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An examination of the steps necessary to generate word of mouth recommendations in your dental practice

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  • 1. "I cant wait to tell my friends" How to turn your patients into your unpaid sales force
  • 2. I cannot succeed because08/03/2013
  • 3. I can succeed because08/03/2013
  • 4. Successful habits08/03/2013
  • 5. Branded experiences08/03/2013
  • 6. Deliver the right direct marketing mix08/03/2013
  • 7. WOM Wobbles why thereluctance?
  • 8. WOM attitudes set yourself up forsuccess
  • 9. WOM-time
  • 10. WOM methods
  • 11. WOM paper
  • 12. WOM paper
  • 13. WOM languageAre you happy with the clinical result we have achieved?Are you happy with the customer service experience?Can we remind you that our practice grows through personal recommendation.We are looking for new patients and we would love to see more people like you.Would you have any objection to taking 3 of our referral business cards andpassing them on to any family, friends or colleagues who you feel would benefitfrom a visit to a practice like ours?
  • 14. WOM wins!
  • 15. How to be a magnet
  • 16. Half full or half empty?
  • 17. Dentistry Education Management