Be Accountable for Your Safety at Work by Dr. Anuar Suun

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Transcript of Be Accountable for Your Safety at Work by Dr. Anuar Suun

How to be Accountable for Your Safety & Health at Work.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anuar Bin Suun UITM, Shah Alam

Question: How to be? Are you a manager now? or going to be? Question: What is manager?


What is accountable? Responsible, answerable

&liable. Liable to be required to give account. or In charge

Manager is? (If you are manager)Any executive who has overall responsibility for managing both the revenue & cost element of a companys income statement. Also responsible for leading or coordinating the strategic planning functions of the company.

General Principles (Health & Safety)Main responsibilities and duties: To

ensure the health & safety at mark of their employees & that of any other person who may be affected by their activities. To have a written policy & safety.


Describe the lines of responsibility and authority for the offices safety management function consistent with OSH manual / document.

Organizational Function

The head or top most manager will look or manage the following aspect / function: Administration Public Affairs Legal Authorization Technical Advisory Strategic Planning

Function: Safety & Health

The might be responsible for the following (specific ) tasks. Health & Safety Fire Protection Radiation protection Emergency Preparedness Industrial Safety

Office of Safety & Health

To serve to the CEO or senior manager responsible for the safety & health of the worker, the public & the environment. Accomplishes this mission by providing leadership and strategic vision pertaining to coordinating & integrating compliant safety & health program.

It also places duties on employees to:1.

Take reasonable care of their own health & safety. To cooperate with their employer ( to comply legal duties). Not to interfere or misuse anything provided in the interest of health, safety or welfare.



Organizational Function & Responsibilities For Safety & Health

To assign primary functions as described in various element of applicable public laws, federal regulation & DOSH directives ( policies, manual, notices, guidance & standard).

Integrated Safety Management ApproachA.

Provide Guidance Define scope of work: Translate


mission into work Set Expectation Prioritize Tasks Allocate Resource


Analyze Hazards: Identify & analyze hazards

Categorized hazards


Develop / Implement Control:Identify standard & requirements Identify controls to prevent hazards Establish safety control Implement control


Perform WorkConfirm readiness Perform work safely


Feedback / ImprovementCollect feedback inform Identify improvement opportunities Make change to improvement Oversight & enforcement


Specific Guidance for Managers.. (example)

Specific area of health & safety (its necessary for a manager to have a basic working knowledge duties & requirement). Depending on work circumstance & area concerned: Risk assessment Accident

& incident reporting Use of work environment Manual handling

The Role & Responsible of the Manager

Who at work Have access for their workplace Perform work activities

The Duties / ResponsibleEstablishing a proactive system to manage health & safety. Implementing the departments health & safety procedures @ guidelines. Ensuring safe work practices & procedures, established & maintain. Providing information , training, supervision to employees.


Ensuring that accidents & incidents are recorded, notified & investigated to allow corrective action. Ensuring health & safety is considered prior to the purchase of any new piece of equipment, tools & chemicals. Implement procedures to manage visitors & contractors activities within the plant / scho Ensuring consultative forums for health & safety are established.

Case ExampleOverall purpose of the role: To oversee health and safety issue associated with the by providing independent, authorized advice, support & asset to the organization on the function of health & safety.

What Should Be The Education / Qualification?Diploma in OHS Full, detailed understanding on the law Trained in accident investigation Trained in auditing techniques Basic IT skills Membership of a recognized body EXPERIENCES SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & STRENGTH

Skills , Knowledge & Strength1. 2.

Good communication skills Able to develop working relationship Employees

Contractors External Stakeholders

3. 4. 5.

Organize, with the ability to prioritize work loads & tasks Proactive & pragmatic in applying experience to operational issues Keep up to-date through continual professional develop

People Quote.

A bad manager confuses activity with performance. The productivity of work not the responsibility of the workers but of the manager. Peter F. Drucker A leader knows whats best to do: a manager knows merely how best to do it. Ken Adelman


An employees motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager Bob Nelson


Manager (example) must implement an integrated safety management system that is designed to protect the safety of the workers & the public/stake holder. (Dont forget prevention too)

Manager Im not the manager because Im always right but Im always right because Im manager good manager is a man who isnt worried about his own career but rather the carriers of those who work for him H.S.M Burns