BATTLE AGAINST BOKOHARAM:Chad,Niger launch air,ground strikes in Nigeria

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Transcript of BATTLE AGAINST BOKOHARAM:Chad,Niger launch air,ground strikes in Nigeria

  • ...towards a better life for the people

    N150VOL. 25: NO. 62357ONLINE |

    MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2015**

    Chad, Niger launch air,ground strikes in Nigeria

    Mr & Mrs

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    MAIDUGURI ATTACK VICTIMSVictims receive treatment for injuries sustained following a bomb blast in Maiduguri,yesterday. Photo: AFP.

    North must wait till 2019 PRESIDENCY

    The tragedy oferrors in the fuelmarket


    We robbed ourvictim because hisdaughters droveexpensive cars Suspect


    MAIDUGURIATTACK:Death tollrises to 100


    CitizenNigeria, byDele Cole

    D A M AT U R U NIGER andChad, yesterday,launched major groundand air strikes in theNorth-East againstBoko Haram, after themilitants formallypledged allegiance tothe Islamic State groupin Syria and Iraq.

    The attacks, which



    Bloody weekend in Port Harcourt




  • 2 Vanguard, MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2015


  • Vanguard, MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2015 3 3 3 3 3


  • ALL ProgressivesCongress, APC presidentialcandidate, Gen. MuhammaduBuhari is to report First Lady,Mrs. Patience Jonathan to theInternational Criminal Court,ICC for allegedly mobilising ahate campaign against him.

    Buhari in the petition to thecriminal court claimed that Mrs.Jonathan, whose husband is thepresidential candidate of thePeoples Democratic Party, PDPasked supporters of her husbandstone anyone who chants theAPCs change mantra.

    The call by Mrs. Jonathan wasreportedly made at a rally inCalabar, Cross River State duringa PDP political rally last week.

    The APC PresidentialCampaign Council, APCPCO ina statement issued yesterday saidthe letter of complaint against theFirst Lady was signed by the

    ALLEGED HATE MESSAGE:Buhari takes Patience Jonathan to ICCAlso writes IGP, NHRC

    By Levinus Nwabughiogu Director General of APCPCO, Rt.Hon Rotimi Amaechi, will beformerly dispatched to theInternational Criminal Court(ICC), the Inspector General ofthe Nigeria Police (IG) and theNational Human RightsCommission (NHRC), amongrelevant authorities today.

    A statement by the campaignorganization yesterday quotedAmaechi as saying thatChange, as the entire countrymust know by now, is the sloganof the APC - the rallying cry of apolitical party that wishes tobring hope of greater and betterthings to come for Nigeria andNigerians. By her statement,Mrs. Jonathan was clearly callingon PDP supporters in Calabar toattack supporters andcampaigners of the APC in thestate.

    The APCPCOs statementlikened some of Mrs. Jonathansinciting comments and conduct

    husbands political opponents inthe wake of the 2010 election.

    APCPCO said that Mrs.Jonathan does not occupy anyformal office in the Nigeriangovernment, adding that theposition of First Lady is notrecognized by the Nigerianconstitution.

    It further said that Gbagboscase showed the ICCsawareness of how someonebeyond formal governmental andmilitary hierarchies can beidentified as responsible forserious international crimes.

    The APCPCO pointed out thatJonathans incontrovertible hatespeech not only contravenes thelaws of the land, but also goescompletely against the AbujaPeace Accord jointly signed bythe two presidential candidates,General Muhammadu Buhariand President GoodluckJonathan as a gesture aimed atforestalling violence before,during and after the 2015elections.

    PDP supporters in the statewho may not know better couldeasily yield themselves to theFirst Ladys admonition andembark on a process of wantonstoning and other attacks againstAPC members, it quotedAmeachi as saying.

    The APCPCO also called on theNigeria Police to put in placeemergency measures to protectthe life and property of APCmembers in Calabar and theentire Cross River State.

    Foremost Ijaw NationalLeader and former Federalcommissioner for information,Chief Edwin Clark, saidyesterday failure to practisetrue federalism has encouragedcorruption in government.

    The elder statesman whospoke during his visit to theAlake and Paramount ruler ofEgbaland, Oba AdedotunGbadebo in his palace as partof the activities scheduled forhis reception by the Ogun Statechapter of the PeoplesDemocratic Party argued thatthe current practice whereby alot of powers were concentratedin the centre had continued toencourage corruption ingovernment.

    The former Federalcommissioner for finance alsoproceeded to Ijebu-Igbo wherehe commissioned GoodluckJonathan transformation centrebuilt by Chairman,Organisation and Mobilisationcommittee in South West,Prince Buruji Kashamu.

    Clark who was flanked by hiswife Bisola, said the practiceof true Federalism was whatNigeria needed to tackle thecurrent worsening level ofcorruption.

    He said, the Jonathanadministration wouldcommence the implementationof the reports of the Confabfrom May 29th this year if heis re-elected.

    According to him, Jonathanhas the duty to implement thereports of the National Confab,whether anyone liked it or not.

    Why corruption persists in govt ClarkBy Daud Olatunji Clark however accused the

    opposition All ProgressivesCongress of initially opposingJonathans plan to hold theNational Confab.

    He said: The Yoruba havealways asked for trueFederalism. So, when we wentto the conference in Februarylast year to discuss the basis ofour living together in thiscountry we took decisions for anew Nigeria to be born andwho is to implement it? Thosewho call themselves APC todaycannot implement it becausethey were against it. None ofthem had the courage to say letus have the NationalConference. Jonathan did andhe has the duty to implementit. So, Im saying as you knowthis is not the time to preachsupport Jonathan. Hesalready part of this community.I want to say as from May 29,every aspect of the Confab willproduce a constitution wherebyyou will have a constitution forOgun State, you will have aconstitution for Delta State andthats what we had in ChiefAwolowos time.

    But today whether we arepractising Federalism or we arepractising unitary form ofgovernment, nobody knows.Every power is concentrated inthe centre and thats why wehave corruption today. But ifthe powers are shared andthere is very little at the centre,would there be corruption?No!

    He also stated that althoughNigeria required unity, thecomponents must be run insuch a way that each state

    could develop at their ownpace."

    THE Director, Media andPublicity of PDP CampaignOrganisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has called on Ndigbo tovote President GoodluckJonathan in the March 28election, saying he has theNdigbo at heart.

    Fani-Kayode spoke inUmuahia yesterday when heand his team visited the state aspart of their tour of the states inthe zones of the country.

    According to him, no otherleader in Nigeria has done toNdigbo what President has so fardone to them.

    His unflagging love for theSouth-East zone has crystallizedin a high number of Igbo sonsand daughters serving in thepresent Federal Cabinet.

    By Anayo Okoli

    Fani-Kayode urges Ndigbo to vote for JonathanPresident Jonathansgovernment, as you know, wasthe first to appoint an Igbomilitary officer as the Chief ofArmy staff. Records have shownthat it is only the government ofPresident Jonathan that re-constructed the EnuguInternational Airport while alsoremodeling the Imo Airport.

    Indeed, the conversion of theEnugu Airport to an InternationalAirport is considered critical tothe economic survival of thepeople of the Southeast. We arehappy to list the ability of peoplefrom south-east to tap from theYou-Win initiative of theJonathans government foreconomic benefits.

    The government holds thecredit for constructing theEnugu-Port Harcourt dualcarriage way as well as the

    rehabilitation of the Enugu-PortHarcourt rail-line. We will notforget to mention the constructionof the second Niger Bridgewhich was started by PresidentJonathan.

    The south-east states have alsobenefited from the progressrecorded by the education sectorunder the government ofPresident Jonathan with federaluniversities built in Ebonyi, Abia,Imo and Enugu states, Fani-Kayode said.

    He also attacked the Imo StateGovernor over his claim thatBuhari would win thepresidential election, hence theneed for Ndigbo to vote for him.

    Let me seize this opportunityto dispel the shameful deceit andpropaganda of the Governor ofImo State, Owelle RochasOkorocha. He has said that the

    Maj-Gen. MuhammaduBuhari (retd) has pledgedto uphold the rights of Nigerianwomen as guaranteed by theNigerian Constitution if electedthe next President of the country.

    The assurance was containedin a special message to Nigerianwomen, in commemoration of theMarch 8, 2015 InternationalWomens Day.

    In a statement by the All

    WOMENS DAY: I've struck a deal with Nigerianwomen BuhariBy Levinus Nwabughiogu

    Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Candidatefor Lagos State, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, forced to abandon his convoyof vehicles and take a motorcycle ride through bad roads inIjagemo Area of Ojo Local Government, during his visit tothe area on Friday.

    during this political campaignseason, to those of Mrs SimoneGbagbo, wife of the former

    president of Cote DIvoire,Laurent Gbagbo, prior to thatcountrys 2010 election.

    The party recalled that the ICCindicted Mrs. Gbagbo for her partin planning to perpetrate brutalattacks including murder, rape,and sexual violence, on her

    The statement issued by hisspokesman, Mallam GarbaShehu, said My plan forNigerian women has been madeclear in M