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  • Podcast # 222 from[o:oo:00.0]Introduction: In todays episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, what is the best way to track your heart rate variability? Also, what is glutathione, the least amount of exercise necessary for good health, how to minimize stress from travel, how and when to swim with a snorkel, how to deal with the foot neuroma, and how antacids and ADHD medication affect athletes. Welcome to the podcast. We provide you with free exercise, nutrition, weight loss, triathlon and wellness advice from the top fitness experts in the nation. So whether youre an Ironman triathlete or youre just trying to shed a few pounds, get ready for non run of the mill cutting edge content from Okay. I just polished off a box of wine and I spent some time getting in touch with my feminine side so hopefully, Ill be able to measure up to the last couple episodes with Jessa.Ben: Dude, its kinda weird actually to be a recording this once again at the ungodly hour that we usually record rather than in evenings with my wife whos been sitting in for you the past 2 episodes, Brock.Brock: And doing a fantastic job. Thank you, Jessa in covering for me.Ben: We having to have this glass of plain water rather than the usual box of wine I was able to get used to past couple of weeks so thanks for that, Brock.Brock: You know what Im most disappointed in is that you did an episode that involved chocolate, coffee, garlic and talking about boners without me.Ben: But at least my wife thinks youre Australian, apparently.Brock: Thats right, mate.Ben: Thats right. That wonderful down under Canadian accent.
  • Brock: Theyre quite similar, yes.Ben: Welcome back from Thailand, Brock. Im glad you survived.Brock: Yeah. My more than survive goes a fantastic time. The races were a little more challenging than I had anticipated but it was pretty awesome and I mean, the food, the people, the country, its all just magical.Ben: Awesome! Now that all the listeners out there are aware that Brock was not skilled at any type of military cue, that he is not laid up with any type of strange parasitic infections that we know about yetBrock: Not yet.Ben: And he is back up in Canada. Lets do this podcast thing.Brock: All right.News Flashes:Brock: Okay. As always, to get these news flashes hot off the proverbial presses, make sure to follow Ben on and also go to Google+ cause theres all kinds of cool stuff going on there and you can find all that, all those links all the ways to find them if you go to Thats right. This is what episode number is this that were recording, Brock?Brock: 222.Ben: Nice. Easy to remember. So Ill put a link to everything we talk about in Episode #222. One tweet I put out was yummy brominated vegetable oil in sports drinks and this was based off in New York Times article that came out this week that talked about this lady over in Missouri who is a dedicated vegetarian and she grabbed the bottle of Gatorade to drink and checked the label to make sure that there are no animal products in the drink and she noticed that there were something called brominated vegetable oil as an ingredient in Gatorade.Brock: Well, thats made from vegetables.
  • Ben: Yes. It is made from vegetables. So the issue is not that its an animal-based product but rather she was a little bit curious what that actually was. And so when she started looking into it, she found out some of the nasty things that actually happen when you consume high amounts of brominated vegetable oil like neurological disorders and altered levels of thyroid hormone. Use of brominated oil in the US has actually been something thats kinda going back and forth in terms of its safety for the past 30 years. European Union has banned it from foods for a long time. Japan recently moved to ban it as well. But about 10% of the drinks sold in the US have brominated vegetable oil Mountain Dew is one, Powerade is one, the Dr. Peppers another and Gatorade is one. And basically, what brominated vegetable oil is is it has bromine which is the same thing that they put into like flame retardants and they also put it into these drinks.Brock: Of course, they dont burst into flames.Ben: Exactly. You would never want your Gatorade to burst into flame after you left it in a hot car or something like that.[0:05:05.2] Obviously, its a very logical thing to put into a sports drink but something to certainly take into consideration before you start giving your kids or yourself a bunch of Gatorade. And there was basically a panel called to action back in the 70s to look into this stuff because it was generally recognized as safe back in 1970. The FDA took it off the list of substances generally recognized as safe after whats called the flavor and extract manufacturers association revoked the approval of brominated vegetable oil but its kinda just falling off the face of the map since then and it was never added back to that list. It was kind of ignored. No long term studies have been done on it. However, there was an article about it by Environmental Health News that ran in Scientific American last year that did find that people who binge on sodas and other drinks that specifically have this brominated vegetable oil and then experienced nerve disorders, memory loss and a lot of the things that brominated vegetable oil has been shown to cause in studies in animals. I probably dont tell a lot of our generally healthy listeners not to drink soda but I do know that a lot of folks
  • are still them or their children getting indecent share of sports drinks and this is another reason to be kind of careful with that.Brock: Its not necessarily in all sports drinks. Its really just is Gatorade and I think Powerade as well uses it but I know the sport drink that I use, Tailwind doesnt have it and theres numerous brands out there so you really just need to check the ingredients list.Ben: Im sorry telling this. Its a horrible name.Brock: I know, I know. I feel embarrassed every time I pull the package out. Its such good stuff but its really a terrible name.Ben: It sounds like some type of a flatulent beverage. So enjoy, drink out your Tailwind or my favorite sports drink is just basically coconut water. Another thing that I tweeted was how to use whole body vibration. And whole body vibration was something that Jessa and I discussed briefly about how all vibration plates are not created equal in one of the episodes we recorded. I think it was Episode 220.Brock: Is that the marathon 2 - hour long one?Ben: Yeah. So if anybody got past the hour mark of that, my deepest apologies. But anyways, there was a study that appeared in the National Journal Strength Conditioning Research this month and it looked into the improvements in running economy after 8 weeks of whole body vibration training. Not only improvement in the rate of force development in the muscles that were involved with running but also an increase in whats called the maximal isometric force or the force production capabilities of those muscles. And what they were actually doing in terms of how you use these things because I know a lot of people will see these studies on whole body vibration platforms but maybe scratch their heads about how you actually use the things if your gym has one, your health club has one, or you listened to that podcast with Jessa and I where we talked about which vibration plates are good and which arent that good. But the protocol they used in the study was 10 efforts of 30-60 seconds on that vibration platform with the knees bent at about 120 degrees so youre kinda like in quarter squat standing on the thing for 30-60 seconds so its basically semi-squat vibration training. And that protocol 10 by 30-60 seconds was done 3 times a week over a period of 8 weeks.
  • So I wanted to tweet that just for people who I know may have access to a whole body vibration platform, thats the way you would use it if you wanted to use something like that to improve your running economy.Brock: