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10 questions to assess an organisation's digital marketing strategy capability. Presented to Omniture EMEA 2009 conference, April 2009.

Transcript of Benchmarking Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Benchmarking to improve your Digital marketing strategy Presented at Omniture Summit London, April 2009 Dave Chaffey, Director, Marketing Insights Ltd Daves Right Touching blog:
  • We like comparing
  • Why benchmark?
    • Compare to direct competitors
    • Compare out-of-sector
    • Highlights failings, but
    • Strive to be best-in-breed
    • Defines progress to goals
  • Marketing & CRM focuses on four core strategic areas...Our broad eCommerce strategy centres on a four point plan which is broken down into a series of individually defined and detailed strategic areas. Our aim is to be exceptional in delivery across each Russell Gould, E-commerce Director, Thomas Cook Source: Econsultancy Managing Digital Channels report. Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Q1. How well defined is your plan? Detailed plan: separate (27%) Detailed plan: separate (27%) Detailed plan: integrated (50%) No Plan (22%) Source: Econsultancy Managing Digital Channels report. Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Q2. How have you assessed your capabilities? Download from:
  • An alternative benchmarking study Source: Gijsbert van der Sleen, Consultant, Atos Consulting Contact through blog:
  • Conclusions of 2008 study Source: Gijsbert van der Sleen, Consultant, Atos Consulting Contact through blog:
  • Q3. What is your capability maturity? Source: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Digital marketing governance maturity Source: Econsultancy Managing Digital Channels report. Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Analytics capability maturity
    • Real-time application:
    • Landing-page optimisation
    • Multivariate testing
    • Journey optimisation
    • CMS Integration
    • Modelling:
    • Response probability
    • Automatic visitor segments
    • Content clustering
    • Content and activity association
    • Behaviour:
    • Recency
    • Frequency
    • Average Visit Length
    • Acquisition Method
    • Event stream
    • Section stream
    • Measures
    • # Users
    • # Visits
    • # Page views
    • Top pages
    • Top referrers
    • # Errors
    Source: Presented by Julian Brewer, Head of Online Sales and Content Barclays UK retail banking to Econsultancy masterclass Nov 2008
  • Q4. Do you have the right resources?
    • % of marketing headcount who are digital specialists?
      • You: (a) 0-20% (b) 20-40% (c) >40%
      • Research: 1 in 3
      • Ratio:
        • 2 A cquisition:
        • 3 C onversion:
        • 2 R etention:
        • 8 IT
    Source: Econsultancy Managing Digital Channels report. Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Detail from the research Source: Econsultancy Managing Digital Channels report. Author: Dave Chaffey
  • Q5. Do you have the right team structure?
    • No perfect way to organise structure. A single team has benefit
    • theyre 100% digital, breathing digital, risk is there is disconnect
    • with offline world
    Example of team structure for small-medium retailer
  • Resources needed for large digital team!
  • Internet marketing lightbulb jokes
    • How many SEOs does it take to change a light bulb?
      • Just one, but its gonna take about 3-6 months to start to see the light bulb change. And that light bulbs pretty high up there- are you sure you wouldnt rather change 10 easier light bulbs?
    • How many PPC experts does it take to?
      • Just one but the cost depends on how much the other light bulb changers are currently charging.
    • How many social media gurus does it take to
      • Its not about the change- its about engaging people in conversations about the light bulb change.
    • How many web analysts does it take to
      • It depends which system you use / who you ask.
  • Q6. How automated is your optimization?
  • Establish the campaign objectives and metrics for success Cross channel strategy meetings to ensure integrated planning approach Analyse user demand, seasonality trends, competitive benchmarking and combine with forecast tools Conduct Visibility, Content & Reputation audits and provide detailed recommendations Provide implementation guidance & hand hold throughout process Observe changes to rankings and traffic levels and refine strategy. Use analytics to understand new users intent Update Rankings Report & Campaign Objectives Report and feed insight back into strategy Regular calls and status meetings with client to ensure a partnership approach Analyse user experience, usability and conversion path analysis and feed into audit. Gain further insight by deep diving into Analytics Q7. How refined is your SEM capability? Source:
  • How good is your keyphrase-level reporting?
    • Should show:
        • Potential performance from keyphrase estimators
        • Your actual performance (position, clicks, conversion, sales, value):
          • Paid absolute and relative
          • Natural absolute and relative
  • Q8. How refined is your site conversion optimization
    • Journey optimisation:
    • Personalised containers across site
    • On-site search
    • Conversion path optimisation
    • Registration pages
    • Shopping basket
    • Checkout
    • Landing page Optimisation
    • Brand messages
    • Product info
    • Data collection
    • Home page Optimisation
    • Brand messages
    • Engagement
    • Merchandising
  • A B2C home page optimization case study Incentivised Lead generation form Conversion Goals + OVP Prominent Unique phone number for tracking Social proof: Brand reassurance Top customer concerns answered
  • A B2B home page optimization Social Proof Clear response options Messaging targeting key audiences
  • Salesforce landing page
  • Source: Webinar with Richard Weaver, Head of eCommerce
  • Override with known slot Source: Webinar with Richard Weaver, Head of eCommerce
  • Minority of the searches on home page, so enter here OVP: Online Value Proposition Recommended Score 0-10 Best sellers Based on product Feed of sales Source: Webinar with Richard Weaver, Head of eCommerce
  • Q9. How refined is your email marketing capability? Presented by Grant Baillie of Argos at 2008 Email marketing conference, with permission
  • Personalised British Airways Trip Guide Personalized with customer name Direct link to My booking area of Search fields pre-populated with customer travel dates and destination Customized destination information including sightseeing and airport info Source:
  • Q10. How do you approach benchmarking?
    • A discussion of your approaches:
      • Where does benchmarking fit?
      • Which tools do you use?
      • What helps convince colleagues to believe?
  • Thank you
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