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Comic Books, Trading Cards, Video Games, Dinky, Corgi, Tinplate, Dolls,Teddies, Lego, TV-Related & More!
Started 12 May 2021 10:00 BST
Unit 12 , Paynes Business
PE32 2NQ
United Kingdom
Lot Description
1 An unboxed 2010 Bigtrak, complete with instructions, in working order.
2 A collection of Skylander interactive figures together with a portal stand and a Strategy guide. To include figures from Trap team, Swap
Force and Giants.
3 A Chain Fong Toys electronic talking Parrobot toy, complete with part of original box.
4 10 Skylanders interactive play pieces from Swap Force and Sypro's Adventure. Characters comprise: Camo, Zook, Lightning Rod, Dino-
Rang, Star Strike, Scorp, Blast Zone, Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Wash Buckler and Big Band Trigger Happy (S3).
5 A vintage Apple Macintosh LC home computer with Color Stylewriter 2400, printer, keyboard and mouse. Together with external hard
drive. Not tried or tested. From a private estate.
6 An Apple iMac G3 computer complete with keyboard, mouse and start up disks. Vendor advises in working order but not tried and
7 A box containing 31 packs of sealed and unopened Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards. Series 1, from Fleer, 2003.
8 A large collection of 1978 Paramount Pictures "Mork and Mindy" trading cards.
9 A quantity of assorted vintage T.V and Movie related trading cards. To include: Moonraker, E.T., Jaws 2, Chips, 1989 Batman, Growing
Pains and Ghostbusters.
10 A quantity of assorted vintage T.V and Movie related trading cards. Comprising: Gremlins (set only missing 1 card and 1 sticker),
Gremlins 2, ALF and The Dark Crystal.
11 A shoe box containing a quantity of Marvel Masterpiece trading cards.
12 60 sealed and unopened packs of Pro Set 1992 Thunderbirds are Go! Trading cards. In original box (lid missing). Together with 6 loose
13 A full box of 100 packets of The Beano & The Dandy stickers from Merlin Collections, 1994. Box lid is detached but present. Some
packets are beginning to become unstuck but all contents are present.
14 Approx. 210 assorted Korean Pokémon cards, dated 2016.
15 A full box of 48 sealed packets of Batman trading cards from Topps, 1989. Each packet contains cards, sticker and bubble gum.
16 225+ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band trading cards from Stigwood, 1978.
17 A folder containing a quantity of assorted vintage trading cards. To include: 1979 & 1986 Paramount Pictures Star Trek cards, The
Creators Universe, Barb Wire, Judge Dredd and Valiant.
18 The Mummy Returns, Universal Pictures 2001, Official movie merchandise. Comprising: 2 black and white photographs, 2 photographic
slides and a production sheet.
19 A quantity of assorted vintage trading cards and stickers. To include: Buck Rogers, Terminator 2, The Simpsons, Smash Hits,
Neighbours, Ferngully and Star Wars; Attack of the Clones.
20 A quantity of assorted vintage and modern trading cards and game cards. To include: Magic the Gathering, Märheaven, David Cherry,
Plasm and Batman.
21 A collection of assorted stickers, trading cards boxes, collectors files and games. To include: full Skips Milk Caps collectors file, The
Simpsons film card viewer, Skips Pop & Swap albums (empty) and a quantity of News of the World Panini Disney Pixar sticker sheets.
22 A box of Scalextric track, railings, controller, power unit and a Benetton racing car.
23 A boxed Micro Scalextric, World Championship Edition, with Benneton and Ferrari racings cars. Wear to box.
24 A quantity of assorted vintage lead farm animals to include Britains and J. Hill & Co. Together with J. Hill & Co tree and fence panels
and some vintage wooden fencing and hedges.
A collection of 00 gauge scale figures and accessories to include Britains, Hornby and Playcraft. Lot includes: boxed Britains zoo
railings, sealed Hornby R565 Farm animals blister pack and an assortment of painted and unpainted figures to include animals, soldiers,
railway workers and Zulu Warriors ...[more]
26 A collection of vintage comic books to include Starslayer; the log of the Jolly Roger, issue #3. Lot also includes: Shockwave, Hammer's
House of Horror, Castle of Horror and Viz.
27 5 Silver Age Comic Books Including Action Comics, Superboy, Sinister Tales & Planet Stories. Superboy #124 & #133 & Action Comics
#329 by DC Comics. Planet Stories #7 by Atlas Publishing. Sinister Tales #80 by Alan Class & Co. All 1960s, fair condition.
17 British Marvel UK comic books. Various titles: Incredible Hulk, Planet of the Apes & Super-Heroes Dates from 1974-80. All in bag &
board.Planet of the Apes: #27 & #33.Mighty World of Marvel Starring The Incredible Hulk: #68, #70, #71, #150, #151, #170. The Super-
Heroes: #17 & #19. Marvel Superher ...[more]
29 A quantity of 22 vintage pocket sized war comics to include Commando. Lot also includes Fleetway Library War and Battle editions.
30 8 Issues of Starlord Comic by IPC Comics. UK Sci-Fi Comic. Includes issues #1 & #2. All dated 1978. All in bag & board.
31 14 Issues of The Complete Fantastic Four comic books by Marvel Comics. Includes issues #5, #6, #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #17, #18, #19,
#24, #26, #29 & #30. Originally Published by Marvel UK. Dated 1977-78. All in bag & board.
32 23 Issues of X-Men (Fortnightly UK) comic books by Marvel Comics. All issues dated 1995. All in bag & board.
33 88 issues of The Beano comic, 47 dating from 2008 and 41 dating from 2013. To include: 4 issues with original unopened Turbo Battlerz
free gift, Red Nose Day Harry Hill issue and 3 issues with Special Collectors Edition covers.
84 assorted The Dandy, The Beano and Dennis the Menace comics, dating from 1999 - 2010. To include: 14 issues of 2000 The Dandy
comic, 2 x 1999 Classics from the Comics, 2006 The Beano Summer special, Christmas Special, Spooky Special 7 Football Special
comics and 3 free gift mini comics to include ...[more]
35 A collection of 38 vintage 1960's & 70's Puffin Post magazines together with 9 vinyl folders.
A collection of assorted comics, books and trading cards to include The Incredible Hulk #290. Together with Superman starring in Action
Comics #547, Warhammer 40,000 rule book, Forge World catalogue and 1997/8 Manchester United FC collector card album &
2 Captain Marvel Comic Books: Issues #26 (May 1973) & #42 (Jan 1975). Issue #26 is the 1st Cover Appearance of Thanos (3rd
Overall Appearance).Issue #26 in good condition with some folds and wear to cover and spine. Issue #41 in great condition with some
minor wear and dents to cover.
38 The Mighty Thor, Issue #390, Comic Book published by Marvel Comics. This issue features the first time Captain America lifts Thor's
Hammer 'Mjolnir'.In Excellent Condition. Originally Published April 1988.
39 A small collection of vintage boys books and annuals. To include: Eagle Annual 8, Wagon Train Comic Album, Cheyenne Comic Album
and a 1920's edition of "Duty and Danger" edited by Herbert Strang.
40 2 boxes of children's vintage story books and annuals. To include 1941 edition of "The Story Of Peter Pan" by J.M.Barrie and illustrated
by Alice B. Wood. Annuals include: Dandy, Victory For Boys, Beano and Topper.
41 12 x 1983 'A Giant Fairy Tale' paperback books, stories by The Brothers Grimm. By World International Publishing.
42 3 x vintage Peter Pan series 'Book & Recording' - paperback books with a 45 record. 2 copies of Little women and Robinson Crusoe.
Together with a vintage copy of The Railway Train by The Ladybird Series.
43 A box containing approx. 135 Children's Ladybird books from 1990's - 2000's. To include: Little Workmates, Favourite Tales, Read it
Yourself and Little Stories.
44 A box containing approx. 130 Children's Ladybird books from 1990's - 2000's. To include: Phonics, Winnie-the-Pooh, Ladybird Classics,
Read it Yourself and Read with Me.
45 A box containing approx. 130 Children's Ladybird books from 1990's - 2000's. To include: Favourite tales, Learners, Ladybird Classics
and Early Learning.
46 A box containing approx. 135 Children's Ladybird books from 1990's - 2000's. To include: Walt Disney, Topsey & Tim, Koala Brothers,
Little Red Tractor and Ladybird Classics.
47 A box containing approx. 130 Children's vintage Ladybird books from 1970's & 80's. Mostly Fiction, to include Disney.
48 A collection of 17 Vintage 1970's & 80's Ladybird books. Comprising: a set of 5 Tasseltip story books, 5 Hannibal the Hamster story
books and 7 Garden Gang books.
49 A box containing approx. 120 Children's vintage Ladybird books from 1970's & 80's. To include: Early Learning, Fiction, Conservation
and Toddler Books.
50 A quantity of 60 assorted vintage Ladybird fiction books. To include Disney stories, Read it Yourself and Ladybird Classics.
51 A collection of 35 assorted 1960's & 70's Ladybird books. To include: Ladybird Leaders, People at Work series, Tales of King Arthur and
Achievements series.
52 A collection of 34 assorted vintage 1960's - 80's Ladybird books. To include: Well Loved Tales, History series and Talkabout series.
53 Approx. 55 vintage fiction Ladybird books from the 1970's - 80's. To include: Read it Yourself, Well Loved Tales and Children's Classics.
54 A collection of 35 vintage fictional Ladybird books from the 1960's - 80's. To include: Well Loved Tales, Tasseltip, Hannibal and Mervyn
55 A collection of 35 vintage Ladybird books from the 1960's - 80's. To include: Adventure from History series, How it Works series and
People at Work series.
56 A collection of 40 vintage Ladybird books from the 1960's - 80's. To include: Ladybird Leaders, Early Readers, How it works series and
Talkabout series.
57 A collection of children's books and annuals. To include: The Rupert annual No 66, Dr Who, Indiana Jones and Dandy.
4 first edition Harry Potter books together with a 1965 Walt Disney America Story Book. A first edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows without dust cover (damage to 1 corner), 2 first editions of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince (one without dust cover) and a
first edition of Harry Po ...[more]
59 1987 F. Warne & Co The World of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter 23 book set. Together with 4 loose Beatrix potter books (1 with no dust
60 A collection of modern annuals and books together with 5 vintage Giles cartoon books. To include: Top Gear, Match, Captain Scarlett
and Official England FC annuals. Giles books comprise: 13th, 23rd, 24th, 27th & 29th series.
A collection of vintage Children's hardback fiction books together with 2 Rupert Bear comic books. Rupert and Rollo (adventure series
No.3) and Rupert; The Big Game Hunt (Adventure series No. 5). Books to include: Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, The Story Girl by
L.M. Montgomery and A Sub and a S ...[more]
62 4 x 1950's Rupert Bear books. Comprising: The Rupert Picture Story Book, 2 Daily Express Annuals and The Monster Rupert (complete
with 200 colour cut-outs).
63 2 x DK Lego books with play pieces together with a boxed Click Brick Farm tractor & tipping trailer. Lego Ninjago book complete with
Sensei Wu minifigure and Lego City Brickmaster book and contents. Click Brick set complete with instructions.
64 2 x unopened, boxed Lego sets, #70611 The Ninjago Movie Water Strider (Box dented in one corner). Together with #75125 Star Wars
Resistance X-Wing microfighter, series 3 (box shows signs of scuffing and denting).
65 A box of assorted loose Lego pieces and part vehicles.
66 6 assorted sealed and unopened Lego set bags.
67 2 boxed 1970's Lego accessories sets (complete) together with a quantity of loose Lego train track. Boxed sets comprise #154 train
switch track points and #871 Supplementary set.
68 A quantity of vintage 1970's Lego pieces and booklets to include parts from #312 Tanker.
69 2 boxes of assorted vintage Lego accessory pieces. To include: wheels, figures, flags, trees and signs.
70 A quantity of vintage Lego pieces and accessories, to include: windows, flowers, doors and wheels.
71 A collection of vintage Lego vehicles and part vehicles. To include: Police car, forklift truck, ambulance, Rally car, taxi and Shell truck.
72 A collection of Lego Friends sets, pieces and booklets. Lot includes: 14 bagged sets (with instructions), a bag of assorted pieces, a bag
of assorted figures and 3 additional booklets/instruction manuals.
73 A box containing a quantity of assorted bags of Lego pieces and accessories to include wheels. Together with some booklets/instruction
74 A quantity of assorted Lego City instruction manuals.
75 A quantity of assorted Lego Creator instruction manuals.
76 A quantity of assorted Lego instruction manual, leaflets and posters. To include: Star Wars, Racers, Ninjago, Knights Kingdom, Friends,
Technics, Super Heroes and Jurassic World.
77 A collection of assorted Lego Bionicle play pieces and instructions.
78 3 bagged Lego City play sets, with instruction booklets, to include #60022 Lego City Cargo Terminal. Together with #60085 Lego City
vehicle set; 4x4 transporter truck with trailer and speed boat and #60055 Monster Truck.
79 A collection of assorted Lego pieces and play sets. To include bagged Lego Creator pieces with instructions.
80 A collection of assorted Lego play pieces and instruction manuals. To include: Chima, Lord of the Rings, Hero Factory and Marvel Super
81 A quantity of assorted 1950's bakelite and plastic Bayko building sets. Complete with metal rods and instruction manuals.
82 A Lego Technic 42070 6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck construction kit, unused in original packaging. All internal packets sealed, Instruction
book in sealed plastic bag.
83 9 assorted 500 and 1000 piece puzzles in varying designs to include Gibson's, MB and Falcon.
84 2 vintage soft head hobby horses with faux leather reins, one with bells. Together with a push along soft toy dog, by Carousel.
85 A small collection of assorted vintage toys in include 1977 small head Han Solo, Star Wars figure. Lot also includes a cased 1970's Ideal
Trans Am Firebird TCR Total Control Racing car and Burago Datsun 240 Z.
86 A collection of 220+ vintage Gogo's Crazy Bones figures and 2 carry cases. Lot includes felt and shiny figures.
87 A handmade wooden scale model of a 16th century galleon with 20 guns. Detailed masts, rigging, sails and deck areas. Hand painted
decoration throughout. On wooden plinth stand. Approx. 83cm tall x 88cm wide.
88 A handmade wooden scale model of a 18th century 32 gun frigate. With detailed masts, sails and body. Ship, lanterns, rigging, anchor
and lifeboats. On wooden plinth base. Approx. 84cm tall x 93cm wide.
89 A boxed Tri-ang clockwork powered "Burnham" 11" Motor Cruiser. Complete with key and mast, rear flag and boat missing. In working
order. Box missing one end flap.
90 A small modern wooden storage unit with Avengers decoupage decoration. Unit has 2 small drawers and one open shelf, can be used
on table top or for wall hanging. Approx. 52 x 18 x 15cm.
91 A modern pine 3 drawer cabinet painted in pastel colours with The Simpsons decoupage detail. Approx. 60 x 45 x 40cm.
92 A red painted sewing box with Mickey & Minnie Mouse detail to top. Small front drawer with red and white polka dot ceramic handle.
Inside of drawer and interior of box both have Disney character padded cushions. Approx. 60 x 35.5 x 35.5cm.
93 A pair of children's lamps hand decorated with small toy cars together with a Tetris lamp.
94 A 43" foam fantasy role playing sword in play worn condition. Together with a handmade wooden elastic band rifle.
95 A boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families ambulance #4421, as new condition with unopened accessories. Together with a boxed
Paramedic and patient playset #4412.
96 A boxed Sylvanian Families Skidoo playset #4372 together with an unboxed Polar bear family.
97 2 boxed Playmobile playsets. #4854 Kangaroo & Koala Keeper set & #5110 Show Horse with stall. Koala set fully complete, horse set
only missing riders helmet.
98 A boxed and unopened Flair Toys retired Sylvanian Families Pig family. Item No. 4153.
99 2 boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families figure and accessories play sets, one sealed & unopened. #4874 Sister at Home set (sealed) and
#4443 Bath Time for Baby.
100 A boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families Treehouse #4618.
101 A boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families Burgundy Family car #4429. Together with a boxed Bench & Fountain accessories set #4535.
102 A boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families Sycamore Cottage #4419. Fully complete with rabbit play figure, furniture and all accessories.
103 A boxed and unopened Flair Toys Sylvanian Families retired Friesian Cow family, #4167.
104 A boxed Flair Toys Sylvanian Families Bluebell cottage #4284
105 A boxed Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson #4415 together with an unboxed Sister at Home set. Boxed set in as new condition,
some accessories unopened. One end flap torn off but present. Sister at Home set fully complete.
106 A collection of 10 assorted Pez sweet dispensers in blister packs. To include characters from Spongebob Squarepants, The Muppets
and Winnie-the-Pooh.
107 A collection of 11 assorted Pez sweet dispensers in blister packs and 1 other. To include Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and Christmas
108 17 assorted Pez sweet dispensers, 6 in blister packs. To include: Disney Cars, Shrek, Wall.e, Madagascar and Despicable Me.
109 A vintage painted wooden model of a passenger liner. Approx. 70cm long x 11.5cm tall.
110 A collection of boxed games and toys to include Bingo Lotto, Texas Hold 'Em Poker set. Also includes boxes of extra poker chips and
The Ultimate Arm Wrestling Game.
111 A collection of assorted boxed Scrabble games by Spears Games, together with 2 desk top easels.
112 A large boxed Bentian Toys Radio control Construction series Loader. Complete with remote control, 9.6V rechargeable battery pack
and 9V battery. High/low speed selection, movable bucket, moves in all directions and lights up.
A large boxed Bentian Toys Radio control Construction series Dump Truck. Complete with remote control, 9.6V rechargeable battery
pack and 9V battery. High/low speed selection, movable truck bed, moves in all directions, adjustable front wheel alignment and lights
114 A collection of vintage playing cards, toys and card games. To include Elektrotechnik cased bridge set, boxed Nu-Magik scientific toy,
Old Maid, Snap and Animal Grab.
115 A vintage wooden handled "Flexten" ball bearing skipping rope. Rope length approx. 10".
116 A pair of vintage metal cap guns in a brown holster with transfer print detail. Guns with cowboy head logo and black plastic handles.
Mechanism in working order.
117 A boxed Shuang Ma Radio Control 7004 Racing Boat. Complete with boat stand, battery pack, remote control and instructions.
Specifications: Hull length 740mm, width 195mm, height 175mm, main motor 380x2.
118 A vintage 1975 Bay City Rollers on Tour board game, from Whitman. Complete with all playing pieces and interior packing with printed
instructions. One corner of box lid is torn and sellotaped.
119 4 vintage Fisher Price toys. Comprising: Music Box TV, Fire Engine, Dup Truck and Jalopy.
120 A box of assorted vintage toys to include wooden building blocks and Tom & Jerry picture dominoes. Lot also includes a quantity of
'Kidditunes' vinyl records.
121 A quantity of assorted vintage and modern games. To include: cased Backgammon set (in as new condition), boxed Sudoku game,
vintage boxed Canasta card game & book and modern Perudo dice game in tin case.
122 A collection of assorted Bionic Bungees Figures and metal disks. Together with a collection of Crazy Bones figures and a tin of Crazy
bones trading cards.
123 A boxed radio controlled Champions Sports Poisons 4x4 Monster Truck. Together with a boxed Hotwheels Monster Jam "Grave Digger"
Custom Crushers Monster Truck.
124 A collection of mixed toys to include Brian toy. Lot also includes…