Belden Optical Fiber Catalog - .your optical fiber needs. Ourfocusonqualityanddetail...

download Belden Optical Fiber Catalog - .your optical fiber needs. Ourfocusonqualityanddetail ensuresasolidreturnonyour

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Transcript of Belden Optical Fiber Catalog - .your optical fiber needs. Ourfocusonqualityanddetail...

  • Belden FiberExpress

    Systems, Cable andConnectivity

    Belden Optical Fiber Catalog

  • Belden FiberExpress Systemsare the definitive choice for allyour optical fiber needs.Our focus on quality and detail

    ensures a solid return on your

    fiber cabling investment.

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    Preparing for the Future withBelden FiberExpress Solutions

    Belden has been involved in the development ofoptical fiber components since 1972 evolvingto its present status as an international supplierof high quality, cost-effective optical fibercabling systems.

    The FiberExpress Solution is the culminationof Beldens experience in the optical fiber arena,offering users a complete, high-performance,end-to-end cabling system that supportsboth centralized and fiber-to-the desk (FTTD)topologies, as well as in-building or campusbackbone cabling configurations.

    The FiberExpress Solution is, however, muchmore than an assemblage of top-performingproducts. It represents a complete approachto the methodology of fiber optic cabling, i.e.,FiberExpress systems are unique in their abilityto offer both superior performance and amore cost effective, speedier and less complexinstallation process than traditional fiber opticcabling systems.

    Belden developed the FiberExpressSolution to assure the smooth operationof your network and to provide for efficientnetwork management while continuallyreducing your total cost of ownership andpreparing your system for the future.

    Introduction 3

    FiberExpress Connectivity 8-38

    Connectors 8-10Pre-connectorized Assemblies 11-14Ultra Patch Panels 15-21Manager 22-23Patch Panels 24-25Accessories for Patch Panels 26-27Secure/Keyed LC System 28-36Outlets 37-38

    FiberExpress Optical Fiber Cable 39-55

    Cable Selection Guide and Color Charts 39Interconnect Cable Simplex and Duplex 40Distribution Cable 41-43Breakout Style Cable 44-45Interlocked Armor Distribution Cable 46Ribbon Cable 47Single Jacket, All Dielectric Cable 48-50Double Jacket, Armored Cable 51-52Double Jacket, Heavy-Duty Cable 53Central Tube Cable 54TrayOptic Heavy Duty, All Dielectric Cable 55

    Part Number Index 56-58

    Belden Customer Care 59

    Customer Service and Other Belden Contacts Back Cover

    Table of Contents Page

  • FiberExpress Solutions consist of a fullrange of multimode and single-mode cables,connectivity hardware, patch cords, cableassemblies, field connectors and a numberof work area outlets. These solutions arecharacterized as fiber-to-the-desk systems,pre-terminated systems and in-building orcampus backbone systems.

    FiberExpress Pre-terminated Systems

    The ultimate in quick, easy and reliable opticalnetworking is the FiberExpress Pre-term System.All components are factory connectorized andfully tested to ensure fast deployment andtremendous reliability. This flexible solution canbe deployed for traditional LAN systems, as wellas in specialized applications such as Data Centersand Storage Area Networks.

    The FiberExpress Pre-term System is alsowell-suited for temporary situations, such asdisaster recovery installations or conventioncenter services.

    FiberExpress Backbone Systems

    In todays environment, cabling networkbackbones are typically designed using acombination of both multimode and single-modefiber cables. Configuring the right fiberbackbone for your unique premise or campusapplication is a complex process. An inadequateor improperly installed network backbone canseverely limit overall network performance and,therefore, your businesss productivity andefficiency. Fortunately, selecting the right fiberbackbone cabling solution is comparatively easywhen you specify Belden FiberExpress Systems.

    Many factors will influence the design ofyour specific optical fiber backbone infrastructureand the appropriate mix of single-mode andmultimode fiber products and technologies.

    FiberExpress Fiber-to-the-desk(FTTD) Systems

    Whether for horizontal distribution or centralizedcabling, FiberExpress solutions include a widerange of products such as work area outletsand large-capacity fiber management productsdesigned to make FTTD applications a costeffective reality.

    FiberExpress solutionsare for fiber-to-the-deskor centralized cablingapplications and thebackbone infrastructure.FiberExpress Pre-Terminated systemsare the ultimate solutionfor quick, easy, andreliable installations.

    Offering Three Outstanding, Cost Effective Solutions

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    Key Design Criteria

    Capacity and Topology Planning

    Deployed Belden Horizontal UTP SystemsThe role of the network backbone is to supportthe deployed or planned horizontal cablingsystem. Higher bandwidth horizontal systems,such as Belden's IBDN System 10GX or 4800,may indicate use of single-mode fiber in the back-bone for superior overall network performance.

    Horizontal to Backbone Data Rate RatioTraditional design guidelines use a 1:10 data rateratio; indicating, for example, that when 1 Gb/sapplications such as 1000BASE-T Ethernet areoperating across the horizontal, the backboneshould be capable of supporting throughputsof 10 Gb/s or more.

    Distances and TopologiesThe effective capacities of single-modeand multimode fiber channels have distancelimitations. Generally speaking, single-modefiber channels can operate at greater speeds overgreater distances than multimode fiber channels.Distance considerations will be important criteriain campus or MAN backbone design, and mustalso be considered for in-building backbonesand centralized fiber network topologies.

    Return on Investment

    Legacy Networks and Active EquipmentWe seldom have the luxury of designing anddeploying networks with a clean slate andaccommodating existing cabling infrastructuresand active equipment must be factored intobackbone design considerations and mayaffect the single-mode/multimode mix.

    Cost of OwnershipAt first glance, fiber channels are typically moreexpensive than UTP channels; while single-modefiber channels are typically more expensive thanmultimode channels. But, cost must always beconsidered in the context of performance, featuresand benefits and ultimately in terms of value.

    Future-proofingCabling infrastructure design must considernot just current requirements, but also futuregrowth, capacity and new applications. The sameis true with fiber backbone planning and design.A marginal increase in investment today canextend the operational lifespan of your backbone,thereby increasing the return on your backbonenetworking investment.

    Fiber Channel Topology

    FiberExpress Cables

    Cross-Connect Hardware in the Telecom Room

    Patch Cords in the Telecom Room and at the Work Area

    Outlets at the Work Area

    Fiber Connectivity

    MM = Multimode SM = Single-mode* FiberExpress Pre-terminated Solutions provide simple-to-install, high-performance fiber channels through custom length,high precision factory terminated cables and matching optical connectivity components.

    For more design details, please refer to the IBDN Optical Fiber Design Guide.

    Fiber Backbone Fiber Backbone Fiber Fiber-To-The-DeskBelden FiberExpress Page (Field Terminated (Field Terminated Pre-Terminated (FTTD) andSystem Matrix No. Campus) In-Building) Solutions Centralized Fiber

    Breakout & Distribution Cable 41-47Series: MM & SM

    Interconnect Cable 40Series: MM & SM

    Loose Tube (Campus) Cable 48-55Series: MM & SM

    MPO Cable Assemblies: 12MM & SM

    FiberExpress Ultra Patch Panel 15-21with Adapter Modules andCassettes: MM & SM

    FiberExpress Manager 22-23with FiberExpress ManagerConnector Modules: MM & SM

    FiberExpress Rack- and 24-27Wall-mount Patch Panel withUniversal Adapter Strips:MM & SM

    FiberExpress Bar: MM & SM 14

    FiberExpress Patch Cords: 11MM & SM

    MDVO Multimedia Outlets 38with MDVO MultimediaModules

    MediaFlex Outlets with 37MediaFlex Multimedia Inserts

    Optimax Connectors: 8-9MM & SM

    Epoxy Field-mountable 10Connectors: MM & SM

    Fiber Pigtails: MM & SM 11

  • Belden FiberExpress components have over20 years of field-proven telecommunicationsexperience behind them. These products aredesigned with the same focus on quality anddetail found in our complete Belden product line.

    FiberExpress Ultra Patch Panel System

    The FiberExpressUltra PatchPanel Systemis a highlyinnovative

    fiber patching solution that ensures the utmostreliability and ease of use during installation,operation and maintenance. The system alsoprovides the highest density fiber patchingavailable today, enabling the conservation ofvaluable IT real estate and the ability to saveon installation and maintenance labor costs.

    It is available in both 1U and 4U designs,using LC or other Small Form Factor (SFF)connectors. It has dual swing-out frames toease front access to connectors; 1" pull-outof individual adapter modules for connectormaintenance or replacement; full rear accessfor easy maintenance; and built-in cablemanagement features that facilitate connectorand patch cord identification and built-inprotection, as well as providing for intuitivecable routing. Wall-mount and SpliceEnclosures are also available.

    FiberExpress Manager

    The FiberExpressManager is a modularsystem that facilitatesmanagement of largenumbers of high-density,in-building terminations.The FiberExpressManager allows up to1920 single-mode ormultimode fiber termi-nations in a single rack.

    The FiberExpressManagers connectormodule supports LC, SC, SC Duplex, ST Type,FC and MT-RJ connectors. Its innovative releasemechanism allows it to slide from the shelf likea PC card, greatly facilitating managementof the patch cords.

    FiberExpress Patch Panel System

    FiberExpress Patch Panelscan be used with