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Architecture Portfolio

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  • Pause. Take a breath and look around you. Allow your senses to take over and absorb the space you are surrounded in. Most of our life we are surrounded by living and breathing spaces that were conjured by the human imagination. These spaces have the ability to affect the quality of life and our environment. Architecture influences the way we interact with each other and the world. As a creative designer, this is what compels me to push forward and think of design solutions that better the quality of life.

    I am an architecture student, musician, artist, and creative thinker. I believe that architecture is about creating spaces that will benefit its occupants and its surroundings. As a designer I express architecture in a conceptual way but also in a very honest way. Architecture is about problem solving and responding to the issues that arise from its surroundings. Architecture is about listening. To be able to work as a team whether it be with a client, colleague, or co-worker. Architecture is about human interaction from the first drawing to the moment you experience the solution.

    i m a g i n e . c r e a t e . e x p e r i e n c e

  • r y a n b e a t t i e

    contact_4213 Hoffmeister Dr.Waxhaw, NC 28173

    education_Oklahoma State University Bachelor of ArchitectureArchitectural History and Theory MinorGPA: 3.075

    activities & honors_Acceptance into Arch 5100_ "architecture without borders"American Institute of Architecture StudentsAIAS Class RepresentativePresident's Honor Roll3rd place_ Acme Brick Design Competition Honorable Mention_ US Stone Design Competion11th place_ TSA National Finalist in Architecture

    skills & interests_3ds MaxAutoCADInDesignMicrosoft Office: Word, PowerpointPhotoshopSketchUpgraphic designshop and construction experience

    work experience_Kruize N Burger patio design, Ron King_ owner | 918.645.8336Teachers Associate, Randy Seitsinger, AIA_ professor and headCamp Counselor, Camp Lonehollow | 830.966.6600Camp Counselor, C5 Youth Foundation | 512.832.2620

    references_Paolo Sanza, RA_ assistant | 602.330.2542

    Jerry Stivers, AIA LEED AP_ assistant | 405.744.6043

    Meg Clark, camp director_ Camp Lonehollow830.966.6600

    Alida Garcia, camp director_ C5 Youth Foundation | 512.832.2513

    Kyle Darling, graphic | 405.640.4950

    08.2005 - 05.2011

    20112007 - 20112008 - 2011


    2010 201020092008

  • This portfolio will showcase selected works during my 6 year collegiate experience at Oklahoma State University. Allow this body of work to give you insight into my creative process and programmatic solutions. Let this experience help you determine who I am as a designer.

  • biomimetics

    bricktown international dance theater

    a family memorial

    woodward park public library


    range elementary school

    transit-oriented development

    seattle civic center

    tower house

    pedestrian bridge











  • biomimetics_f.09

    project_ Design a structure based on the human-made system of biomimetics. Biomimetics is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology.

    concept_ The vessels in a meristele of a bracken fern is used to represent a biological structure due to its strong architectural elements and tunnel-like characteristics. The repetitive tunnel form of the cell became a basis for the design. Combined with the phenomena of the Fibonacci Sequence, an order was derived and a structural pattern emerged. The Fibonacci Sequence provides a guide for the organization and composition of the biological structure.


  • biomimetics_2

  • The cell structure of a bracken fern carries a pattern that resembles architecture in nature. The tunnel-like form carried many structural qualities seen in contemporary architecture.

    The abstract pattern of the cell structure was simplified to a stacked hexagonal grid that would respond to the tunnel characteristics seen in the original cell image.

    The modified hexagonal system combined with the order of the Fibonacci Sequence created a biomimetic structure that represented many patterns seen in nature.


  • biomimetics_4

  • bricktown international dance theater_s.10

    project_ Design an international dance theater located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [Bricktown]. The design solution would have a strong consideration of the surrounding context while utilizing the canal and street levels in a creative way that would provide for an intriguing corner site.

    concept_ By providing the sense of physical and emotional anticipation, the theater causes visitors to feel like they are entering a new atmosphere. The theater acts as a performance from the moment you step on to the bridge or cross the canal until you find your seat. It is as though the visitor becomes the main act of the performance and the building is their stage.

    5_bricktown international dance theatre

  • bricktown international dance theatre_6

  • 7_bricktown international dance theatre ground floor plan

  • bricktown international dance theatre_82nd floor plan

  • 9_bricktown international dance theatre north elevation

  • bricktown international dance theatre_10east elevation

  • section 11_bricktown international dance theatre

  • bricktown international dance theatre_12reflected ceiling plan

  • 13_bricktown international dance theatre bridge entrance

  • lobby bricktown international dance theatre_14

  • 15_bricktown international dance theatre theatre

  • bricktown international dance theatre_16

  • a family memorial_f.08

    project_ Design an open-air memorial on a private family owned island located on a small lake outside of St. Louis, Missouri. The use of brick was to be implemented when designing the memorial.

    concept_ Using emotional words, a scheme was developed that focused on the elements and characteristics of a lighthouse. The concept of a lighthouse was chosen because it symbolizes a safe haven for people to go and feel protected. A direct path was established that would guide visitors to the memorial much like a lighthouse guides ships to shore. As you walk down the bridge towards the memorial, tiny waterfalls run off the tops of the brick walls, splashing into the lake below. This was a way of incorporating the zen-like sound of trickling water in order to calm the visitor and create a relaxing experience.

    17_a family memorial

    award: 3rd place [acme brick competition]

  • a family memorial_18

  • 19_a family memorial

    west elevation

    floor plan

  • a family memorial_20

    north elevation

    northeast perspective

    section A-A

  • woodward park public library_s.08

    project_ Design a library located in Woodward Park [Tulsa, Oklahoma]. The park consists of a heavily wooded area along the north end with a french garden to the south.

    concept_ A personal narrative was written that revealed an emotional personal story. The narrative was a way to relate to books. This narrative was transformed into a drawing which incorporated song lyrics and the context of the park.

    As a way to relate back to Oklahoma architecture, the Price Tower and the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial were studied and diagramed. All of these elements were transformed into a final drawing that helped determine many aspects of the final solution.

    21_woodward park public library

  • woodward park public library_22

    final board

  • 23_woodward park public library conceptual process

    left_ Drawing that incorporates a written narrative, a piece of music, and the context of Woodward Park. This drawing helped determine axes and focal qualities that were incorporated into the final solution. right_ Diagramatic structural representation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This drawing was used as a way to relate back to the architecture of Oklahoma and also give the final solution a sense of rigidity and structure.

  • woodward park public library_24conceptual process

    left_ Abstract representation of the structural Price Tower drawing incorporated with aspects from the narrative/context/music drawing. The combination of these two drawings start to provide more depth and background to the overall concept. right_ Diagrammatic representation of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. This was used because of the symbolic elements that Hans Butzer used in the design. This would become a second way to relate to Oklahoma.

  • left_ Abstract Price Tower/narrative drawing combined with an abstract representation of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. This abstract combination allows for more formal representation of Oklahoma architecture. right_ Final abstract drawing that combines all of the conceptual elements. This drawing omits certain qualities that are expressed elsewhere in order to achieve a solution that potentially solves programmatic issues.

    25_woodward park public library conceptual process

  • woodward park public library_26

    The floor plan was ultimately derived from the formal expression of the drawings during the conceptual process. The strong central axis was based on the core of the Price Tower. The focal point of the plan is a 30