Bdskateco summer 2014 catalog revised

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The Summer 2014 from the European Skateboard Company BDSKATECO. The lats year was the V anniversary of BDSKATECO , 5 years of hard work to mold what BD is today. After all this time, we thought that it was time for an EVOLUTION of the brand, give a step beyond in quality at every aspect of BD, involving from management to marketing, team structure, marketing and of course product. During the current year he have been releasing some of those improvements: new team structure, new distributors, new global website (WWW.BDSKATECO.COM) , New BDHome, special editions of products, etc. However, The real change is taken place in the BDSKATECO Summer 2014 catalog . It will be now when all the hard work we´ve been done during all this time will pay off. It is now when the true Evolucion of BDSKATECO will take place. We are proud to release the BDSKATECO Summer 2014 Catalog The EVOLUTION is the REVOLUTION!!! WWW.BDSKATECO.COM