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Transcript of Ben Hollister, Molly Boyko, Justen Cucura, and Molly Nagle

Middle Colonies

Middle ColoniesBen Hollister, Molly Boyko, Justen Cucura, and Molly NagleNew YorkNew York was founded by James, the Duke of York, in 1674

It was founded because one of Charless first grants went to his brother, James. He gave him this grant to incline the Connecticut and Delaware Rivers, but the Dutch already claimed the land as New Netherland. The English fleet ordered the Dutch to surrender. In 1674, they claimed New Netherland, and James renamed it New York.

Philadelphia-reflections.comNew JerseyNew Jersey was founded by Sir George Carteret in 1684

It was founded because Sir George Carteret and Sir John Berkeley were the political allies of James the duke of York. Carteret was from the Channel Island of Jersey and so named the new territory New Jersey.

Philadelphia-reflections.comPennsylvaniaPennsylvania was founded by William Penn in 1682

It was founded because the Quakers believed in the equality of all men and women. Penn wanted the colony of Pennsylvania a haven for Quakers.

Philadelphia-reflections.comDelawareDelaware was founded by William Penn in 1682

Delaware was founded because when William Penn received his original land grant in America he was informed that it lacked access to the Atlantic Ocean. So in 1682 he persuaded the Duke of York to make him proprietor of an area along the Delaware River, and bay, which would later become the colony of Delaware.

Studyblue.comGeographical CharacteristicsThe Middle colonies have large, vast lands with very rich soil which is well suitable for faming. During the winters they have heavy storms. Role of ReligionMost people in the middle colonies wanted to practice their own religion, especially in Pennsylvania because Quaker William Penn provided for full religious freedom

The role of religion in the Middle Colonies was the diversity of cultures and religion all in one region

Sodahead.comEconomic ConditionsThe Middle Colonies flourished economically due to:Fertile soilBroad navigable riversAbundant forestsThey were considered the commercial center of the north American coloniesThey had an extremely large grain exportTheir growing season was much longer due to the hot climateFactories produced:IronPaperTextilesLumberTrade was popular due to many rivers Characteristics were called the bread basket colonieswere peaceful with the nativestraded fur with other peoplehad good soil to grow cropshad a favorable climate