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  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf


    Belden IBDNFiberExpressSystems


    Optical Fiber Catalog

    One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.

  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf


    With the IBDN FiberExpressSystems, Belden

    takes a complete approach to fiber optic cabling.

    Our systems are uniquely positioned to support

    everything from legacy fiber systems and current

    backbone and data center fiber links, to futurehigh-speed fiber transmission and long-reach

    fiber applications.

  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf


    One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.


    Belden IBDN FiberExpressSystemsReduce Complexity and Increase Flexibility

    Involved in the development of optical fibercomponents for over 40 years, Belden is a leadingsupplier of high-quality, cost-effective opticalfiber cabling systems. The IBDN FiberExpressSystems are the culmination of Beldens experienceand expertise in a variety of applications, includingdata centers, premise and campus networkbackbone infrastructures, fiber-to-the-desk(FTTD) applications, and horizontal and centralizedcabling systems. Guaranteed to meet or exceedall applicable TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC and IEEE standards,each end-to-end IBDN FiberExpressSystem isdesigned to offer reduced complexity, increasedflexibility, and rapid installation for maximumcost effectiveness.

    Introduction 3

    FiberExpressConnectivity 8-38

    FX Connectors 8-11

    FX Ultra HD System 12-13

    FX Ultra System 14-19

    FX Manager 20-21

    FX Patch Panels 22-24

    FX Pre-Connectorized Assemblies 25-35

    FX 40G Ethernet Solution 25

    FX MPO Trunk 26-29

    FX Pre-Connectorized Assemblies 30-31

    FX Patch Cords 32-34

    FX Bars 35

    Workstation Outlets 36-37

    FX Secure/Keyed LC System 38

    FiberExpressOptical Fiber Cable 39-57

    Cable Selection Reference 39

    Distribution Cable 40-42

    Interlocked Armor Distribution Cable 43-44

    Interconnect Cable Simplex and Duplex 45

    Breakout Style Cable 46-47

    Brilliance Maxi-Bend Tactical Cable 48 Single Jacket, All Dielectric Cable 49-51

    Double Jacket, Armored Cable 52-53

    Double Jacket, Heavy-Duty Cable 54

    Central Tube Cable 55

    TrayOpticHeavy Duty, All Dielectric Cable 56-57

    Part Number Index 58-62

    Customer Service and Other Belden Contacts Back Cover

    Table of Contents Page

    One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.

  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf



























    A Complete Approach to Fiber Optic Cabling


    Five different

    levels of Belden

    IBDN FiberExpress

    Systems are offered

    to meet customersspecific needs.

    With the IBDN FiberExpressSystems, Belden takes acomplete approach to fiber optic cabling. Uniquelypositioned to support everything from legacy fibersystems and current backbone and data centerfiber links, to future high-speed fiber transmissionand long-reach fiber applications, Belden IBDNFiberExpressSystems are available in five differ-ent levels to meet specific customer needs. EachFiberExpress System is available with a wide range

    of components including:

    Pre-Terminated and Field-Terminated Systems

    Field-installable connectors

    Ultra high-density and standard patch panelsand fiber management systems

    Patch cords, pigtails and pre-terminatedmulti-fiber cable assemblies

    Modular faceplates, modules and adapters

    Customizable hybrid cables, assembliesand housings

    Indoor and outdoor tight buffer and loose-tubedistribution and trunk cables

    Interlock armor, direct burial and ruggedizedcables for industrial environments

    The following is a recap of each of the five BeldenIBDN FiberExpressSystems that are offered today.

    FX300 System

    The FiberExpressFX300 System is an end-to-end fiber system that features OM1 type 62.5 mmultimode fiber with an overfilled launchband-width of 200 MHz-km at the 850 nmwavelength, capable of supporting 1Gb datarates over a 300 m distance. Combined with ahost of connectors, assemblies, patch panels and

    accessories, the FX300 System is extremely flexibleand versatile, making it the ideal solution formaintaining existing legacy 62.5 m fiber systemsin conventional premise LAN applications that useeither LED or laser light sources.

    FX600 System

    The FiberExpressFX600 System is an end-to-end fiber system that features OM2 type 50 mmultimode fiber with an overfilled launch band-width of 500 MHz-km at the 850 nm wavelength,capable of supporting 1Gb data rates over a600 m distance. With its smaller core, OM2 fiberoffers more than twice the bandwidth of OM1 at

    the 850 nm wavelength. The system is availablewith a wide range of connectors, assemblies,patch panels and accessories, making it anideal solution for maintaining conventionalbackbone, horizontal, and intrabuilding 1Gbfiber infrastructures.

    FX2000 System

    The FiberExpressFX2000 System is an end-to-end fiber system that features OM3 type laser-optimized 50 m multimode fiber that is betterable to take advantage of low-cost 850 nm wave-length VCSEL light sources. With an overfilledlaunch bandwidth of 1500 MHz-km at 850 nm,

    the FX2000 system has excellent optical charac-teristics, providing more robust support for multi-gigabit applications. Capable of supporting 10Gbdata rates over a 300 m distance, the end-to-endFX2000 System creates a cost-effective, high-bandwidth, fiber system for premise and campusbackbone LAN infrastructures, storage areanetworks (SANs), central offices anddata centers.

  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf


    One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.


    FX4000 System

    To meet the increasing demands for higherbandwidth and to support next-generation speedsof 40 and 100Gb, the FiberExpressFX4000 Systemfeatures the very latest OM4 type laser-optimized50 m multimode fiber with a minimum overfilledlaunch bandwidth of 3500 MHz-km at 850 nm.Recognized as the fiber media of choice for

    new high-speed data networks, Beldens FX4000System is capable of supporting 10Gb over a550 m distance and 40 and 100Gb over a 150 mdistance. The combination of new OM4 fiber andBeldens pre-terminated multi-fiber cable assem-blies and accessories make the FX4000 end-to-endsystem the highest performing multimode fibersystem available to support supercomputer datacenter demands and easily prepare for tomorrows

    bandwidth needs.

    FX Single-mode System

    For long-reach applications in campus andoutside plant backbones, Beldens FX Single-modeSystem features OS2 type singlemode fiber thattransmits at 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths.Beldens FX Single-mode Systems low-water peakfiber is ideal for Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM) technology where multiple wavelengths

    operating at 10 or 25Gb are transmitted overa single fiber to deliver extremely high bandwidthto distances of 10 km or more.

    Belden IBDN FiberExpressSystems Selection Guide

    Belden System FX300 System FX600 System FX2000 System FX4000 System FX Single-mode System

    Standard OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4 OS2

    Maximum Reach 300 m/1Gb 600 m/1Gb 300 m/10Gb550 m/10Gb &

    150 m/40-100Gb10 km

    Cable Selection Distribution Interlock Armor Distribution Loose Tube Trunk Cables

    Patch Panels FX Ultra HD & FX Ultra Systems FX Manager System FX Patch Panels

    Connectors FX Brilliance Connectors Optimax Connectors

    Assemblies FX Patch Cords and Pigtails FX Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies

    Outlets MediaFlex Multimedia Outlets Interface and MDVO Outlets

    One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.

  • 8/10/2019 Belden Optical Fiber Catalog_Original_17106.pdf



    Backed by years of field-proven telecommuni-cations experience, Belden IBDN FiberExpressSystem components include several innovativetechnologies designed to ensure cost-effective,easy deployment and maximum performanceand reliability, while meeting current and fu-ture needs for capacity and scalability. Theseproducts are designed with the same focuson quality and performance found in Beldenscomplete product line.

    FiberExpressBrillianceField-Installable Connectors

    Belden FX BrillianceField-InstallableConnectors take fibertermination to a wholenew level. As theindustrys best solutionfor the challenges offield connectorization,

    FX Brilliance Connectors are the only fiber opticconnectors to offer reliable terminations in less

    than five seconds with no specialized tools,epoxy, curing or polishing required. Fast, easyand consistent terminations combined with theability to re-terminate and no tools neededmeans that Brilliance Connectors save significanttime and labor while reducing material cost andconnector waste. Ideal for use in any LAN ordata center application, FX Brilliance Connectorsare designed and manufactured with the bestmaterials, expert polishing processes, and a 100%connector reliability test methodology to providesuperior performance for todays high-speedoptical networks. Installation kits are alsoavailable to easily and cost-effectively transitionto FiberExpressBrilliance Connector technology.

    FiberExpressUltra HD System

    Designed for anoptimized combinationof density andmodularity in datacenter and networkingapplications, theFiberExpressUltra HD