Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all.

Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all. page 1
Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all. page 2
Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all. page 3
Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all. page 4
download Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all.

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Transcript of Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport ... ine gemstone beads. One size fits all.

  • Spring 2018

    Spring Gardening Hours Monday - Saturday 8 am - 6 pm Sunday 8 am - 5 pm beginning May 4, Friday 8 am - 7 pm

    20% Off Your Purchase! March 24 & 25 ONLY not valid with other offers or on past purchases.

    in-stock items only. VALID 3/24/18 - 3/25/18

    LIVE Music & Refreshments FREE Raffles

    Let’s Get Gardening What’s New 2018!

    Answers to all your questions!

    3/24 at 2 pm 3/25 at 11 am

    Make an UNICORN PLANTER and other kid’s crafts

    All Weekend Long

    ardener Celebrating 86 Years! 1932-2018 Our Roots Are Your Success!

    Bayport Flower Houses, Inc. 940 Montauk Highway, Bayport NY 11705 631-472-0014 Open 7 Days a Week All Major Credit Cards Accepted



    March 31 - April 1

    EASTER Weekend Easter Bunny Visits

    12 pm - 2pm Sat, Mar 31 & Sun Apr 1

    Make A Bloomin’ EASTER BASKET

    3/24 at 10 am 3/25 at 2 pm

    $30 pp

    Here comes SPRING! For Bayport Flower Houses we have been thinking SPRING since last October and truthfully way before that. The tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies all were planted last fall. In winter, we planted the geraniums, p e t u n u i a s , gerberas, fuchsia, calibrachoa and

    much much more. These flowers will be the star players in the color riot that is spring. It is an exciting time, the enthusiasm, optimism, joy and focus that SPRING brings is awesome. To put it simply- people are happy and it is just great. In these overloaded, fast-paced times, it is a blessing to

    join with people who recognize their desire to connect with their world. These connections with people, plants and the environment are the fundamental basis for a sense of belonging. This understanding is the keystone to living in harmony. Flowers and plants bring joy to life, it’s that simple. Now is the time for our babies to go to their new homes…they call us nurseries for a reason. Stop in at our Open House on Saturday and Sunday March 24th and 25th and get a sneak peek at SPRING, I’m sure it will put a little spring in your step! See you soon, Karl

  • Container Gardens are one way to display annuals in your landscape. Whether you like the look of one, dramatic plant or prefer a mixture of textures and colors, we’re here to help you find success! We’ve identified some stumbling blocks to success, which are easy to correct, even before you begin!

    ANNUALS..nature’s respite from the absence of color during the cold, winter months. Once the temps warm up here on Long Island, annuals

    are a quick and vibrant way to dress up your garden. They come into bloom, bloom bright and beautiful, and then fade away. One and done. For the new gardener, it’s always a confusing term. Annual, you mean it comes back annually. Nope, one and done, but what beauty while their here. An abudance of textures and colors to choose from, help you to create your own personalized and beau- tiful garden. Bayport Flower Houses is particularly proud of our selection of high quality, premium annual plants.

    Let’s Get Gardening 2018

    In all things of nature, there is something marvelous. ~Aristotle

    Ornamental Grasses play a dramatic role in any sun filled garden, dancing lighting as the summer breezes blow. Pennisetum ‘Burgundy Bunny’ is one such grass which begins the season with bright green, spiky leaves. As the season progresses so do the leaves to a deep red and auburn color. Miscanthus ‘My Fair Maiden’ has a lovely vase shape composed of a large cluster of cascading green leaves. As summer draws to a close, the showy plumes take center stage, as they glisten and shine in the sunlight high above the foliage.

    Burgundy Bunny

    My Fair Maiden

    Heuchera are excellent foliage plants for sun to part shade gardens and require low maintenance. Heuchera ‘Carni- val Watermelon’ are beautifully textured, with peach-pink foliage that transitions to a bronze green. Tall, delicate flow- er panicles dance above the low mounded form in spring. Heuchera ‘Redstone Falls’ a ruby-splashed, ruffled foliage that changes colors seasonally and is adorned with delicate sprays of creamy white flowers in summer.

    Carnival Watermelon Redstone


    Ghost Fern is an easy to grow fern with a neat, formal, upright mound of rigid, silver-green fronds with deep purple midribs. Perfect as a backdrop to hostas or paired with heuchera. More tolerant of brief dry spells than most ferns of its type. Japanese Painted Fern has beautiful mounds of dramatic foliage that standout in the shade garden. The dark, blue green central rib of each frond fades to silver at the edges. Has a short stature and spreading form.

    Japanese Painted


    Blue Ice Bog Rosemary This low growing mound of icy

    blue foliage blanketed by masses of nodding, bell-shaped, small, pink flowers creates a dramatic

    effect as a groundcover.

    Raymond Evison Clematis are the result of 50 dedicated years searching, breeding and developing truly modern flower- ing clematis for today’s homes and gardens. These unique cultivars undergo 10 years’ development, trial and assessment to guarantee that they are reliable, free flowering and top performing clematis. They have all been monitored in outdoor growing sites in Denmark, California and the United Kingdom and represent truly modern forms suitable for today’s homes and gardens. These plants have been the feature of Raymond Evison’s numerous Gold medal winning exhibits at internationally renowned flower shows such as Chelsea, Hampton Court, Philadelphia and Toronto.

    NEW Calluna ‘Firefly’ Full Sun. Bright pink flowers in summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Foliage changes colors. In summer the foliage is a bright mix of lime, chartreuse, and primrose yellow highlighted in late summer with spires of bright purple-pink flowers. Is a long-lived evergreen shrub that brings interest to the garden, regardless of the season.

    N E

    W F

    O R

    2 0

    1 8

    P e

    re n

    n ia


    *Make sure you start with good quality potting soil which has great drainage properties, nutrients and the ability to retain moisture. We recommend the Pro-Mix line of soils.

    *Choose your container carefully! First, make sure there are drainage holes. Second, make sure the pot is big enough for your planting (and its root system). And make sure you understand the watering re- quirements of your plant selection. Clay (terracotta) pots are fantastic for succulents, who are drought tolerant! All other plants in clay pots will find success, but will require more frequent watering due to the porous nature of the clay.

    *Speaking of water.... REMEMBER, container gardens need to be wa- tered! As a general rule, most container gardens with drainage, need water- ing most every day.

    *Annual plants have different light requirements and you should definitely consider this before choosing you combination of plants. While you might just love how begonias and strawflowers look together, they really don’t like to live together. Begonias just might make a better friend with coleus, who also like to hang in the shade. It’s hard to remember it all but that’s where we come in! We love to help and can recommend some great combos for your containers.

    *Container Gardens need food, plain and sim- ple. Often Gardeners remember to water and perhaps to feed the container garden right when they plant it. But as the season progresses, those beautiful begonias need a little umph to keep them blooming beautiful all the way into the Indian Summer! We have found success with both OSMOCOTE, for a slow release feed and ESPOMA BLOOM as a once a week feed.

    Pentas starcluster Large clusters of starry red flowers on sturdy stems. Loves hot and humid summer conditions and requires only low maintenance. Perfect for season-long color in containers or borders. Attracts pollinators!

    Lantana Evita Large bright red-orange flowers turn to yellow toward center of bloom and provide color all summer. A compact bushy variety perfect for contain- ers and landscapes. Heat and drought tolerant and will grow 10 to 12 inches tall

    Lobularia ‘Yolo’ features compact plants with strong, dark foliage and flowers all summer long. ‘YOLO,’ which stands for “You Only Live Once” in popu- lar culture, is suitable for combinations and landscaping

    Annual of the Year Supertunia Bordeaux Petunia I make OTHER plants green with ENVY. Vigorous with slightly mounded habits that function as both fillers and spillers in containers. Excellent land- scape plants, best suited to be placed near the front of beds. They have medium to large sized flowers.

    Award Winner -Continuous Long Bloom or Rebloomer Heat & Drought Tolerant - Deadheading Not Necessary

    Josephine™ Clematis Height: 6-8 ft Spread: 4-6 ft Flowers from late spring until fall. Fully double lilac pink blooms. Individual flowers last up to 4 weeks Excellent choice for con- tainers. Plant in full to part sun in cool, soil.

    Cezanne™ Clematis Height: 3-4 ft Spread: 2-3 ft Lavender-blue color. Vigorous yet compact form. Heavy and repeat blooming, starting in late spring. Outstanding for small spaces

    Nubia™ Clematis Height: 3-4 ft Spread: 2-3 ft Dark red color Vigorous yet compact form, Heavy and repeat blooming, starting in late spring. Perfect for contain