BCM Institute BCM Competency Program 2010: Developing Organization Resilency and Achieving BCM...

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BCM Institute MTE Series: http://www.worldcontinuitycongress.com/wcc08/mte.html

Transcript of BCM Institute BCM Competency Program 2010: Developing Organization Resilency and Achieving BCM...

  • 1.DevelopingC3 Capacity . Capability .Competency Being Prepared andResilience August to December 2010 Nationwide BCM Competency Program Developing a Nationwide BCM Competency Program In light of the recent Business Environment in Singapore, BCM Institute have launched a Competency Building campaign aimed at raising the level of organisational preparedness and resiliency by 2010.The program is open to all Singapore Registered organisations including government and non-govermentalManagement Modules sectors and SMEs. All private organisations are required to DRP 5000 submit relevant Organisational BCM statement prior to the Implementing and Managing IT Disaster program.Recovery Relevant Standards : SS540 and SS507 Each entity are able to sign up for the course module as aBCM 5000 Implementing and Managing BCM team to be carried out between August to December 2010 Relevant Standards : SS540 and BS25999 at a substantial rate reduction and subsidy. ParticipatingBCM 8040 agencies not eligible for subsidy are provisioned withBCM Lead Auditor reduced course fee and materials to support their BCM Relevant Standards : SS540 and BS25999 capability program. Organisational Resilience Module BCM 100 - BCMBCM 2060 Crisis BCM 840 BCM BCM 354 Foundation ManagementAudit Implementing BCMFor more information www.bcm-institute.orgTel: 6323 1500Public Sector: secretariet@bcm-institute.org Private Sector: info.sg@bcm-institute.org

2. Course ScheduleAugust 2010SeptemberOctoberNovember December (Public Run Courses)2010 2010 2010 2010 BCM 100 - BCM31st August27th 26TH 30TH 28TH Foundation (PM) SeptemberOctoberNovember December (PM) (PM) (PM) (PM) BCM 2060 - Crisis26th to 27th26th to 27th14th to 15th Management AugustOctober December 2 Days 2010 DRP 5000-16th to 20th11th to 15th6 to 10th Implementing and AugustOctober December Managing IT Disaster Recovery BCM 5000- 12th to 16th13th to 17th8th to 12th Implementing andJulySeptember November Managing BCM BCM 8040 BCM20th to 24TH 18th to 22ND13th to 17th Lead AuditorJuly October December BCM 840 BCM 20th to 24TH22nd to 26th Auditor September November Course ModuleTeamUsual Course BCM Competency Program All companiesFeeBCM 100 - BCM Foundation One Pax $750 0.5 DaysTeam of 5 pax $3,750 $2,000 Team of 10 Pax$7,500 $3,000 Team of 15 pax$15,000$5,000 In House$22,500$10,000(Up to 50 pax)BCM 2060 - Crisis Management One Pax $1,600 $1,500 2 DaysTeam of 5 pax $8,000 $6,000 Team of 10 Pax$16,000$10,000 Team of 20 pax$32,000$20,000Management and Governance Modules For All eligible Companies:* 80% Reimbursement Capped at $3000 per Trainee + $200 DRP 5000- Implementing and ManagingPer Pax $3,850 Absentee Payroll IT Disaster Recovery For Government Entities+: BCM 5000- Implementing and Per Pax $3,850 10% for team of 5 Managing BCM 20% for team of 6 and above + Complete set of BC-DR books published by BCM Institute BCM 8040 Per Pax $4,000 per entity BCM Lead AuditorBCM 840 BCM AuditorPer Pax $3,400+Not eligible for agencies already on the specialised capacity and capability building program . 3. The Leading Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Institutebcm-institute.org BCM Institute Certified Global MembersUK, Europe & RussiaNorth AmericaCentral America &Middle East The Carribbean Africa New Zealand & AustraliaSouth America BCM Institute Profile * Largest BCM Practice in Asia Pacific * One of Three main BCM Practice Worldwide * Asian Industry Pioneers, Global Influence * Original Technical Experts in BCM and BCM related Standards * Worldwide Office inclusive of Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Middle East * Over 3000 Certified Professional Members from over 36 countries worldwide * Professional Institute of choice for Peers, Practitioners, Consultants and Auditors * Global Network of Technical Experts and Associates Education Conducting and administering courses and exams.Professional Development Provide a career path and a common body of knowledge for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals.Thought Leadership Organising conferences and seminar events. Publishing technical and research papers. 4. BCM Planning Methodology BCM Institutes implementation methodology has been modulated for ease of transference and multiple standards implementation within a single core framework. The framework is based on the Singapore Standards (SS540), The Australian/New Zealand Standards (ANZ 5050, the American NFPA 1600 standards) and the British 25999 standards. This methodology, have been a unique BCM Institute practice after having trained BCM Professionals from over 36 countries.BCM International Standards BS 25999 SS540SS507 ANZ 5050 NFPA 1600 5. Developing C3 Capacity . Capability . CompetenceResilenceCertificationFunding To support organisational or corporate resilience, BCM Institute has incorporated our BCM Methodology into a multi-faceted process to support an end to end BCM need suited for industries and projects across the program.To implement a long term sustainable BCMAssessment Competency program, an integrated holistic approach isDevelopmentnecessary to ensure not only continuity of the business but of the BCM program itself. In partnership with various agencies, consultants, vendors and certification bodies. BCM Institute Implementation provides an engaged platform for an end to end implementation of BCM starting funding and competency development.Holistic BCM Implementation4. External SS540/BS25999 Audit3.Internal Audit 2. BC-DR Test / ExerciseBusiness Continuity Reports BC Plan1.Program Risk AnalysisBusiness Recovery PlanTest Management & ImpactStrategyDevelopment& ReviewAnalysisExercises The roadmap in implementing a complete BCM in an organisational is defined as above. Organisation would need to develop their Business Continuity Plan that is both measurable and practical. The plan must be tested against a set rigor to ensure that it works. It is a requirement for certified organisation to develop capability, internally or externally to audit their BCM to ensure a sound organisational governance. www.bcm-institute.orgEmail: info@bcm-institute.org 6. Developing C3Capacity . Capability . Competence Professional The T-Shaped PMETIn the new economy, each professional is no longer confined to their professional domains. The creation of a T-Shaped professional is an increasing necessity in career development and progression. The ability of a professional to integrate various domain knowledge and expertise on top of their currentAside from certifying practitioners andprofession is a mark of a successfulauditors, BCM Institute have trained T-Shaped professional. many professionals from Fortune 500companies inclusive of Top 50 GlobalFortune 500 across Asia Australia Pacificand Middle East.Domain Examination KnowledgeReferees ExperienceAssessment www.bcm-institute.orgEmail: info@bcm-institute.org 7. Developing C3 Capacity . Capability . CompetenceGovernance The Business Continuity Governance and Compliance courses are designed to establish an understanding of the BCM Standard, the BCM framework, policies, guidelines, the BC planning methodology and the other national standards and best practices.BCM Institute have trained professionals and auditors of the leading international Certification Bodies providing BCM Management Systems such as the SS540 and BS 25999. The BCM 8040 is a pre-requisite for registered BCM Institute professional implementation vendors/practitioners.As part of a capability development program to increase the level of competency amongst the industry and regulatory bodies, the BCM 8040 (BCM Lead Auditor) and BCM 840 (BCM Auditor) is open to qualified public and private participants. National funding is available for qualified participants in Singapore. * For external auditors * Intermediate BCM Auditor* QMS/QA Auditors/Certification * For Internal AuditorsBody Auditors * Procurement Officers* Experienced Financial Auditors* Experienced BCM Practitioners BCM-8040 is an advanced levelBCM-840 is a 3.5 day intermitted level Business Continuity Management (BCM) auditing business continuity Audit course with a 150-Multiple Choicemanagement course with a 50 multiple Question (MCQ) based examination,choice question examination on the following the successful completion of the last day. Each candidate must achieve course.a score of 75% or higher to be eligibleto apply for the BC Certified Planner This workshop is primarily designed(BCCP) Certification. This course for system auditor and /or lead auditorprovides the Internal Audit framework to conduct assessments based on thethat enables companies in Singapore to SS540:2008 Business Continuity develop and enhance their audit Management Standard. As a qualifiedcapabilities to help meet this BCM BCM Auditor or Lead Auditor, he or she isreadiness using the new SS540:2008 to decide on behalf of the client/s on the standard. compliance and effectiveness of the audited organisations business continuity This is primarily achieved through the management system in meeting equipping of internal auditors with the SS540:2008 requirements. requisite skills, tools & knowledge toplan control and eventually leadBCM-related audits in accordance withthe requirements of SingaporesNational BCM Standard - SS 540:2008. www.bcm-institute.orgEmail: info@bcm-institute.org 8. BCM 354 - Implementing BCMP1. Program Test & Management ExerciseRisk Analysis Business Recovery Plan& ReviewImpact Analy-StrategyDevelopment FundamentalsP2. Programof BCM ManagementDay 1Day 2 Day 3 Day 4Day 5Each Session is a minimum of 2 weeks apart Duration: 3 days (Inclusive of day 100-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based examination)Course comprises of 1-day E-learning or 1-day of BCM-240 instructor-led training course. This is followed by 4 half-day instructor-led sessions conducted over an elapse time period of 2 to 3 months. It is useful for organization to develop its BC plan or review its current BC