Battle of issus

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Battle of Issus

Battle of Issus

By Lauren Wombles

The Battle of Issus started in the town of Issus, during November 333 B.C. Macedonia was lead by Alexander the Great and the Persian Empire was lead by Darius III. Since 340 B.C. There was bound to be a war between the two countries.Alexander wanted to conquer Persian Empire.

Darius' massive army was in Babylon, while Alexander and his troops were in Tarsus. Alexander knew where Darius was, so he sent Parmenion to occupy the coast of Issus, so Darius could not use the Persian fleet. Alexander kept his troops at Tarsus. In November, Darius had progressed on to Sochi, Syria. Alexander and his troops headed to the Pass of Jonah. The Persians captured Issus easily and took "care of" all of the sick/wounded soldiers left behind from Alexander. Darius had cut off the Macedonians' supplies.

Darius, the 'Great King' of Persia, arrived at Issus.

Ancient Greek Pottery

8.5 by 5 inches

Mosaic from Pompeii, Italy

This is aworldwide known floor mosaic, 1st century A.D. representing the Battle of Issus. It was found in Pompeii, Italy, and is now inNaples, at theNational Archeological Museum. The actual artwork is 5.84 by 3.17 meters.