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  • 1. BBA/BCA/ Integrated MBADepartmentof

2. IAMRTechnology & Management Deptt.It is a Techno-management Deptt. withStrategic Difference &it is driven by the {5Cs+(PA)2}Formula 3. IAMRTechnology & Management Deptt. 4. Course OfferedBBA3yrs.BCA3yrs.Int.M-Tech ETC 5yrs. 5. Industrial/Educational Visit/ToursAssomac Wire 6. Industrial/Educational Visit/ToursPadamshree Foods 7. Industrial/Educational Visit/ToursPadamshree Foods 8. Industrial/Educational Visit/Tours 9. INDUSTRIAL VISIT 22/03/2013HINDUSTAN COCA COLA Beverage Pvt. LTd. 10. Industrial/Educational Visit/ToursPlace: IBLIVE TV Show 11. Industrial/Educational Visit/Tours 12. LOKSABHA TV 13. LOKSABHA TV 14. Street SkitTopic :Stress ManagementDate :7th October 2011 15. Street SkitTopic :Conservation of WaterDate :15-18th October 2012 16. Seminars / Conference & Guest Lecture Series 17. Workshop on Securities and exchange Board of IndiaA workshop on the topic Securities and exchange Board of India (SEBI) was conducted in IAMR SeminarHall on Sep 15, 2012. Students were encouraged to save and invest for the development of country. 18. Workshop on Tax Planning and Investment PlanningA workshop on Tax Planning and Investment Planning wasorganized on Nov 24, 2012. An Interactive session was also conductedby the nationally renowned Tax Guru Mr. Subhash Lakhotia. Theworkshop was intended to provide thorough understanding of TaxationSystem and Management of personal finance. 19. A workshop on the topic ComputerGraphics was conducted in IAMRCampus on Sep 19, 2012. 20. Workshop on TallyIAMR organized a two days workshop on the topic Tallyin IAMR Computer lab on Sep 21 & 22, 2012. 21. Quiz CompetitionsIAMR organized Management, Computer Science,Mathematics and Sports Quiz Competitions for thestudents on Oct 26, 2012. 22. Debate CompetitionIAMR organized Debate Competitions in the Seminar Hall for the students on Oct 26, 2012 on thefollowing Topics:School Uniform helps to improve the learning environment or not.Social Networking sites are contributing to working environment or only stalking people.BPO jobs help employees to learn process better or not. 23. Debate (Jan Lokpal Bill)A debate on the current topic of Jan Lokpal Bill was organized In the Department of Technology & Management on 30th Augustwhich aims to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances of citizens, and protect whistle-blowers. 24. Debate:(India and the Political Dynasty" - The Nehru FamilyContext)A debate on the current topic of India and the Political Dynasty" The Nehru Family Context was organized in the Department of Technology &Managementand the winners were Tarun Relhan (BBA Vth Sem) and Himanshu Rastogi (BCAVth Sem) 25. Goa TripA six days trip to Goa from Oct 15 to Oct 21 was organized by IAMR for thestudents of BBA,BCA and Integrated Departments. Students enjoyed visitingBeaches, National Heritage Monuments like Fort Aquada, Basilica of St. BomJesus etc. 26. National SeminarA National Seminar on Green Marketing and Society was organizedon Nov3, 2012 and was encouraged an intense discourse on thesustainability of Business, Society and Environment by the ResearchScholars & delegates. 27. Annual Tech-Fest "Spark" 28. IAMRPLACEMENT SUMMARY 29. Campus Recruitment Graphical Review 30. IAMR GROUP OF INSTITUTIONSRecRUITeRS