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Transcript of BeckyYost Twitter101 June202017 tweet if the person re -tweeting is someone you follow. The original

  • Twitter 101 By Becky Yost

  • Key Twitter Terms • Tweet - A tweet is the 140 character message you post on twitter. The visibility of your

    tweet is controlled by your settings. You can set your tweets to “public” or you can choose

    to only share them with people who follow you.

    • Username or “Twitter Handle” - This is the name you choose to represent you or your

    business on Twitter. It can be up to 15 characters. Once you pick your name, it will be

    shown with the “@” symbol in front, e.g. @BeckyYost

    • Follow - To subscribe to receive updates from a Twitter user. When you follow someone,

    you’ll see most all of their tweets. They won’t see yours unless they follow you. (You can

    choose to approve followers or allow anybody to follow you)

    • Re-Tweet – When you re-post something another user tweeted. You do this when you

    wish to share another user’s update with your followers. You may or may not choose to

    accompany the re-tweet with your own message.

  • Key Terms Cont. • Hashtag (#) – A way to tag a keyword or topic within a post to give it emphasis and make

    it more easily searchable by other users. Twitter users can click on or search a hashtag to

    view posts that have mentioned it. Many brands and events create “official” hashtags so

    that users can easily track the conversation.

    • @Mentions and @Replies – An @mention is when one user mentions another user in

    their tweet. Example: “Check out the #ExposureResearch done by @UWDEOHS”. An

    @reply is when a tweet is directed at another user. Example: “@UWDEOHS how can I get

    involved with your awesome research?” Note: An @reply will only appear on the feed of

    the specific account you are replying to/tweeting at and the feeds of people who follow

    BOTH of you, whereas an @mention will be seen by all of your followers, even if they don’t

    follow the account you are mentioning.

    • Twitter Feed – The home page you see when you sign in featuring tweets from the

    people you follow as well as sponsored Tweets (ads). You can find your feed by clicking


  • • Trending – You will notice on your home page a list of Hashtags or Topics that are “trending”. This means that hashtag or topic is being talked about by a lot of users at this moment. Joining in on trending conversations can help you gain visibility on Twitter.

    • Moment – a “Moment” is a collection of tweets all related to a specific topic. Moments are automatically created by Twitter, as well as by users, usually about trending topics. For example there might be a Twitter Moment for the Super Bowl which would showcase a collection of the best tweets and videos about the Super Bowl. You can create your own moments, as well as follow ones you are interested in.

    • Notification – You will receive a notification when somebody interacts with one or your tweets, tags you in a tweet, follows you, or sends you a direct message.

    Key Terms Cont.

  • Setting Up Your Account Tips to Get Started

    • Create a Handle (username) that is easy to remember and recognizable– this

    helps others find you and interact with you more easily. Your first and last

    name is usually best or the name of your organization.

    • Make sure your username is readable. Use caps in your username to make it

    easier to read - example: BeckyYost or BeckyYostUW vs beckyyost or


    • Upload a profile picture and add a description. This lets people know more

    about you and indicates it is not a spam account. When setting up a business

    or organization-related account it is best to use your logo as your profile photo.

  • Setting Up Your Account Tips to Get Started Cont.

    • Set a cover photo for you profile page. This image might represent a promotion you

    have going on, or may be an eye catching image that is related to your business


    • During set-up twitter will try to help you find others to follow based on the

    information it gathers about your interests. You may or may not want twitter to

    automatically follow these people for you (you can always unfollow them later).

    • Get started by following colleagues, friends, and similar organizations or businesses.

    • Use other user’s “lists” to find people to follow. For example, UWDEOHS has a list of

    DEOHS affiliated users. Create your own lists to sort people you follow.

  • Getting to Know the Website 1 2 3 4 5 6 7



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  • Getting to Know the Website Cont.

    1. Home button - this will always bring you back to this screen.

    2. View current Moments or create your own

    3. View your notifications

    4. View your private messages

    5. Search for users, topics, and hashtags

    6. View/change your account and profile settings

    7. Create a new tweet (there are two places to do this from)

    8. Quick view of your account stats, click your photo to view your profile.

  • Getting to Know the Website Cont.

    9. Trending topics and hashtags

    10. Second place to create a new tweet

    11. Tweet from someone you are following

    12. Re-tweet – Notice it looks like a tweet within a tweet. You will see a re- tweet if the person re-tweeting is someone you follow. The original post will not necessarily be from someone you follow.

    13. Suggested accounts you might want to follow, based on who you currently follow and topics you tweet about.

    14. Popular live video suggested by Twitter – usually about a hot topic or event that is happening RIGHT NOW (you can hide this video box if you choose).

  • Getting to Know the Mobile App

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    1. Open your app menu (picture on right)

    2. Create a new tweet

    3. A second way re-tweets are displayed.

    U. of Washington did not make their

    own comment about the post they re-

    tweeted, so it does not appear as a

    tweet within a tweet in this case.

    4. Home button – will always bring you

    back to this screen

    5. Search people, hashtags, topics

    6. Notifications

    7. Private messages

    *Example of an @mention – letting UW know the post is about or may interest them


  • Getting to Know the Basic Actions on Twitter


    1 2 3 4



    1. Reply to a tweet. Using this button you can

    reply to the poster and/or users who have

    replied before you.

    2. Re-tweet a post.

    3. Like a post – you can view your past likes

    on your profile page, you can also view

    other user’s past likes on their profile


    4. Direct message the post to another user.

    5. View additional options including reporting

    inappropriate content, copying a link to the

    tweet, blocking the user, etc.

    6. Follow another twitter user by visiting

    their profile.

  • ACTIVITY #1 Spend the next 10 minutes working on Activity #1, if you have questions or get stuck please raise your hand.

  • Building Your Presence on Twitter Interacting with Others

    Interaction with other users is one of the most important steps in building

    up your twitter following and building a presence.

    1) Follow influencers and other users who have a similar message/audience.

    2) @Mention users in your tweets who have a large following, a great way to

    gain visibility is by being re-tweeted or mentioned by a larger account.

    Example: “Check out this great article from @UW researchers – their work is so

    great! #ResearchMatters [Link to article]”

  • Building Your Presence on Twitter Interacting with Others

    3) Retweet users who have a large following. This is most effective if you also add

    your own comment along the lines of “Check out this awesome infographic from

    @user, what a great resource”. Getting the attention of popular users is important, they

    may choose to follow you back and re-tweet your posts.

    4) Ask colleagues and organization partners to re-tweet you or @mention you. If you

    are promoting something specific, give them some example tweets that they can copy

    and paste. Example: “Friends over at @UWDEOHSCE are hosting a new social media

    course, #SafetyCultureUW, check it out! [link to course]”.

    5) @Reply to a tweet you find interesting to build a relationship with that user.

  • Building Your Presence on Twitter Keeping it Interesting and Relevant

    1) Always Always Always keep your target

    audience in mind when tweeting!!!

    2) Tweet about something that is trending.

    Check out the trending topics and find

    something that can relate to your messaging.

    See the example to the right.

    3) Exercise caution and your best judgment

    when posting about a potentially

    controversial topic.

    The more interesting and relevant your content is to your target audience, the more quality followers you will gain.

  • Building Your Presence on Twitter Keeping it Interesting and Relevant