Belly Acres

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Created by: Thomas Haskins - Donald Dains - Collin Lee

Transcript of Belly Acres

  • 1.WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .comBA PB 005F

2. Be ll y Acre sHappy is as happy does Down on Belly Acres Lots of laughs for everyoneDuct-tape and pa-taters From an ol-tin can of pork-n-beans Out pops an evil genie Bubba-Jo and Bubba DeanJust call him cousin BeanieTen thousand years that I am oldThis place is overrated Ill grant your wishes then I am done Man Im so frustrated Stupid is as stupid does Down on Belly AcresWere gitter-dumb fun simpletonsWe aint sophisticators Duct-tape and pa-taters Down on Belly AcresBelly Acres; full of love, lots of laughs, fun for everyone and thehappiest place on earth! WGAW Registration: 1391868 BA PB 005F 3. M ar ke t Po si tioning: Market positioning: This animated series positions itself in between the already popular trend of redneck comedy and the recent trend of animated buddy comedies, which are currently being sought after and developed by major networks. The characters are original yet familiar (A redneck monkey and his bear brother?), and the story engine is a different angle of the familiar Genie story. Ideas for interactive marketing elements could be: The Wish-O-Meter contest where viewers submit their own wishes to be featured in an episode or on the season finale. The best duck tape picture contest where viewers submit a picture of creative ways to use duck tape. And the creative pa-taters contest where viewers submit a creative recipe or invention for taters, to name a few... lo gline What happens when two goofy redneck brothers named BUBBA JO W ISH-O-METER and BUBBA DEAN discover an evil Genie named BEANIE in the happy-go-lucky world of BELLY ACRES? Mayhem of course! What else could happen in a series of wacky-wish-gone-wrong adventures with an endless supply of duck tape and pa-taters?Premise Belly Acres is about loving your family, being thankful for your friends, and appreciating what you have. When you curiously discover the magic in life and find a fun-filled adventure in everything you do, you 30 realize the grass isnt always greener on the other side of the fence.WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009.comBA PB 005F 4. Sy nops is:Happy is as happy does down on Belly Acres! But when two redneck brothersBubba Jo and Bubba Dean find a magical ol tin can of pork-n-beans in a crate bythe railroad tracks and out pops a semi-evil Genie, of course, mayhem ensuesImprisoned long ago by his previous master, Larry the Pork Bean King of Chicago,the Genie must now grant a total of 30 wishes, instead of 3, to his new master inorder to be set free.But Bubba Jo and Bubba Dean welcome the semi-evil Genie as a newfound friendinto the family and fondly nickname him Cousin Beanie. Yes the two Bubbas are truerednecks to the core through-and-through. They really dont want the wishes, theyjust want to have fun, laugh, play around and be happy. Bubba Jo has a fascinationwith anything that has to do with pa-taters, and Bubba Dean likes to fix and buildstuff with duck-tape or whatever else is lying around! In fact, everyone living down onBelly Acres is happy to have a new friend, and they all just love Beanie to death andconsider him as kinfolk, which of course irritates the heck out of Beanie.With his Wish-O-Meter now reset to 30 wishes, Beanie must coax, or trick, the good-natured Bubbas into wishing for things whether they want to or not.Thanks to Beanies semi-evil scheme, the entire Belly Acres clan experiences onewacky-wish-gone-wrong adventure after another. But at the end of the day, theBubbas and the rest of the Belly Acre clan are glad to be together like one big happyfamily, well sort of. WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .comBA PB 005F 5. Bubb a Jo Bro the rCatch phrase: TATERS!!!(How its said changes with his emotion.) Bubba Jo is a pa-tater fanatic who just loves to laugh and have fun. Hes so clumsy that he couldnt hit theground once if he fell twice and is always up for sumthin, even if its a little dangerous or just plain whopper-jawed crazy. Bubba Jo loves to play with his brothers thingamabobs, and he puts his all into everything he does, which tohis simpleton little mind never seems to be enough. WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .comBA PB 005F 6. Bubb a De a n, I I I B ro t h e r Catch phrase: Just plain Whopper-Jawed or Twanglefusted! Bubba Dean is an avid monster-truck enthusiast and a flatulent bean-eating aficionado. Hes a handier than a pocket on a t-shirt when it comes to fixin things that are just plain twanglefusted, or at least so he thinks! Bubba Dean is totally OCD (Obsessively Constructin with Duck tape) and is happiest when hes fixin- ana-buildin things whether they need a fixin-ana-buildin or not. He always keeps a roll of duck tape handy in back trousers pocket and will jerry-bob or jimmy-rig most anything if he gets the chance. He just has the plain know-how to do gitter-dumb in typical redneck style. WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009.comBA PB 005F 7. Cousin Beanie Catch Phrase: - Ish-biddley-otten-dotten-ba-ba-ska- deetten-datten! Ten Thousands years old, Beanie is a vain, selfish, sarcastic, overconfident, cynical semi-evil Genie who hates most everything, or anyone, and would kick a bucket of puppies if he had the chance. Problem is, he cant be as evil as he wants to be until hes freed from the spell that binds him to his new masters, which will only happen when he grants them all 30 wishes. Beanies only desire is to be set free from his spell, and the only thing on his mind is how he can coax, or trick, the idiots who found him into wishing for all 30 wishes before they drive him crazy. But when the wishes backfire on him, as they always seem to do, one after the other, he learns from his blunders, or at least he says he does. WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .com BA PB 005F 8. Staggz Catch Phrase: Any random TV or movie line, e.g. You lookin at me? Lucy, Im home! Ill be back! A real recluse, Staggz is a simple-minded deer that doesnt get out much. He has a one-track mind and spends most of his time with his head stuck through a hole in the Bubbas trailer house wall watching TV. Staggz watches so much TV in fact that hes a walking TV guide who speaks in TV sitcom and movie clichs. But whenever a wish goes awry, he always jumps into middle of things hooves deep and tries to help the Bubbas make it right, at least for as long as his attention span will let him, which is about the length of a commercial. Ill be back in 2-n-2 Bigfoot Catch Phrase: OOGA-BOOGA! (In a cute little girls squeaky voice) Bigfoot is a cute and cuddly, giant-sized wild girl-foot named Betty. And like any self-respecting girl, she likes to wear the latest fashions in loincloths, makeup, perfume, hair products, and toenail polish.Betty is a lonely, shy, elusive girl-foot that has a secret crush on Bubba Dean. She bangs on trees and grunts to communicate and swings through trees to get around.And whenever she gets a chance, she secretly helps the Bubbas while spying on her one and only true love, Bubba Dean, who thinks Bigfoot is stalking and trying to eat him.WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .com BA PB 005F 9. St o r y Eng ine :All Bubba Jo ever wants to do is have fun, and most times that means doingsomething stupid or dangerous. Taking advantage of Bubba Jos insatiable hungerfor excitement and naive ability to throw caution to the wind, Beanie can always finda way to trick Bubba Jo into wishing for something ridiculous.Of course Bubba Dean and the rest of Belly Acres clan always suffer the consequencesof his mindless actions. Why? Because Beanie is a semi-evil Genie bent on semi-evilGenie domination, thats why! But Bubba Dean with his knack for fixing things alwayscomes to the rescue of his silly hilly-billy brother and the rest of Belly Acre clan.Bubba Deans endless supply of duck tape and other impractical tools arent reallygoing to fix the problem at hand, but just as good fortune would have it, a solutionseems to pop up out of nowhere. So with a little gitter-dumb luck, lots of laughs andfun for everyone, the Bubbas turn Belly Acres back into the happiest place on earth.However, the wish usually backfires on Beanie, teaching him a little lesson in humility.But does Beanie ever learn? Heck no! Each episode brings with it one big wacky-wish-gone-wrong adventure after another, and it always comes back to bite Beaniein the butt.WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009.comBA PB 005F 10. Episode SpringboardsTater-Chunkin TimeIts Belly Acres 1st Annual Pa-tater Chunkin Contest, and the Bubbas cant wait to enter the competition.Beanie tricks the brothers into wishing for a spuds-zooka pa-tater cannon, and things quickly get outof hand. All this tater-chunkin power goes straight to Bubba Jos head, and he goes berserk, launching tatersinto the air everywhere, creating tater-sized craters all over Belly Acres. But when Bubba Dean gets hitin the noggin by a stray tater, he comes to his senses and realizes that Beanie has pulled a fast oneon them. Unfortunately it might be too late! Bubba Jo has become a tater-chunkin maniac. In order to defendthe family honor and get him to stop, Bubba Dean must use his quick wit and duck taping skills to getrid of all the taters and tater sized craters before Bubba Jo does anymore damage to Belly Acres andunfairly wins the contest. I Wish It Were Monday However, the Bubbas didnt say which Monday, and poof, Beanie sneakily sends them back to a Monday in the 1600s.When the Bubbas meet King Arthur, in typical gitter-dumb style, they are knighted as the kingdoms duck tape knights of the tater table, defenders of taters everywhere. Of course, they must battle in the name of the Tater King and his court against the Evil Black Tater Knight to save his daughter and damsel in distress, the Tater Princess.Will the Bubbas use another wish to get back to their own time, or will Bubba Dean use his quick wit and duck taping skills to trick Beanie into sending them back; and which Monday in time will it be this time?WGAW Registration: 1391868 BA PB 005F 11. Tater WarpWhen the Bubbas visit Belly Acres new amusement theme park Tater World, they find out that theyare not old enough to ride on the most wickedly awesome extreme ride of all time, the super tater-coasterSpuds-zilla. When Bubba Jo makes the mistake of wishing he were older, (Ish-biddley-otten-dotten-ba-ba-ska-deetten-datten!), poof, Beanie is quick to obey his command. But unfortunately everyone in Belly Acres is affected bythe wish and gets older, too! In typical gitter-dumb style, the two taters are under Beanies magical spell, and they ride Spuds-zilla thousandsof times. Exhausted and flatulent from old age, Bubba Dean begins to realize whats going on when BellyAcres is not the lovey-dovey, fun and happy place he remembers. Its just full of old farty, tired, grumpy pants,including themselves. Will the Bubbas use a wish to make everyone young again, or will they set out on a crotchety old adventure ofan old people kind to find the legendary Tater Salad of Youth? Spuds Bowl Tater-Ball season is here, and Bubba Jo, the biggest tater of them all, cant wait!A gigantic tater-ball fanatic, hes always wanted to win the highly coveted diamond encrusted Golden Tater Peeler, and the only way to do it is to play for a pro-tater team during the Super Spuds Bowl.Thanks to Beanie, poof, Bubba Jo gets his wish, and with Bubba Dean as his coach, the two taters are able to pull off the biggest upset in tater-ball history.They win the Super Spuds Bowl and the highly coveted diamond encrusted Golden Tater Peeler, and in typical gitter-dumb style, they do it with lots of fun, duck tape and a simple pa-tater dream. But not without giving Beanie a good mashed pa-tater whoopin first.WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009 .comBA PB 005F 12. Evil Has a Name Mommy Beanies evil mommy Genie is coming for a visit, but hes told her a little fib, well, maybe a big fib; that hes the absolute ruler of Belly Acres. Desperate for the Bubbas help, Beanie offers them as many wishes as they want if theyll only help him get out of trouble just this one time, again...Can the Bubbas and their gitter-dumb clan help transform Belly Acres into a desolate, sad and lonely place where Beanie is the oppressive ruler before his evil mommy Genie arrives? And what is an evil mommy Genie to do when she finds out that Beanie has offered the Bubbas more wishes than he was supposed to?Oops! Looks like someones been a bad semi-evil Genie and is going to get a spanking.In the Navy While staring at the stars one night, Bubba Jo wishes he could sail the Seven Seas. Beanie overhears his every word, and poof, the Bubbas get shanghaied into The Kings Navy (Think French Elvis type of character.) and end up working in the kitchen with the infamous French chef, Le-Pooface.Chef Le-Pooface gives them every stinkin job in the book, even swabbing the poop deck, but the Bubbas love working, especially in the kitchen peeling taters and talking about all the wonderful kinds of dishes they could make: peanut tater-butter and tater-jelly sandwiches, baked taters, French fried taters, tater tots, sweet pa-taters, tater gumbo, etc But when Beanie is thrown in the stockade, the Bubbas have to rise up in a pira-tater mutiny to save him.Will Chef Le-Pooface make a big stink? Will the King force the Bubbas to walk the plank, and will he like peanut tater-butter and tater-jelly sandwiches, or will Beanie bail them out before they all sink in stink?Somewhere Under the Rainbow After a belly-soaking rain, the Bubbas see a beautiful rainbow and wonder if the Magical Pot Roast at the end of the rainbow legend is true. Beanie turns himself into a little purple Leprechaun and almost tricks the Bubbas into trading all their wishes in exchange for the legendary Magical Pot Roast.At the last minute, the Bubbas discover the little purple Leprechaun is really Beanie in disguise and they change their mind. Instead they wish for a pair of magical dancing tater shoes for Mr. Leprechaun so he can tater-tap dance an Irish jig simply for their entertainment.Tater tappin revenge never sounded or tasted so good.Duck Tape Origami Bubba Dean takes up origami and makes an amazingly enormous duck tape swan. Bubba Jo on the other hand cant origami a thing to save his life and just gets all tangled up. But when Beanie tricks Bubba Jo into wishing the swan was alive so he could ride on it, (Ish-biddley-otten-dotten-ba-ba-ska-deetten-datten!), poof, and so goes the wish.However, the beautiful swan turns out to be an ugly evil duckling in disguise, and is a fire-breathing terror that needs to be stopped before it destroys Belly Acres and burns it to the ground. Beanie quickly realizes that hes created an uncontrollable monster when it comes after him, too.Who can stop it, and how? More duck tape? Taters? Will the Bubbas have to wish it away, or will Beanie see the terror of his ways and save Belly Acres from total annihilation?Taters in-ma Ears Bubba Jos ears are so dirty you could grow taters in them, literally! In fact, when he has problems hearing, he asks Bubba Dean to look in them to see why. When he does, Bubba Dean discovers a little tater farm with little tater farmers working the land.But when Bubba Jo whishes he could visit the farm and work the land too, poof! What, how does that work?Will Bubba Jo use a wish to get out of his own head and will he ever want to leave the farm, or will Bubba Dean have to invent a Duck-Tape Transporter Time Machine to bring his brother back to reality WGAW Registration: 1391868 2009.comBA PB 005F