Belated Happy Birthday and Happy 34th Monthsary!

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A very brief feature for a special person in my life.

Transcript of Belated Happy Birthday and Happy 34th Monthsary!

  • Another year

    wiser November 2012





  • Jay-r

    Jay-r, Jerry, Printmaster, Boy

    next door, whatever you call him,

    youre referring to one and unique


    A computer engineer whose

    passion is set unusually across a

    different arena. The world of


    One would not normally expect for

    a technical person who designs

    materials, structures and systems

    while considering the limitations

    imposed by practicality, safety and

    cost, to value more profit-oriented

    activities and be an entrepreneur

    rather than a practitioner of his

    chosen field of study.

    He uses his technical skills and

    ability to manage his own business.

    He has always wanted to be the

    employer and not the employee, not

    merely for profits, but more

    importantly because he wants to

    help other people by providing

    sources of income for others. Jerry Printmaster

  • A a

    A Loving Son

  • A Supportive Brother

  • A True Friend

  • A Sweet and Caring Partner

  • And an entrepreneur

  • Jay-r B. Gonzaga

    A man like no other.

    A person who will always be special

    to me and I will forever cherish.

    A one real person that I am grateful

    when God gave me the chance to

    have met you.

  • Belated Happy 26th Birthday Mine and Happy 34th


    I love you Mine

    Thank you for staying with me despite of my imperfections.