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Online travel service promoting sustainable quality tourism to Greece!

Transcript of Become our partner- hotels-service/Mykonos/Santorini

  • 1. Become our Partner!

2. A FEW WORDS ABOUT USWe are a new online travel service, with offices in London, England and Athens,Greece. We promote quality and sustainable forms of tourism to Greece.Our focus is to bring independent travellers in touch with the unique Mykonianculture and its authentic people, helping them relax and spend quality time withfriends and family.Our exclusive travellers are able to share knowledge and gain experiences byvisiting exciting destinations offered by our network of carefully chosen partners.Our mission is to help explore, inform, share, gain and above all show that thereis more to travel !We are a travel focused service that brings together people, in a knowledgesharing journey. 3. WHY LIST YOUR SERVICES WITH US? 1. WE LOVE GREECE 2. We offer a no commission service so that the locals earn more income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees. 3. We believe that tourism enables the traveller to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. 4. Creates a bond between our customers and the local community and ensures repeat business and benefits for all. 5. We are promoting quality sustainable forms of tourism as an alternative to mass tourism. You dont necessarily make more money through mass tourism, when you look at the cost of mass tourism, the cost to your local environment and the cost to your culture. 6. We aim to create services that will help change and extend the seasonal face of Greece (July-August) into an exciting all year round destination. 7. We aim to change the perception of Greece as a Sea and Sun destination by promoting our cultural heritage and diverse natural beauties 8. We aim to show our customers that they can find unique experiences in Greece. 9. To achieve the above we want you to honour us with your finest service.10. Please spread the word to your community, friends and family. 4. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR IN OUR PARTNERS?We are looking for partners that share our passion and are willing to join our efforts.Guidelines and procedures for quality responsible Tourism A procedure for responding to travellers complaints & feedback on sustainable travel practicesENVIROMENTAL Efforts to reduce waste and save energy (reduce-reuse-recycle). Provide travellers with suggestions how to reduce water use in their destinations. Suggestions to minimise damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems.COMMUNITY promote visits to appropriate local projects with direct or indirect environmental benefits. suggestions of ways to minimise negative impacts on local cultures suggestions for destination visits to appropriate local social projects with direct or indirectbenefits to the host community. Employment of local people wherever possible under fair employment practices. Ethical management and leadership. Partner makes use of local produce, manufacturers and other services. Travellers are provided with suggestions of local services that provide local community benefits(e.g. restaurants, guides, shops, craft markets) 5. BENEFITING YOUR BUSINESS!OUR NETWORKWe use our extensive network to promote all businesses that advertise with us. Our network consists of:BLUE PLANET MAGAZINE an environmental focused online Greek magazine that has a strong following in Greece and connections in the Greek publishing Industry. specializing in website development and Search Engine Optimization bringing innovative solutions to your online needs. http://www.netload.grUK ARILINE STAFF We are in the fortunate position to work with and have access to thousands of airline staff. These customers are used to the best and have extra spending power due to access to discounted air travel.LGBT COMMUNITY in London, New York and L.A. The gay and lesbian international community is an exclusive clientele that is known for seeking quality in their holidays and having extra spending power. We are part of an exclusive private members global network.SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK based in London, is a well known creative team specializing in photography, graphic design and brand building and helps us present your hotel or service in the best creative way.MARKETING & PROMOTIONSocial Media, We use popular social media to promote our business and have acquired a strong following on Facebook, Twitter e.t.cBlogs, we use our blogging network to regularly inform our customers and promote new services.Networking events, we participate in events & exhibitions in the UK & Greece that raise our profile and benefit our partners.Newsletters, we email our extended database with regular updates.We seek to promote social responsibility by supporting local projects at the destination.WEBSITESWe use all our websites to cross-promote our businesses and the business of those that advertise with us. 6. Our Hotel partners plans explained We offer 3 plans to our business partners. These plans are BLUE, SILVER & GOLD. Blue is our default membership whileSilver and Gold are memberships with extra benefits email : [email protected] with your queries.MEMBERSHIPS:All members will enjoy a first year introductory offer of 35% to promote their services with us.We invite all partners to participate in our Discount code, Best offers and Gay Friendly promotion that are designed to attractquality tourism to your business. BLUE Your services will appear on our Hotel guide page, discount code, best offers. SILVER We will promote your services further by featuring you in our Top Choices and Exclusive hotels. GOLD We will promote your services further by featuring you in our Top Choices and Exclusive Hotels promotions, plus you will be on one of our two exclusive advertising banners on our homepage, as well as, promotion on 6 newsletters.Our Best offers & Discount code features are addressed to all partners that wish to promote special offers for their services.We encourage all partners to take part in our discount code promotion by offering at least a 20% discount to all advertisedrates. Our customers will be emailed with a special code that can use when booking directly with you.Our Top Choices & Exclusive hotels features require a Silver or Gold membership promoting high quality services to our targetcustomer base.All partners are invited to join our Gay Friendly promotion feature targeting our LGBT community. Mykonos is a well knowngay destination with many people visiting to enjoy the open and tolerant culture of the island. We promote gay friendly tourismas a form of quality tourism and your cooperation is appreciated. 7. HOW CAN WE WORK TOGETHER?1. Register your interest with our London or Athens offices to get your services listed with exploremykonos.comor via email: [email protected] or [email protected] We will then contact you to discuss further details. We will discuss the service you offer and how we can best promote it. How does it compare with our service and efforts? What benefits does it bring to our customers? If you are willing to participate in our best offers deals, top choices and discount code promotion. How can we enhance the travel experience of our customers through your service? Introduce us to your community. How can we utilise your contacts within the local community to everyonesbenefit? Inform us about regular or extraordinary events and other local activities you or others organise in your area toinclude in our online blog. What are the local issues and how can we help in community projects? Include us in the recipient list of your newsletters or of the periodical publications, which you or your associatesundertake. Include us as a link on your portal, website, or blog. Add us on your online social network.3. Once all details are discussed we will agree on terms and conditions of service and payments. 8. Our Hotel partners plans summaryPLAN BLUE SILVER GOLD TIME oer Full rate oer Full rate oer Full rate 35% o 35% o 35% o 1st year 1st year 1st year EURO 250 380 310 480 950 1480 BEST OFFERS TOP CHOICES & EXCLUSIVE HOTELS DISCOUNT CODE BANNER & 6 NEWSLETTERS 9. Promote your service! If you have a business or service in Mykonos or Santorini like a restaurant, bar, caf, club, travel agency, car hire, photography business, beauty therapy or other that you think will benefit our customers please register your interest with us via email : [email protected] or [email protected] We will then contact you and see how we can best promote your business and service. Take advantage of our first years promotion discount below! PLAN OFFER FOR FIRST FULL RATE PER YEAR YEAR SERVICE PROVIDER 100 150