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  1. 1. Gujarat UniversityExternal ExaminationB.COM Sem I (Fresh)NOV - 2014Go to Gujarat University http://www.gujaratuniversity.org.in websiteSelect& click on External Admission Sem-I(Fresh).Then you can see below page :Step 1 : Click on Register or Registration, Display below page:Step 2 : Enter New User Id, Click Check Availability.(User ID length must be minimum 6 character and maximum 14 character)This USER ID is used each time when you login. So, keep remember it for futurecommunication & keep safe & secure. If you forget this ID before submitting your
  2. 2. application then you need to register again with some other new USER ID and fill &submit your application again.Entered User Id is Valid .Continue RegisterIf not valid or already registered with same Name. Then Display below messageSo Try another User Id for RegisterStep 3 : Select Faculty in which want to Register.Step 4 : Select Faculty. Enter surname, Name, Fathers Name(Once Enter Surname, Name, Fathers Name could not be Changed, This Name will beused for entire Examination Process including Mark Sheet.)Submit above detail & Click on Confirm Registration ButtonStep 5 : Click On Confirm Registration button.
  3. 3. Step 6 : In User Login page Enter User Id that is used at Registration time.(Note User Id& Registration No for further use)If User Id is not valid or not register yet. Display below messageStep 7 : Click on Login button, Display below page.See the surname, Name, Fathers Name that fill in Registration time.Fill other Detail like HSC Board , Gender , Category , Blind , Physically Handicapped , ReligiousMinority , Medium , Permanent Address , City , Pin Code, District , Mobile No , Landline .Fill all compulsory fields contains (*) and other fields that requiredEnter Exam Center Name Where want go for Exam from given list.Step 8: Click Save & Next Button Display below page
  4. 4. Step9 : CC101-105 are compulsory subjects for all Click Core (Main) selectAccounting or statistics. According to core (main) Subject Elective will bealternatively selectedStep 10 : Click Save & Next. Display below page(Please Read Carefully Instruction Write in Blue font)When Upload Photo& Signature must be Care about below Rule:(1) Photo & Signature Must be Only .JPG& .JPEG Image Format(2) Photo size must be less than 50kb.(3)Signature size must be less than 30kb.Step 11: Upload Photo Click on Choose file, Choose Photo click on File Upload button,Image path can Display .Click Upload button & Image Can Display like below.
  5. 5. Step 12 : Click Save & Next ButtonStep 13 : Click on submit applicationButton.(Once Click on Submit Applicationthen you cant change anything after Click on submit Application ButtonButton Means your application form is completed andBelow elow Application form is generatedButton.)
  6. 6. Click On Download Applications Form for Download & Save PDF.(With this your application online registration process is completed take the print andattach supporting document & submit this Application form to your nearest Post Office)