Marx Restaurant Espresson Ambulanz Syndicato
  • 2. Where there are Banks all set to help deserving Startups with the most crucial element MONEY Click to know why Commerzbank AG BBB Brgschaftsbank Berliner Bank Deutsche Bank Existenzgrndungsportal
  • 3. Startup friendly LAWYERS and rms are there a many, we choose to give you 6 of such gems! Click to know why Osborne Clarke Wilfried Grossmann Lindenpartners Startup Lawyers Gabriele Rainer Agreement24
  • 4. Nor is there a lack in coworking spaces, after all 62,400 people are employed in Berlins 62,400 DIGITAL SECTOR Click to know why Co.up AhoyBerlin Betahaus Ideacamp Sanktoberholz Nest IMA Design Village Supermarket Berlin Agora Collective Cowork INN Buerow Club Ofce
  • 5. Startup Incubators and Accelerators seem to have geared up to extract all the INNOVATIVE POTIONS being brewed around! Click to know why MCube Rheingau Founders Startbootcamp Berlin Startup Academy Youisnow IQ Consult German Startups Groups Hubraum Team Europe Rocket Internet
  • 6. You also have some Out-Of-The-Box mentors and advisors who could give you those Golden Mantras of STARTUP SUCCESS Click to know why Berlin Mentors Weston Hankins Paula Marttila Andrea Sehn Edial Dekker
  • 7. Local sites have also come up to help you hire some of the BEST TEAM MEMBERS you could ever think of! Click to know why Berlin Startup Jobs VentureVillage MARSJOB Myerecruiting Eu-Startups
  • 8. If its DIGITAL MARKETING that you are concerned about, you could easily reach out to these strategists for some exciting campaigns. Click to know why Aperto Glispa Internet Warriors Dots and Space KKLD 3pc
  • 9. PR FIRMS are no less in number and Quality too! 5 names on our list will tell you why. Click to know why MerryBubbles DELFI Marketing MC Digital Clarity PR Ballou PR
  • 10. For those extraordinarily stylish WEBSITE GRAPHICS you would need these Designers and Studio contacts denitely! Click to know why Cubus MetaDesign Zacarias GoldWest FJORD FILMGRAPHIK Digitalime
  • 11. WEB DEVELOPERS out here are always eager to take up challenges and get it DONE! Click to know why Patrick Beser Ali Habereld Karl Westin Gonzalo Garcia Benedict Wallis
  • 12. Berlins Digital Economy report suggests that IT and Internet startups receive the most venture capital in all of Germany. 133 MILLION was invested in Berlin tech startups in 2012! Coming up next, Startup Investors in Berlin just for you.
  • 50 13. 05 Meet some of the best 50 VENTURE FUNDS doing early stage deals in this City of New-Business! 05 50 Click to know why EarlyBird Point Nine Capital BDMI Fund XLHealth HP Ventures Berlin Venture Partners
  • 14. MICRO VCs doing seed deals are immensely popular these days! Click to know why Christian Thaler Philipp Hartmann Peter Borchers Christian Nagel Creathor Venture
  • 15. Not to forget the saviors for Startups, the MOST FAMOUS ANGELS: Angel Groups and Active Individual Angels If you visit Berlin as a startup, youll know how popular these two Angel Groups are. MAS Angel Fund Business Angels Berlin-Brandenburg The Active Individual Angels are no less in number too! Andrea Sehn Lukasz Gadowski Eric Wahlforss Alex Farcet Felix Petersen Click to know why
  • 16. If you are thinking whether there are any Startup Pitch EVENTS in Berlin, you would be surprised to see these names Click to know why Next Berlin Startbootcamp Berlin You Is Now Berlin Startup Weekend Pitch Marathon Berlin Hardware Accelerator Betahaus Thursday Breakfast
  • 17. And to know that more than 400 SPECIAL EVENTS happen each year at Berlin addressing digital issues! WHOA!
  • 18. From Printing Marketplaces to Tax Experts, this MISCELLANEOUS LIST can be your savior in those wee hours at work! Click to know why Overnight Prints Startup Berlin G1obals FBI- Berlin RSVP Berlin Qunit R&Q Management Berlin JR OfceService Aarons
  • Finally, we give you some of the important BUSINESS CERTIFICATIONS you might require before starting up in Berlin. Those who start businesses as a sideline need to notify the regulatory agency (Ordnungsamt) in the district in which their is based that they are trading. Berlin also encourages SMEs in their market entry abroad through their Funding and Financing Program in Berlin. The Berlin Starter Center can help you in doing a lot of the registrations online, thus saving a lot of time. Master Craftman's Certicate is a prerequisite for entry in the Register of Craftsmen and therefore for a licence to start up in the sector. This guide from IHK Berlin can give you more details on this.
  • BerlinUp Berlin Startups Venture Village Berlin Startup Map Gruenden-in-Berlin GTAI If you still think you need to know more about the Berlin Startup Scene, HERE ARE SOME HANDY WEBSITES YOU COULD REFER TO
  • That was quite the guide we had for you! But like last time, we again have our HANDBOOK FOR STARTUP ENTHUSIASTS IN BERLIN Dont forget to download it today!
  • Time for a big Thank You to Liva Judic, Director at Merrybubbles. She feels that: BERLIN IS CLEARLY BECOMING ONE OF THE MOST DYNAMIC STARTUP HUBS IN EUROPE Did you know? She has also put up her place on Airbnb for new startups in and around Berlin. Check it out here.
  • Visit Startups.FM for more such amazing facts and insights! For anything and everything, email us [email protected]