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Karin Hurt

Transcript of Becomingtheboss 1

  • KARIN HURT | KAY VALENZUELA All rights reserved Lets Grow Leaders | Karin Hurt | Kay Valenzuela 2014
  • We are liv ing c hange
  • 71% Disengaged or actively disengaged Gallup 31% Don't like their boss Accenture 65% Choose a better LEADER over a raise Bad Boss Survey L e a d e r s h i p c r i s i s
  • The high cost of subordinated values and authority Customer Service Team PerformanceCommunication Organizational Results $450 - $550 Billion Dollars each year in lost productivity.Family Issues
  • C o s t o f s u b o r d i n a t e d v a l u e s a n d a u t h o r i t y Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. More likely to: Steal from their companies, Negatively influence their coworkers, Miss workdays, Drive customers away. Gallup
  • The majority of people would trust a stranger over their boss. Harvard Business Review
  • Why? Por Qu?
  • Man was made at the end of the weeks work. When God was tired. Mark Twain
  • Authenticity A u t e n t i c i d a d
  • Inside Factors I lead from my heart, and no one follows? I expose my feelings and they disagree? I let my team in, and they think I am weak? I trust my team, and they let me down? I dont fit in. I say what I think, and lose my job.
  • Customer Perception Ratings Employee Engagement Rotational Assignments Leadership Development Programs Stack Ranked Performance Systems Outside Factors
  • Theyve been screwed before Youre their lifeline They want to be like you-maybe They have important news to share They long for connection They want to make a difference Your Team Needs You to be REAL
  • How Do I Get My Team to Trust Me?
  • Do what you say you will Follow through Develop great peer relationships Follow the no blind side Ask what else you can do to help Goes in reverse as well Tips for Building Trust
  • Dealing with the most challenging boss And then youhave you.
  • Its not your boss responsibility to motivate you, Develop you, or direct your career. THATS YOUR JOB Karin Hurt KARIN HURT
  • Trans parent c onv ers ations Know Yourself | Be Yourself | Say Whats True Commit to the Cause | Connect With Others
  • FEEL Sienten DO Hacen SAY Dicen VALUE Valoran Qu es lo que ellos
  • FEEL Sientes DO Haces SAY Dces VALUE Valoras
  • What if My Boss is Disengaged?
  • How Do I Persuade My Boss?
  • Private Emotion Research Share Understand Acknowledge Data Engage Tips For Boss Persuasio
  • Benefits of a Dis engaged Bos s Freedom to experiment Broadened network Marketing your work Strategic thinking Teambuilding
  • Your Leadership Matters.