Beautiful Bouncing Broads

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Transcript of Beautiful Bouncing Broads

  • Beautiful Bouncing Broads

    BOL Advisory Group

  • Back To Nature?No, thanks

  • Exploitation In Hong Kong?Definitely no thanks

    Dont think this

    is what they meant by

    get back on your feet

  • Back then it was called Za Chlebem

    Nothing has changed, now its just called Chasing Bread

  • Id rather have it brought to me though

    Call Me Crazy

  • Freedom Is Always Worth The Fight! The Thought Police Aint Sh*t!

  • You think she

    wants a yuppie who is

    making $80,000 a year

  • When you are riding with your

    domestic partner, you put on some

    urban beats, and she tries to be

    nice by saying Its catchy

    Then she puts on some angry betch music

    and youre like Haha okay, thats not bad